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How You Can Ensure Growth for Your Taxi Company with White Label Taxi Booking Apps

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In recent years it has been noticed that many taxi service providers are opting for mobile applications to improve their business service quality, enable matchup of their drivers and passengers seamlessly and above all keep up with the high demand in the industry. A user-friendly taxi booking app helps the companies take their customer experience to the next level by turning a bothersome taxi booking experience to a convenient one.

Is there any particular type of software solution that should be followed while developing such a user-friendly taxi booking app? Yes, of course, there is. To automate and modernize your taxi fleet operations, you need an app powered by cutting edge dispatch technology, and that app is white label taxi app.

White label solution has been introduced as a boon for taxi apps, facilitating the taxi companies make the dispatch service fast and hassle-free. To make the most out of the white label taxi apps, you need to know what must-have factors they should have. If you go through this post, you will get to know why your taxi business should adopt a white label solution for taxi booking app and which factors should be included in that app. But before diving into that discussion, let’s embark on the topic what a white label taxi booking app actually is.

White Label Taxi Booking App – In a Nutshell

A white label product is something that is developed by one company, rebranded and after that sold to another company. A white label software solution gets customized according to the branding of the reseller. When it comes to taxi business, white label app is certainly considered as the universal solution that can help the companies provide seamless riding experience to their passengers with a swift booking service. The companies get to know their users better and improve their brand visibility. Using a white label app saves the money of the taxi companies and still secures place even in severely competitive regional markets.

So after having a brief idea about what a white label taxi app is, are you still confused about whether you should invest in the development of such an app for your taxi company? Well, let me give you a clear insight into what advantages you can get by adopting a white label solution for your taxi company. So, without further ado, let’s talk about it.

Adopt White Label Solution for Your Taxi Business – Here’s Why

Having a white label app is a must if you are running a taxi business. Following are the reasons why you should have it:

Improvement in Brand Credibility: Nowadays mobile phones have become an inevitable part of people in their daily life. And when it comes to commuting a ride, gone are the days when people used to roam around the locality to search for a taxi to reach their destinations. Now they prefer everything just a tap of their smartphone away. Therefore projecting a taxi business through a white label mobile application can certainly help you grab the attention of a large group of people and improve your brand’s visibility.

A white label app has endless customizations options and offers a comprehensive solution to the drivers and passengers through the best possible user experience. Thus opting for a white label solution for your taxi business is certainly a wise decision to take. As a result, you will be able to expand your loyal customer base to speed up your business. And if your taxi app is user-friendly enough to be customized in accordance with your users’ preferences, then it will skyrocket the possibilities of reaching the goal of building your brand reputation.

Impact of User Review: A white label taxi app allows the customers to share their reviews after availing your service. Be it a positive or negative, reviews from the customers always help in boosting business. Positive reviews from loyal customers improve your brand recognition. On the other hand, negative reviews help you understand the pain points of your users. So you become aware which parts of your service need more attention and need to be worked on. And when you make your service better accordingly, you can keep your taxi business in the limelight and are likely to get more customers in the near future.

Implementation of Automation & Minimization of Cost: A white label taxi app with its advanced features helps you deliver your customers a great user experience by minimizing the estimated time of taxi arrival. Also, it improves the performance of the drivers and reduces the overall cost generated by managing everything manually. With real-time tracking and autopilot mode features of this app, you can connect your customers and drivers in real time. And as it is easily customizable, you can get your own branding and design. So, in a nutshell, when you choose a white label solution for your taxi business and leverage the automation, you get higher ROI in low investment.

Hassle-free Maintenance: Usually, after releasing an app, there are various tasks associated with its maintenance that can cause hassle if you handle all by yourself. But when it comes to white label apps, companies that provide these, offer guaranteed professional assistance and maintenance support after the release of the apps as well. You can stay hassle-free and have your job done at the same time.

Additional Benefits: When you opt for a white label solution for taxi app, you can develop your own app with the additional benefits of branding and customizations with a proficient mobile app development company. The customized taxi app you get helps you meet your business needs with custom attributes and integrations.

To sum up, a white label taxi app helps a taxi business expands, automates and grows in a hassle-free and cost-effective way.

So, are you thinking about developing such an app for your taxi company? Then you must be aware of the key factors that your white label taxi app must have to give you the best benefits. Let’s have a look at these factors.

Top Three Must-have Factors for Your Next White Label Taxi App

Administration Factor: This helps you have total control over your fleet and manage the dispatcher, drivers, and passengers. Through the admin panel of your app, you can do the real-time fleet tracking. Also, there is a report section in the admin panel in which you have a look at various reports. These reports help you understand how much you are earning and check whether to increase or decrease commissions.

Passenger Factor: The passenger factor makes the registration and booking process easy for the passengers, provides them the details about the arriving car and its driver through real-time notifications, and offers various payment options to make the process safe, quick and hassle-free. Also, it has a review section where passengers leave their feedbacks and rate the drivers after completing the ride.

Driver Factor: This factor in a white label taxi app helps the drivers do things with ease and efficiency. The drivers get real-time ride request notification. They have the option to accept or cancel the request. They can change their availability status between online and offline anytime from the app and accordingly receive new dispatch requests to start and end the trip. They can get the best routes between the pickup and drop location along with traffic information through Google Map. Moreover, there is an earning dashboard that helps the drivers track their daily trips earnings, passenger feedback and performance insights.

Wrapping it up,

White label apps have all the needed modules and features that can take a taxi business to the next level. It helps you stay out of all the hassles associated with a regular taxi dispatch system and use your precious time and efforts in fostering the unique branding of your taxi business.

So, have a white label software solution for your taxi business and run your business seamlessly!

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