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IIM Bangalore executive MBA Admission process for 2022-2023  

After IIM Calcutta and IIM Ahmedabad, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM Bangalore) is the third institution to join the IIM family. It was founded in 1973 and is a school of public management. IIMB has been designated as a Nationally Important Institute (NII) under the IIM Act of 2017. Through comprehensive education, the institute seeks to develop advanced global corporate leaders, businesspeople, and policy-makers. It provides high-quality education that is socially relevant, embedded in the setting, and has a good social impact.

The IIm Bangalore executive admission process is a simple 3 step procedure that the candidate needs to follow slowly but surely to get admission.

Each IIM Admission Process is conducted in three steps, which are as follows:

  • CAT exam performance
  • IIM’s shortlisting for the final selection process
  • IIM’s 2022 Final Selection Process, which includes WAT and PI: Possibly Offline or Online.

The eligibility and criteria to get enrolled in MBA

The admission requirements and weights assigned to different selection criteria are based on information from prior selection cycles as well as input from the faculty body at IIM Bangalore and other pertinent stakeholders. Every year, IIM Bangalore updates its admission requirements. To prevent prejudice, the admissions committee establishes these weights and criteria prior to the start of each admission cycle.

The shortlisting factors used before the final selection process make up the first component of the IIM Bangalore Admission criterion. The following criteria, along with the candidates’ CAT 2022 scores and academic history, will be used by IIM’B to narrow down the pool of applicants

IIM Bangalore criteria

  • First-stage shortlisting in the IIM Bangalore Admission Criteria gives academic performance 50% weight, CAT 2022 score 40% weight, work experience 8% weight, and gender diversity 2% weight.
  • The candidate must have achieved a minimum sectional percentile in the “Verbal and Reading Comprehension” (VARC) section 80 and a minimum sectional percentile in the “Quantitative Aptitude” (QA), “Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning” (DILR) section of 75 on the CAT 2022 exam. For Indian institute of management Bangalore PGP 2023 shortlisting using CAT 2022, a minimum overall percentile of 85 is needed.
  • The candidate will not be considered for shortlisting for the final selection stage if he or she does not achieve the minimum required percentile on the CAT 2022.
  • Higher points will be given to the candidate with strong academic credentials in the shortlisting criterion.
  • Class 10 students that earn 90% or more of the possible points receive a top score of 20 out of 100.
  • For Class 12, grades of 90% or higher will receive 10 points out of 100.
  • The marks earned for a bachelor’s degree will be given 20% weight.
  • We will give Gender Diversity 2 points.
  • Work experience and professional degrees carry an 8% weight.
  • Candidates who hold certifications in cost accounting chartered accounting, or company secretaryship are eligible for weightage in the category of professional course. Under the aforementioned category, no other professional course is eligible for weighing.
  • Top 10 candidates in each of the following categories will automatically advance to the final selection round: CAT total score, modified Bachelors’s score (business, arts, and science disciplines), and Professional (CA/ICWA/CS). Due to their outstanding achievement in these categories, these candidates are awarded the opportunity to participate in the PI round.

Fee structure for MBA Executive

IIM charges between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 23 lakh for the whole MBA program. The highest tuition is charged by the top three IIMs, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta, and it is Rs 23 lakh. However, the most recent IIM prices for MBA via CAT are less than Rs 12 lakh. Each of the 20 IIMs has seen a significant increase in tuition over the last few years. The IIM MBA pricing structure includes several additional components in addition to the tuition fee.

While some costs, such as those for the hostel, study materials, libraries, and alumni fees, are already included in each IIM’s fees, others, such as mess costs and study excursions, may be added on at a later date depending on the program’s actual costs. Some IIMs include the majority of the costs in their overall MBA tuition. Every MBA candidate has a goal of attending the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) to begin their business and management careers. The Common Admission Test (CAT), a once-per-year national-level management entrance test, is used to determine admission to IIMs.

Although IIMs provide financing facilities, the increased IIM fee structure in recent years has caused candidates to reconsider choosing to pursue MBA admission at these institutions. In addition to the structure and IIM fees for MBA through CAT, IIM seats have also been steadily growing. Let’s examine the fundamental elements of IIM fees 2022 and the seats they are offering in more depth.

The most prestigious IIMs, such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, and IIM Indore, will shortlist CAT toppers, and they can expect a respectable ROI (Return on Investment). But it could not be comparable to the more recent IIMs.

Executive MBA in IIM Bangalore

The admissions process to IIM Bangalore in 2022 is determined by the candidates’ performance on national entrance tests. A passing score on the CAT exam, followed by a PI-WAT round, is required for admission to the flagship course (PGP or MBA) of IIMB. The institute altered the PGP program’s shortlisting standards for admission in 2021 by lowering the CAT cutoff score by five percentiles for the initial round of shortlisting (for each category).

The PGP program admits students from both domestic and foreign countries.

International applicants for the PGP program must have a valid GMAT score.

Candidates for EPGP must have a valid GMAT score.

A graduate from one of the accredited institutions, or a degree equivalent recognized by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 50%, is required for admission to the postgraduate program. The applicant might or might not have two years of job experience (the candidate must present a work experience certificate, if applicable).

Age limit to get admission in MBA executive program

For IIM Admission 2022, neither the CAT exam center nor any specific IIM has publicly specified an upper age limit. The IIM Eligibility Age limit, however, is automatically used in each IIM admission process because all IIMs require a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of three years of graduation, while the CAT Exam Center accepts candidates who graduated in the 1970s or 1980s when only a two-year degree was given.

IIM admission requirements for 2022 have been somewhat altered to increase the diversity and batch profile. Each IIM Admission Policy 2022 governs admission to IIMs. The candidate must have taken the CAT exam and must have received non-zero positive marks with the appropriate minimum overall and sectional percentile cut-off, which is an important condition shared by all IIMs.

Although each IIM’s admission policy has this common eligibility criterion, each IIM’s shortlisting and final selection weightage criteria are released separately in the IIMs Admission Criteria 2022. Additionally, even though many new and infant IIMs operate the Common Admission Process (CAP), IIMs Admission criteria with CAT cut-offs remain distinct, allowing each IIM criteria 2022 to be unique and independent of other IIMs MBA admission criteria.

IIM Bangalore specialization.

  • Economics, Decision Sciences, and Entrepreneurship
  • monetary and accounting
  • Systems for Information
  • Marketing
  • Behavior in Organizations and Human Resource Management
  • Management of Production & Operations
  • A public policy
  • Strategy
  • Program Summary
  • Admissions
  • Student
  • Research
  • FAQs
  • Testimonials
  • Rankings and Accreditation
  • Links Home
  • Notices of Tender
  • Hindi Translation

CAT Selection Procedure Vs IIM Selection Process

The first stage of the screening process for admission to IIMs is the CAT Selection process. Candidates who achieved the minimum needed CAT percentile score at the first stage of the CAT selection process are screened by IIMs. The IIM Selection procedure comes next and is more significant because it entails shortlisting candidates for the final selection round based on their profiles, work histories, and diversity, among other factors. The PI-WAT round, the last step in the IIM selection process, gives other factors a larger weighting of 60 to 80 percent while giving the CAT exam score a very low weighting of 20 to 40 percent. Final admission offers are generated individually by IIMs after the PI round is over.

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