Import Multiple vCard to Google Contacts

Are you looking to import multiple vCard to Google Contacts?

The multiple vCard can be sent manually to Google Contacts one by one but not integrated in a single file and then sent.

In order to integrate the vCard files into one .vcf format, it is required to do so using the command prompt. Once it is done, then it can be imported to Gmail account.

You need to save the folder of the contact information in the C Drive with the name ‘MyContacts’.

The following are the steps involved in merging multiple contacts into one vCard:

  1. You need to open the Windows command dialogue box using Windows key + R, type cmd and press enter.
  2. A specific command needs to be entered now which is ‘cd C’’\MyContacts and then press enter to ensure that it is pointing to C drive.
  3. Now after providing the file location path, you need to enter ‘copy/B*.vcf all_in_one .vcf’. This would integrate all the contact information in one .vcf file format.
  4. In other words, after entering the command as mentioned above, the multiple files get stored in one file named as ‘all_in_one .vcf’. It contains all the contact information of all the contact members.
  5. When the above steps get finished or completed then you can view ‘1 file copied’ after few seconds in the Windows Command box.
  6. You can now exit from the Windows Command box just by entering ‘exit’ and then you may press enter.
  7. You may visit the C drive, open the MyContacts folder and there you will find the file with huge information named as ‘all in_one .vcf’.

Here, since you have got the single file with complete information in .vcf format, now it can be imported to Gmail account.

The following are the steps involved to import the created vCard file into the Gmail account:

  1. Sign in the Gmail account using credentials.
  2. Go to the Contacts in the Google apps option located on the top right corner of the page.
  3. On the left pane of the Gmail page, choose ‘Import’ option.
  4. A dialogue box of Import contacts would get open.
  5. You can now select the file ‘all_in_one .vcf’ which is located in the folder named as ‘MyContacts’.

Limitation using manual method

  1. The manual method allows import of single vcf file format.
  2. The usage of command prompt dialogue box for import is complex in nature.
  3. There is a requirement of a technical user to understand and execute the import process for multiple vcf files.
  4. Sometimes the uploading of vcf files to google contacts fails. It shows the error which is difficult to rectify.
  5. It may sometimes exceed the maximum limitation.
  6. The network becomes slow and the import gets hindered.

To overcome the limitations, there is a software named 4n6 vCard Converter which allows the import of multiple vcf files in one go. It does not require the technical expertise to perform the function. So, a non-technical user can also perform on automated tool or software and achieve the goal without any hassle.

Import Multiple vCard to Google Contacts Using 4n6 Software

  1. Download and install vCard Converter on your computer.
  2. Upload vCard files into software panel.
  3. Now you can preview vCard file data in software GUI.
  4. Press Export and choose a saving format from PST, PDF, HTML, vCard, CSV, etc.
  5. The tool also allows to Extract Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and Contact Photos.
  6. Browse destination path to store output data and click on Save to start conversion.
  7. At last, import resultant file (CSV, vCard) into Google contacts.

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Software Features


In the above blog, you have learnt the method to import the multiple vCard files to Google Contacts.  Here it is observed that manual method does not meet our purpose fully.

Also, there is an another method using the command prompt dialogue box, an effort has been made to store the multiple files into a single virtual contact file format. Once done, it can be easily imported to the contacts location as in the Gmail account. However, it requires technical expertise.

The best method that comes into being is the automated tool with its multiple advanced features and which we can take up to overcome the limitations occurred in the manual method.

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