Import OST Files into Outlook using Manual & Professional Method

“How to Import OST file into Outlook?” One of the most common questions asked by an Outlook user.

Before jumping straight into the topic, let’s gain some basic knowledge about the OST file format.

Offline Storage Table commonly known as OST files are files created by MS Outlook which is used to store data like email messages, contacts, tasks, calendar data, and other account information.

The question rises, “why OST files are important?”

OST files may contain lot of useful data so, by creating an OST file user can access his email and other important data offline through OST files.

The user can even create emails and other email data without an internet connection although these will not be synchronized with the server at that time.

However, reading the following article, will definitely resolve your quires related to importing of OST to Outlook.

Article Summary:

The article is presented to those audiences, who are looking up for the solution to import OST file into Outlook. However, Outlook is not capable to open OST files directly, therefore, you need to follow up specific procedures to do so.

Can I Open OST Files in Outlook?

Outlook do support both PST and OST file format but, it is not possible to open or import OST file into Outlook directly just by selecting and clicking on the files.

Consider a scenario, if you want to transfer your offline data (OST file) to the other system, then either you must connect the email client to your system and create OST file or have to convert OST file format to PST format.

There are two methods to open OST file into Outlook
• Manual Method
• Professional Method

The article will elaborate both these method’s briefly and will also assist you the best method according to your needs by letting you know about their advantages and limitations.

Import OST Files into Outlook by Manual Method

Although, the manual method is free of cost, but considering its limitations, majority of users does not like to go for this method to open OST file into Outlook.

Limitations Such as:

• The method could be highly confusing and lengthy as compared to the professional one
• An orphan OST file cannot be opened in Outlook
• Only one OST file can be imported and open at a time
• Moreover, high risk of Large files corruption
• There is a high risk of data loss
• Also, it’s a time taking method

To Open OST Files into Outlook Manually, Follow the Steps Given Bellow:

1. Open MS Outlook and click on “Files >> Open & Export >> Import/Export”

2. Now, choose “Import form another program or File” and click on “Next”
3. Choose “Outlook Data File (.PST)” >> click “Next”

4. Then, select a mail account or individual mailbox such “Inbox, Drafts, sent items etc. to import them

5. Click on “Include sub folder” checkbox >> “Next”
6. Now, click on “Browse” to select the location for your file

7. Then, choose a password if want and then click on “Finish”
8. Now, sing in with another system and open Outlook
9. Click on “File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export”
10. Select “Import form another program or file and click on Next”
11. Then, click on “Browse” and choose the PST file you created and click “Next >> Finish”

However, you must have noticed, how necessary it is to convert an OST file format in PST file format to view it in Outlook.

Considering the manual method to import OST file into Outlook, could be risky and unprofessional, so, users highly demand to opt for another method which is easy to handle and provides much more benefits than the manual method to accomplish the task.

Users does not opt the manual method to import OST file into Outlook because of the limitations shared by the manual method. Therefore, on the other hand, using professional method make the work load easy and provides many additional features other than just importing OST into Outlook.

Open OST File into Outlook Using the Professional Method

There are many professional tools, which are used for importing OST file into Outlook, but as per our analysis, the greatest of all is the DataHelp OST to PST converter software.

The above-mentioned tool is a great solution to your problems, this tool not only just let you open OST file in Outlook but, also comes up with some amazing features, which make it a popular solution among the users, searching for the globally asked question “How to import OST file in Outlook?”

Advantages of using the Tool are Mentioned Below:

• It does not require Outlook application to convert OST to PST
• Also, no risk of data loss
• Moreover, it converts orphan OST files
• Convert large OST in PST
• Easy to use commands
• However, it is capable to convert multiple OST files to PST
• Does have an offline mode function
• File with damages or inaccessibility could easily be converted
• Supports all windows and Outlook versions

The tool is loaded with such great features, which not only let you import OST file to Outlook but also let you perform other tasks such as:

• Renders dual ways to add OST files
• Moreover, Folder Hierarchy is maintained
• Also, drag & drop option provided
• Additionally, marge multiple OST file in single PST, and many more

Steps to Import OST File into Outlook (using tool)

1. Install and open the above-mentioned tool
2. You can simply drag and drop OST files, or can select files by clicking on “select files”

3. Now, select the OST file and click OK

4. Then, click “convert button” to transform OST file into PST file format

5. Choose the location for the file where you want to save it and click OK

6. However, the task is all done with in few minutes

The accuracy features and easy accessibility to use the tool, make it a better option then the manual method to import OST file to Outlook. Manual method is a free of cost method, but is not trust worthy, as it has many drawbacks which is a big issue for users who are willing to open OST file in Outlook.

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The article acknowledges you with the information about the methods to import and open OST file into Outlook, however, which are classified into to two:
1. Manual method
2. Professional method

Users who are willing to open one OST file into Outlook could may opt for the manual method as per their preference, but users who are will import OST files into Outlook in bulk should definitely go the professional method.

It’s our duty to provide you the best solution to your problems, however, as per our suggestion opting for a professional tool over manual method would a smart choice.

You must have self witnessed that the manual means contains so many drawbacks which makes it an unsafe method to import OST files into Outlook, but considering the professional method, one would not only experience an easy and joyful service but would also grant various amazing beneficial features.

Although, those users who just need to import single or few (1-3) OST files to Outlook could go for the manual method on their own risk, while considering all the limitations and it’s drawbacks as per their needs of accomplishing the task.

Moreover, we hope the article must have cleared your queries related to the question “How to import OST file into Outlook?

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