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Importance of Hosting QuickBooks on Cloud for CPAs 

CPAs across the globe look for ways that can make their cumbersome and time-consuming accounting process more accurate, quicker, and most importantly, easier.

QuickBooks accounting software has been meeting these needs for a prolonged period.

With rapid advancements in technology, most CPAs now prefer hosting QuickBooks on the cloud rather than using the conventional method of installing the software on desktop computers and storing data on local disks. 

Read on to explore what drives CPAs to choose cloud-hosted QuickBooks over the conventional method and where you can place your business when embracing cloud technology. 

Why QuickBooks Hosting for CPAs Matter? 

Hosting QuickBooks on the cloud offers CPAs a bundle of benefits compared to the on-premise QuickBooks version.

As a CPA, some of your priorities would include remote access to the software, cost-efficiency, data security, add-on integrations, robust disaster recovery mechanism, etc. 

Here’s a detailed look at how cloud-hosted QuickBooks ensures them all: 

  1. Remote Access 

One of the most significant benefits of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud is you can access your company files from anywhere, anytime.

If you are running a CPA firm, your employees don’t have to be physically present in the office to access their accounting files. With files stored in remote cloud servers, they can use devices like smartphones, laptops, or a tablet to access the files from any location at any time. 

2. Time-Saving 

You don’t need to dedicate extra hours to familiarize yourself with cloud-hosted QuickBooks UI. A list of useful features and easy navigation makes cloud-hosted QuickBooks an ideal choice for many CPAs.

The dotingly similar UI of the cloud-based and QuickBooks desktop version makes it easier for you to make an effortless transition into hosted QuickBooks environment.

Besides, QuickBooks on the cloud from a reliable hosting provider ensures 24×7 customer support for all your queries and concerns. 

3.High Data Security 

Ensuring the top-notch security of your QuickBooks data should be of top priority.

When your hosting provider hosts QuickBooks on the cloud, it has all the security measures in place.

From firewalls and multi-factor authentication to antivirus and regular security audits, a reliable cloud hosting provider takes care of them.

As such, all your business data remains safe from cyberattacks or data breaches, enabling you to ensure business continuity.  

Adapting to Cloud Environment 

A few years ago, CPAs and accounting firms awoke to cloud-based accounting; however, they didn’t realize this innovation’s impact until it became the trending way of doing business. 

Cloud hosting for CPA firms and other businesses has transformed how they operate.

According to a report by Flexi, “67 percent of accountants prefer cloud accounting over locally installed software options, and cloud software reduces labor costs by up to 50 percent”. 


With the cloud-hosted QuickBooks solution, you don’t have to invest in IT infrastructure or hire any IT personnel to take care of the IT setup.

Besides, your cloud hosting provider takes frequent backups, and you don’t even have to pay for data migration. With uncompromised security at a minimal monthly subscription fee, hosted QuickBooks is an economically viable option. 

Multiple Add-On Integrations 

If you want to make the already amplified and functional cloud-hosted QuickBooks even better, you can integrate multiple add-on tools into the solution.

You can use different kinds of integration to achieve various accounting objectives while hosting them on the same servers. Using these add-ons, you can amplify the functions of cloud-hosted QuickBooks. 

One of the most popular integrated add-ons with CPAs is All Orders, which helps you manage inventory, customize reports, create labels, and sync orders. Similarly, you can integrate various other add-ons with the cloud-based QuickBooks solutions and enhance your accounting capabilities to the fullest. 

Easy Collaboration 

Delivering good-quality accounting results requires teamwork in an organization.

When your employees use QuickBooks Desktop, they need to send the same file back and forth via email, which often creates confusion as there could be multiple versions of one file.

Such instances also possess a higher risk of errors. With QuickBooks cloud, your employees from various geographical regions can access the accounting data simultaneously.

Any changes to the data are reflected in real-time, enabling all the stakeholders to be up to date. In this way, cloud-hosted QuickBooks can help teams collaborate efficiently. 

Disaster Recovery 

Whether human-induced or natural, disasters are always unpredictable. When hosted on a local IT infrastructure, QuickBooks files can lead to irreparable losses as any disaster can easily cause server downtime.

But, in cloud-hosted QuickBooks, all your QuickBooks files are stored in remote data centers far away from disaster-prone regions.

Besides, replicas of these files are kept in multiple data centers across various geographical areas.

If there’s an accident in one of the data center locations, you can access your files from the backup data centers and ensure business continuity.  

Round-the-Clock Customer Support 

When you avail cloud hosting services for your QuickBooks accounting software from a reliable service provider, you get 24×7, 365-day IT support.

Issues like hardware problems, natural disasters, etc., can often lead to downtimes, and if you’re using QuickBooks Desktop, solving a problem may take hours and even days in some cases.

This not only can delay your tasks but can also hamper your reputation in the market, affecting business growth. 

Getting round-the-clock IT support enables you to interact with cloud hosting providers’ skilled professionals for all your QuickBooks-related queries and concerns.  

Paperless Accounting 

Using cloud-based QuickBooks creates a paperless working environment as all your data is stored digitally.

Tasks like sending invoices, filing tax returns, altering your financial records, etc., don’t need you to use paper. Besides, you can save significant money you’d spend on printing and storing paper files.

As such, you can save a lot of paper, contributing significantly to the environment. 

Data Security 

There’s a rapid evolvement in the nature of the IT industry and technology.

Due to this, businesses managing IT internally face challenges to combat cyberattacks.

One such attack is ransomware, which encrypts files, restricts access to computer systems, and then demands an anonymous payment to leave the files untampered. 

Competitive Edge 

Regardless of the size of your business, QuickBooks on the cloud makes it significantly efficient and agile. You can take faster actions than your competitors and get an edge over them.

Moreover, while your cloud hosting provider handles the technical aspect of cloud-hosted QuickBooks, you can dedicate yourself to managing other aspects of your business. 

Bottom Line 

With QuickBooks on the cloud, accounting has become easier for CPAs and other businesses.

Remote access, high data security, seamless collaboration, disaster recovery, round-the-clock technical support, etc., are some of the essential features of a cloud-hosted QuickBooks solution.

These features improve your accounting process and give your CPA firm a sense of reliability, self-authority, and security. 

For every business, keeping abreast of technological developments is the key to staying relevant in today’s changing world.

CPA firms are no exception. One of the most effective ways by which CPAs can transform their business operations is by moving to the cloud.

Remote access, high-end data security, and disaster recovery are some of the unique benefits of cloud hosting for CPA firms.

Besides, CPA firms can certainly take their business to new heights by addressing the pain points of the clients, adopting automation, and imparting education to the employees on recent updates about accounting software or technology.

If you are a CPA firm and want to bring a complete transformation to your business using cloud hosting services, feel free to call our Solutions Consultant @ +1-800-432-1585.

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