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Importance of online pharmacies in today’s era

Gone are the days when we use to buy medicines from nearby pharmacies by visiting them personally. Thanks to Online Pharmacies, they have made life simple for both chronic and acute patients, who require medicines on a daily, and on regular basis. Online deliveries of fashion, electronics, food, and accessories were primarily started by e-commerce websites, but in the last 1 year, the focus is mainly shifted to online pharmacies. In this post-pandemic world, when the Government issues Healthy Advisory quite often regarding the lesser movement of people outside, online pharmacies make life simple for everyone. Here are a few of the numerous reasons to book medicine online:

  • Medicine delivery saves time and fuel as people don’t require moving out for medicines.
  • It requires few minutes to book a doctor consultation and order medicine online.
  • You will get the best of the deals as online pharmacies offer best discounts and cashback on medicines.
  • Doorstep delivery is a boom for everyone as it simplifies everyone’s life.
  • Ordering medicines for heart failure, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases is easy and simple.
  • A wide range of medicines are available with a delivery time of 2 to 3 days within Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR)
  • You can re-schedule your medicines delivery time depending on your availability at the location or home.
  • It creates a promising future for online healthcare services in the eyes of customers as one can easily book health checkup packages in order to notice early signs of disease.
  • It relieves you of the stress involved in carrying the important medicines and vaccines themselves. Online pharmacies deliver medicine with all safety measures.

Apart from Benefits, there are a few of the conditions to be kept in mind while ordering from online pharmacies:

Mandatory Conditions are

  • Only a doctor’s Valid prescription can help you place an order on any of the medicines delivery platforms.
  • You can become a good customer and a bad customer depending on your reason, to cancel the order or if you refuse to take the medicine ordered.
  • The sale of any medicine which is prohibited by the Government will not be allowed by any of the medicine platforms.
  • For large orders, you might need to deposit a small amount in an advance in order to complete the delivery of drugs.

As we witnessed the lockdown and closure of important stores and shops, online pharmacies delivered the medicines even in the restricted zones with complete safety and comforts. The doorstep delivery of medicines is available in all the leading cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Indore, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, and Hyderabad, and so on. These online pharmacies are in high demand and gained popularity due to Government laying instructions on the restricted movement of Senior citizens due to Covid complications. Senior Citizens mostly require medicines due to prolong illness or based on their health conditions. You can get medicine delivered to your doorstep in 2 to 3 days depending on your location and the type of medicine ordered.

Among all benefits, one must have a valid Doctor’s prescription in order to place an order for medicine.

Some of the reputed names in the healthcare sector delivering the medicines at your doorstep in Delhi and NCR are Netmeds, Medibuddy, PharmEasy, Practo, 3meds, and Medjio. Anyone can place their order for a medicine delivery with valid prescriptions and receive the delivery at their doorstep.

Among the big players, 3meds has emerged as one of the trusted platforms. With discounts of up to 35% and safe delivery of medicines, this medicine platform is highly recommended based on our own personal experience with them. You can easily book any of the medicine from normal fever to cancer, and they will deliver it at your doorstep with Cash on delivery option.3meds offers you a website as well as an app to deliver medicine in Delhi NCR.

About 3meds

3meds launched in Feb 2020 and in a very less period of time they gain a very good amount of popularity. It just happened due to their services and dedication as well. 3meds now counted among the top 10 best online pharmacy sites and apps because of their quality. I personally order medicine from the sites and I really impressed with their hospitality.

Even, They are now adding more services like lab test booking options through your finger for all age groups. You can add a lab testing option that you want to adopt and then add the option in your cart and add some mandatory details on the website and fix your lab test booking in advance.


So go ahead, let us all take advantage of time and technology to ease our pain of getting medicines from the medical store and book them online for safe and comfortable delivery at our doorstep. You can also choose the option of an app by downloading the 3meds app through the play store through which you can order any medicine by sitting at any place without any hassle.

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