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Important Aviation Terms! Before Boarding the Plane

Important Aviation Before Boarding the Plane Airplane is one of the transportation services used by many people to travel from one country to another. There are many terms in aviation that we must know.

When you are going to travel by plane, there are terms in flight that you must know, especially for those of you who will be traveling by plane for the first time.

The term in-flight may be on the plane ticket, the airport, or on the plane itself.

The form of the term can also be from the aircraft crew’s instructions or written on the bulletin board located at the place stated so.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, these terms in the world of aviation need to be known and understood. 

In addition to avoiding misunderstandings, this is useful so that people who are beginners can understand the instructions given by airport officers and flight attendants. The following are terms in aviation that must be known and understood:


Accompanied is a term used for children or infants which means accompanied by an adult paying for the flight.


Alternate aerodrome means an announcement made by the crew to notify passengers that the aircraft cannot land at the destination airport. Instead of landing at an alternative airport.

  1. APRON

Apron is a term for aircraft parking spaces used by airport officials.


This term means that part of the arrival at the airport is the exit point for passengers whose planes have just landed. This aviation term is usually written on the doorstep.


This term is an aviation institution.


This term is a question used by customs authorities to ask “did the passenger bring anything like cigarettes or alcohol?” 


This term is a document provided by an airline officer in the form of a baggage tag for luggage or items carried by passengers. 

The sign also has various types and categories such as glassware or not. In the baggage tag there is a number that is the same as the number affixed to the passenger plane ticket.


This term is a card that is given to passengers before boarding the plane. 

The boarding pass held by the passenger is a sign that the passenger has finished checking in and is ready to board the plane according to the class, compartment and seat number listed on the boarding pass.


This term means the process of ordering tickets and purchasing tickets only if there has been no payment transaction.


Cabin attendant is a term that means all officers on an airline.


This term means the officer on duty on the plane or what we are more familiar with as a flight attendant or flight attendant, but in aviation terms it is called a cabin crew.


In aviation terms, climbing means an airplane that is flying up.


This term means changing to another aircraft using another airline and is usually used during transit.


This term means a bag or suitcase that is stored in the cargo hold of an aircraft.


This term means hand luggage that will be carried by passengers on an airplane and stored in the aircraft cabin.


The following terms are the opposite of Arrival which means departure. Departure is the departure area for passengers who will board the plane.

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  1. Descending

The following terms mean an airplane that is flying down.


This term means items on the list of items that pose a safety hazard when flying.

  1. DELAY

Delay is a term used by airlines if the plane that is about to fly experiences flight delays or delays in arriving.


We often encounter this term not only at the airport or on the plane. But this also includes terms that are often heard in aviation. The term means the destination city of the passenger when boarding the plane. The destination or destination city will be found on the passenger’s air ticket.

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This term means a direct flight between two cities to be visited without having to get a stopover.

  1. FARE

Fare is a fee charged to passengers along with the cost of luggage.

  1. GO-SHOW

Passengers who book their flight tickets directly at the airport and not through an agent.


This term is used when the plane is landing.

  1. No-Shows 

This term refers to a passenger who has purchased an airplane ticket but has not taken a flight.


This term means the passengers on board the aircraft except for the cabin crew.

  1. PAY TAX

This term means the airport tax fee charged to passengers when purchasing airline tickets.


This security check is a security check officer who will check passengers who will fly.


Take off is an aircraft that will leave the runway.


This term is a brief stop for the aircraft between the departure and destination cities. Transit can usually be more than one city.

Exciting! 7 Medan Waterparks Worth a Visit

Waterpark Medan- thumbs up, Medan has fulfilled its recreational needs. One day vacation playing in the water, you don’t have to go all the way to Jakarta or Bandung to have fun. Because water rides or water parks are also in Medan.

If you want a vacation around Medan tourism with a community or group, Seindotravel can be a mainstay to take it to the desired tourist spot.

Well, here are the recommendations for a waterpark that you must visit if you are in Medan.

1.Wonder Water World

Wonder Water World Medan is the largest water park in Medan which is located on Jl. Polonia CBD Golf Course, Suka Damai, Medan City, North Sumatra. This Medan CBD waterpark is very suitable to be used as a vacation spot with family.

The water games here are very fun and don’t have to cost a lot of money.

Polonia Medan CBD swimming pool has an area of 5 hectares. Not only rides, here also have artificial currents and waves that make playing in the water more exciting and entertaining.

Existing facilities are also complete such as a large parking area, kids zone, prayer room, food court, mini market, lodging, gazebo, souvenir shop, public toilets and changing rooms.

  1. Bima Utomo Waterpark Medan

One of the most enjoyable water parks in Medan with a statue of the valiant Bima and statues of other figures. Bima Utomo swimming pool offers a water playground with a variety of interesting and exciting rides.

Various kinds of rides that you can find here such as sliders, giant buckets and others. This swimming pool also has a swimming pool for adults and children.

The facilities owned by Waterboom Medan are also very complete. Starting from the food court, gazebo, gift shop, to the prayer room. Here also has a karaoke room to unwind.

  1. Waterboom Marelan

Next is the Marelan swimming pool tour that you must try while you are still in Medan. Waterboom Marelan is also one of the many fans.

This Medan Waterpark is quite complete, from the rides to the facilities provided, it is not half-assed.

Entrance ticket to Waterboom Marelan is not expensive, only pay 20,000/person. This location is located on Jl. Captain Rahmad Buddin, Medan Marelan.

  1. Hairos Medan

Hairos Waterpark

Waterboom Medan this one is also very worthy to be used as a reference for a family vacation. Being here can make you lose track of time. This swimming pool also provides streams, water booms, and others. The facilities of this place are also no less complete

Hairos location is on Jl. Let. General Jamin Ginting at kilometer 14.5 Pancur Batu. Hairos is open from 10.00 – 18.00.

  1. Merci Tourism Theme Park

The next place is the Merci Tourism Theme Park. This water tourism was only built in 2018, so this place has become one of the newest water parks in Medan.

This swimming pool is also a cool destination for a vacation. In addition to the Theme Park, this tour also has many spots for taking pictures.

Merci Tourism Theme Park is open from 10.00 – 18.00. The ticket price at Merci Tour is IDR 50,000 on weekdays, IDR 60,000 on Saturdays, and IDR 65,000 on Sundays/holidays.

  1. Green Chili Cottage

This swimming pool is being invaded by visitors because of the cheap price of admission. The entrance fee per person is only IDR 10,000 on holidays. Meanwhile, on weekdays, you only need to pay Rp. 8,000/person. For every 1 ticket you can exchange it for 1 bottle of drinks and parking fees.

Green Cabe Pondok is open from 05.00 am to 10.00 pm. This waterpark also provides major recreational facilities. The canteen there is also cheap, for example, fried rice and fried noodles are priced very cheap.

  1. Waterpark Bumi Asri Ring Road

This waterpark is arguably one of the best waterparks in Medan. This swimming pool is located on Jl. Komp Bumi Asri, Medan Helvetia, North Sumatra. You can get an entrance ticket at a price of Rp. 19,000/person on Monday-Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays IDR 23,000/person. And you can get a member card for IDR 300,000/month.

The facilities at this waterpark are also complete. The facilities provided here include toilets, lockers, and spacious culinary spots. You can also bring food and drinks from outside. The pool is open from 08.00-17.00.

Okay, you are free to choose which one to try first. All Medan waterparks provide the best and relatively cheap entrance ticket prices. Of course, it will make your weekend more memorable.

Vacation Alternative! Medan City Park Tour

City Park

Bored at home and don’t know where to go on the weekend? Maybe going to the park is the perfect solution for a day on the weekend

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