Important Questions to Ask before hiring an ERP Consultant Organizations

with a comprehensive ERP implementation system eliminate the risk of dysconnectivity and incoherency in their business performance. With broad ramifications for many enterprises, cloud-based ERP implementation is increasingly becoming a common practice in the IT industry. Whether it be NetSuite ERP implementation, Microsoft Dynamics consulting, or any other cloud-based ERP system, it will increase the efficiency and connectivity of your business. Therefore, IT executives and enterprise architects must create a comprehensive ERP implementation strategy for their companies. Before hiring an ERP Consultant, ask them some of these questions to know what your company is getting into and how you can maximize its feasibility.

How many ERP installs did you do successfully?

The deployment of an ERP system can be a difficult and even uncertain task. Any ERP consultant you use for the project should have a wealth of experience and years of knowledge, so they are prepared for any eventuality.

Who is the ideal client for you?

ERP software is useful for managing your company or organization, but only some solutions will be appropriate for your industry, business size, and revenue. It’s crucial to find an ERP consultant that matches the personality of your business. To give you the best software solution, they should be familiar with your sector and have experience working with comparable businesses.

Describe the tools you use for consultation. How many full-time consultants do you have, and what qualifications do they have?

An advisory company is only as good as its advisors. Ensure the company has enough resources to meet your demands promptly. Ask about your consultants’ credentials and years of technical and accounting experience. You may occasionally request a junior or senior consultant. If you have this choice, the cost can change.

How can I tell if the software fulfils the demands of my business?

Before considering any software solutions, you must first define the issues. It would help if you started by performing a requirements analysis. You should be aware of all the areas where productivity could increase. Permit your employees to be interviewed by an unbiased consultant as part of this procedure. They may use this to pinpoint where efficiency can be improved while saving time.

What is your warranty or guarantee?

A guarantee or warranty will demonstrate the experts’ trust in their solutions, assuring you to engage with them.

What type of instruction and assistance do you provide?

Software implementation is only one stage of the process. Complete training and continuing assistance are required. Make sure the experts you deal with will give you complete assistance throughout Go-Live and for the next three months. Make sure you have ways to gain access to the experts’ knowledge and assistance regularly. Your staff should have access to comprehensive end-user training via remote, on-site, and classroom sessions to feel comfortable using the software after the project.

The software’s licencing structure.

Ask whether there are monthly, quarterly, or yearly maintenance fees and if the programme is licenced per user, per identified user, and by module.

How do you guarantee client satisfaction?

Any consulting company you employ should put the client’s interests first. You and the consultant should have continuous and open communication to guarantee that the software solution has been built to your unique specifications and that the project is on schedule and under budget. The business you select should routinely assess consumer satisfaction.

How do you ensure each project is completed on schedule and within budget?

The cost of ERP implementation is humungous. According to Gartner, 57% of all ERP implementations cost 189% more than expected. We advise you to engage with a company that adheres to fixed-fee billing. Guaranteed, you will know the project’s actual cost before you begin. As a result, you won’t have to worry about anything unnecessary and can concentrate on ensuring the programme meets all your criteria. Offer project management services? Inquire about how they implement.

Can I customize the programme and combine it with my other systems?

A consultancy company could provide top-notch, feature-rich business management software. The software’s features frequently only offer a portion of the answer. Adding one or two more features or making minor adjustments to the software’s functionality might completely match the customer’s and company’s needs. The ability to integrate with other applications is the finest feature of ERP software. Ask specifically about integration capacity.

Please provide me with references.

Continually request references. A business may assert that it is the best because it thinks it is. It can only be confirmed by hearing about other people’s experiences. A firm would be happy to provide you with several references if it is confident in its products and services. Ideally, request a reference from a similar business (industry, size, revenue, employees).

Are both you and your software well-known in your field?

Do they hold any independent or third-party awards? Do they belong to any organizations representing their field?

How does your software assist the larger company?

You shouldn’t limit the software you choose to be accounting. You could need more later, such as an online shop, a CRM system, or an HR management system. If additional functions are implemented in the future, the software you select today should be able to support them.

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