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Improving the Efficiency of Call Centers in India

We have coursed through various technological advancements until now. When it comes to communication, we have got a variety of mediums such as email, texting, social media, online chat systems, etc. Businesses have established different ways of communicating mediums through which customers can access information and support for the products and services rendered by the company. 

However, communicating through a phone has always been the most preferred and efficient way of communication. Customers still try to prefer to get assistance over the phone than through other mediums like chat and email. Assisting customers over the phone helps in acquiring their trust and confidence; leading to more customer satisfaction. That is why call centers in India remain the most effective platforms for improving customer retention. 

Things that Determine the Efficiency of a Call Center 

Call centers in India play a major role in improving the business performance of many companies by improving customer satisfaction, sharing customer feedback, pointing out improvement areas, and conducting customer surveys for finding and improving the inconspicuous loose ends that keep the companies from delivering the best service. First of all, there is a lot of patience and attention needed for handling customers effectively. 

There are many call centers in India serving business process outsourcing services for many companies and they have been doing their jobs pretty well. However, there are also many call centers in India that are able to deliver exceptional customer service, directly impacting business performance and outcomes. customers only appreciate the services that listen proactively to them and show genuine intentions of helping them. 

Deploying a QA Framework

How can evaluate their own work? Setting up parameters that are sacrosanct for all the process executives and managers working closely with the customers. The parameters are there to set a benchmark for everyone; there will be a proper criterion that needs to be followed, to ensure the best quality customer care service. If you already have a QA framework then you are already moving in the direction. 

The success of call centers in India largely depends on how closely they keep tabs on the performances of their customer support agents. You need to check the customer’s responses as well. If the customers are responding well to a certain way of tonality and interactions, then all the agents must at least fabricate the same methodology. Companies aim for a better customer experience, so they need to keep the top quality benchmarks. 

Introducing Net Promoter Score

There is a concept – Net Promoter Score, which helps call centers to navigate and assess the instances where customers had the maximum satisfaction. All the call centers in India strive for a positive customer experience because that is what keeps a customer loyal to the brand and possibly makes them unofficial brand advocates. So, how can a call center outsourcing company gauge the performance of its strategies?

How a company can set the proper benchmark for itself for ensuring they are in the right direction? The answer lies in the Net Promoter Score, which is a set benchmark which we can follow. The Net Promoter Score will help the companies to measure customer experience and loyalty; depending upon the insights provided by this mechanism, companies can customize their strategies tactically to achieve the best results. 

Tools and Information for Agents for Better Support

The information means everything in customer care support. Customer care agents must have access to complete knowledge about the service/product and its associated functions. Often we notice that companies do not provide their customer care agents with enough tools and knowledge, so this leads to a lot of discrepancies. The agents stumble a lot in providing support and accessing crucial information from the customers. 

Therefore, there are a couple of aspects that we should take into consideration before setting up a customer support system. First of all, the agents should be given management tools like CRM with all the required functionalities. They should be given proper training for dealing with customers during escalated moments. 

Establish Call Quality Metrics

Agents should remain abreast of the latest updates in the knowledge kit so that they don’t share misinformation with the customers inadvertently. Always take feedback from agents regarding the functions and performance of the workflow. Agents must equip themselves with proper tools and information; readily accessible at any moment during the workflow. 

There are several key performance indicators we have in the call centers in India. One of the most critical KPIs is Average Call Handling Time (ACHT). The agent who is able to provide resolutions to the customer within the stipulated time dictates as the best performing agent. ACHT helps the company to gauge the work efficiency and performance of a customer care agent. All the agents must strive to adhere to this metric at all costs.

Even major corporations are now searching for call center services. This is due to the advantages they provide to their clients. It enables them to focus more on their goals while still taking care of their clients’ demands without spending too much money.

So, how can they help my company?

The primary goal of contact centers is to maximize time, boost production, and maximize profit. These services are divided into four categories: inbound (they accept your calls), outbound (they make your calls), automated or electronic (they automate your procedures), and Business Process Outsourcing or BPO (you delegate the business process to your service provider). Each category can help your business grow, but BPO is your greatest choice for expanding your network and taking your company to the next level.

Customer service and sales

Call center employees are all about providing excellent customer service and increasing sales. They may set up appointments, accept orders, advertise your products and services, and hunt for new clientele. In certain firms, they may also serve as “dispatchers,” facilitating communication between clients and workers. They ensure that each team member is informed of their day’s objectives. Customer care representatives do not need to interact just through phone calls. They may also utilize other modern web tools such as email and social media.


The majority of call center services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Depending on the package, they may even be accessible on holidays. This is a significant benefit for small and expanding businesses. Not skipping a phone call and attending to all of your clients’ demands at all times may undoubtedly make them pleased. Just make sure your agents are doing the correct thing.


There are several service providers with decent bundles. Find a trustworthy business by searching online. View their portfolio and contrast the pricing they are offering with those of comparable businesses. Finding the ideal business partner will be much easier with this. Look at their call-handling procedures for both incoming and outgoing calls. You should receive weekly success updates from a reputable call center business. You may use this to keep an eye on your campaigns and change your strategy as necessary.

Conclusion: Similarly, there are other KPI metrics that need to be followed religiously to ensure the best customer care support. On the whole, there are 2 main parameters one needs to consider – Quality and ACHT. If some agent is able to help the customer with all the queries in a short time, that is worth appreciating and other agents must try to replicate the same.


Go4Customer is one of the leading call center outsourcing companies delivering innovative, performance-driven and customer support solutions, across all industry segments. By using next generation technology, comprehensive insights, and industry experts for each account, we are able to offer a holistic approach, via voice, live chat, e-mail and social media management. With a combined experience of over 10 years in the global IT industry, the people behind Go4customer have extensive domain knowledge to provide customized solutions to businesses worldwide. It begins with understanding business requirements, comprehensive process documentation, gauging customer goalmouths and developing a tailored training program for industry-specific processes. Established in 2004, we are a global leader in delivering world-class inbound, outbound, and call center services to our valuable clients. We blend the industry expertise of our professionals with breakthrough technology to deliver a suite of customized quality-driven call center solutions. Our inimitable capabilities includeexceptional customer services, faster turnaround time, robust business continuity management and resource planning, and strict adherence to worldwide quality standards.

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