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India’s Top 10 Facebook Training Course

More than 300 million people use Facebook regularly in India. It is a potent marketing tool that can assist you in making large internet revenues. However, it is only feasible if you seek advice from a qualified professional or institution with sufficient experience in comprehending the market value of Facebook. In India, youth unemployment has consistently been a major problem. Therefore, picking the right Facebook training course can help you gain insight into the marketing and revenue-generating tactics. This top ten list of Facebook training facilities in India can help you acquire all the necessary abilities for social media marketing.

Job prospects in India after completing a Facebook course:

Facebook is a free marketing resource. After completing these courses, users can assist their clients in using Facebook advertisements to promote their goods online. Businesses also use Facebook advertisements specialists to promote their brands online.

Additionally, job seekers can learn how to monetize Facebook videos to get money. Even they can assist in running solo Facebook ads to market affiliate products. Numerous other positions are also open, including social media managers, marketing consultants, brand builders, and more.

Anyone can easily construct a great portfolio and find work on a freelance website after receiving the necessary training from a reputable institution.

India’s top ten Facebook training facilities are as follows:

1. Academy of Digital Marketing, Kolkata

The top digital marketing centre in Kolkata that offers a Facebook Exploere Course is Academy of Digital Marketing. It currently has more than 55 partners for placement in India and has trained more than 50,000 students.

The Institute positions itself as the premier digital marketing institute in Kolkata by claiming to have placed 1000+ students in the digital sector. A digital marketing specialist with more than 17 years of expertise created the curriculum.

They provide a live tools learning programme that will enable you to become an expert Facebook user. Within a few months of training, this can also hasten the learning process.

They offer sufficient information on social media training in Kolkata, India. In the meantime, they help get pupils ready for the digital program’s interviews. The instructional process consists of PPTs, homework, videos, quizzes, and other elements.

New Delhi’s AIDM

The top Facebook marketing courses in Delhi are provided by AIDM. The website states that by offering educational programmes from qualified professors, it adds value for students. They formerly ran a social media marketing agency in India, but after noticing the demand for Facebook in the marketing industries, they also began offering training. Students can participate in real practical sessions and gain expertise in business promotion, audience targeting, conducting sponsored commercials, and developing new marketing techniques.

After completing the Facebook marketing course, students can apply for social media management positions or use their newly acquired skills to expand their companies in local and international markets.

After taking the course, several students have found great success creating and promoting brands. In order to acquire a feel for the classroom setting, AIDM also provides a free trial class.

Mumbai’s Proideators Digital Marketing Institute

Proideators provides classroom and online training courses for Facebook marketing. It improves procedures by taking into account how marketing is now used online.

They provide the right training to boost sales, attract new clients, and produce leads for the company. They also impart knowledge about market trending techniques.

By submitting a request through an online form, students can download the informational brochure. Each every course has its own syllabus. Before enrolling in the Facebook marketing course, interested applicants can download the syllabus to make sure they have the necessary skills.

They assist the students with managing new clients, managing the Facebook store, executing marketing, etc. In accordance with the new methods, they also provide instructions on how to use the Facebook Automation Tool.

The discussion support is available 24/7 to answer questions.

AORTA in Chennai

AORTA is a good resource for Chennai residents who want to study Facebook marketing. The Institute attempts to offer the most recent marketing tactics for using Facebook to expand any firm. It offers a wide variety of courses in social media marketing and digital marketing. Due to the fact that it is managed by knowledgeable programmers with sufficient expertise working with leading web firms, it is one of the best Facebook training courses in India. Students can begin with no prior knowledge and work their way up to learning about new opportunities for Facebook marketing.

The Institute helps the students expand their businesses on Facebook using both paid advertising and organic methods. Additionally, it contains a place for feedback at the conclusion of the week where students can submit suggestions for improvement.

They offer training courses for lead development, brand recognition, and sales-grabbing techniques.

Additionally, live training sessions will assist the pupils in comprehending Facebook’s marketing rivalry. Students can thus learn how to conduct profitable marketing campaigns, increase traffic, and identify a specific audience for their service by employing sales funnel strategies.

Kolkata’s Karmik Institute

Karmik is one of Kolkata’s oldest institutions for digital marketing. For individuals who are interested in participating in Facebook training course, it may be a possibility.

The 10+2 requirement must be met in order to apply for admission to Karmik Institute. Depending on the kind of expertise required, the training can last anywhere between three months to one and a half years.

Karmik students have the opportunity to work on foreign initiatives to expand their experience. Through this Facebook training course, they not only learn about ad budgets, but also about ad designing.

Final professional certification from the institute is a Facebook certificate. Additionally, live projects and assignments are given to measure the students’ capacity for work.

On their website, you can use the live chat feature in the lower right corner to ask questions about the admissions process. New students can take a free sample session at the institute to learn more about the training programme.

Bangalore Inventateq

Delegates from Inventateq will assist students in learning more about Facebook marketing. The Institute gives instructions on how to boost sales, develop a brand, and advertise a website on Facebook.

This platform can be used by students to expand any internet business. Additionally, they operate with the support of knowledgeable marketers and pick up project maintenance skills.

The Institute oversees numerous initiatives of varying sizes. Students are given the opportunity to participate in the project for developing the portfolio. The Institute occasionally gives discounts on its Facebook training course in India. It has numerous locations all throughout India to offer a relaxing learning environment.


Numerous programming and digital marketing courses are offered by PIIDM. Users can obtain the course syllabus from the website to see what new abilities they can contribute once they enrol.

A promotion plan based on the many tiers of advertising is taught in Facebook marketing courses. Students who enrol in the course might choose to schedule interviews on a website for independent contractors and swiftly land jobs.

Before spending money on Facebook advertisements, students are provided helpful instructions to discover the goals and effects.

There are several seasoned social media marketers at the Institute that have sufficient experience dealing with major businesses. Before applying for admission to the Institute, interested users can visit the contact us part of the website and sign up for a demo class.

Every few months, a notice about accepting admission to new batches is posted to the website. Additionally, the Institute asserts that it places every student. The website also includes a separate part where users can inquire about institute information and course costs for Facebook marketing.

Additionally, PIIDM provides live chat assistance to help you with any questions you may have.

Webcrazy, Indore

Since 2010, the Crazyonweb Institute has operated in Indore. It is one of the top institutions in the area for offering courses in digital marketing. It is accredited by CCERT and the Institute that digital marketing experts in Indore most frequently recommend. Because of its proficiency in schooling, Crazyonweb Zone has also frequently been mentioned in the news.

100% assured placement and a 100% practical training method are used. Additionally, they offer free website hosting and development services for marketing them on social media networks.

Users can use study materials, ebooks, and notes to thoroughly examine their skills. To inspire the students, a lot of visiting guest speakers from Indian digital marketing companies stop by the institute.

Gurugram, DMguru

It is among the top instructors of digital marketing courses in Gurugram. Their price for their courses is fairly transparent. Additionally, users can immediately get a sense of the prices while visiting their website for the first time. They provide numerous online courses.

Additionally, Facebook training course is included in courses on social media marketing. Additionally, DMguru bills students approximately Rs 14,000 to instruct them in Facebook marketing. Each course’s modules are distinct.

The module contains information about the topics that will be discussed. To gain a sense of the course topic, students can request a syllabus through the contact us area.

The modules have been updated to reflect the most recent social media marketing tactics. The Facebook training courses for beginners include fundamental practical information such as making Facebook groups and pages and branding pages to review the ideas.

Later, they progress to more complex modules, such as those that maintain page insights, postings, and ad personalization. To give you a decent sense, they have properly outlined their modules.

Gwalior, Digitalkal

The Institute doesn’t have a specific Facebook marketing programme. The most reputable Facebook training course in India is Digitalkal. After certification, it provides students with 100% placement. They also instruct on what kind of information to upload on social media to increase sales.

Being experts, the faculty is highly familiar with the kinds of material that are effective on this social media marketing channel.

They can aid pupils in understanding internet marketing through their counsel. From the very first day, the students can work on developing their brand and promoting their goods online.


The internet’s explosive expansion over the past five years has altered marketing’s overall strategy. Business branding are increasing daily. In such circumstances, a skill like Facebook marketing not only aids in obtaining a degree but also generates income by connecting with a large number of individuals. Digital marketing has a fairly broad range of professional options.

Even small business owners are searching for marketing advice to expand their operations online and increase sales. These top 10 Facebook training centres in India can help you by offering training courses to advance your expertise in the field of digital marketing.


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