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Instagram Mothers: Next Generation Instagram Phenomenon

How Instagram Moms Gain Followers

Instagram is known as one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. Naturally, the profiles created on Instagram started to look alike and cluster over time. Mothers who share their maternity experiences by sharing via Instagram have become Instagram users, which have become a cluster over time. Instagram Moms today many users are called, who regularly share the communication between the child and himself and his child, advising the mothers around him. Sharing key information and ideas about how children should be educated in many fields such as physiology and psychology, these users are also exposed to many criticisms. Considering the sociological new dimension that social media adds to our lives, it is possible to say that Instagram mothers are users who give advice to the general public, but who do not have any license to do this.

How Instagram Moms Gain Followers

Instagram is a very convenient environment for gaining followers. It is very important to share with Instagram algorithms to gain followers at the desired rate. Most of the users we define as Instagram moms are very good at fulfilling their requirements. So what are these requirements? In other words, what are the ways to get many followers on Instagram? Let’s examine them briefly

  1. Regularly sharing posts
  2. Not to produce and share spam content
  3. To follow the trends of the period and give the followers what they want to be able to visit
  4. Using Instagram actively to reach a high number of likes
  5. Remind yourself of followers using Instagram’s story feature
  6. Take advantage of Instagram follower purchase services or Instagram likes purchase services sold on our website


After Instagram mothers have managed to quickly gain followers using these features, they give various advice on maternity. But the real problem begins here: Many accounts on Instagram that have a mother profile and share various posts present themselves as child psychology or pedagogues. Naturally, the information provided is taken much more seriously than it is thought and accounts are turned into authorities. When it is understood that this user does not have the diploma he claims, serious scandals can arise.

Many mothers who enforce the directives on subjects where individuals who share Instagram mothers share ideas without education are actually at risk of performing wrong practices. Therefore, these profiles, which are collectively called Instagram moms, are a serious discussion topic on social media.

Çağla Düvenci Sönmez Was Instagram Instagram Mother? Why Is His Account Closed?

The flash incident that occurred in the past days caused the concept of Instagram mother to be shared again. Çağla Düvenci Sönmez occasionally participated in TV programs with the title of psychologist and managed his social media account as “Sociologist Psychologist Blogger Anne”. The famous phenomenon also provided special consultancy services by demanding a certain amount of consultation from its followers. The agenda change occurred when a user requested the undergraduate diploma from the famous Instagram phenomenon. The Instagram phenomenon, which could not show a diploma despite insistence, attracted the reactions of many. After the events, the Turkish Psychological Association made a statement and stated that a draft law should be made urgently to stop the fake psychologists. These developments, It gives us important information not only for the users defined as Instagram Mothers but also on the use of the concepts of Psychology and Psychologist on social media. The situation that Çağla Düvenci Sönmez is experiencing does not tell us that she is the only user who provides consultancy service on Instagram.


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