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Installing Solar Rooftop System Increases your Property Value: Here’s How

During the day, millions of homes and commercial buildings in India receive abundant sunshine on their rooftops. It is the perfect condition for capturing the sun’s energy and turning it into electricity. This can be accomplished by installing an inverter, which converts the DC power provided by the rooftop solar panels to AC power, which most appliances and electronics require.


There are two different types of solar rooftop systems to consider.

  1. Grid-connected systems

One of these is the on-grid system, which connects the rooftop solar system to the main grid. When the rooftop solar system cannot provide the required electricity, this method permits power to be drawn from the grid. As a result, a well-designed rooftop system may efficiently supply power without relying on grid power, saving money that would otherwise be spent on grid power.

  1. Off-grid power system

The off-grid system is one in which the solar rooftop system is not connected to the main grid. This system is self-contained and has its own battery. The battery is charged by the solar energy generated by the rooftop solar system, which is then used to power numerous applications. When there is no grid supply or when the supply is exceedingly irregular with frequent breakdowns, this technique comes in handy.

Types of Solar Panels

When solar panels are compared to traditional power generation from fossil fuels, they are considered a better source for electricity generation. Solar panels offer a long-term energy alternative for our everyday power needs. Solar rooftop systems for homes are the best alternative solutions that capture the sunrays and convert them into energy that homes, and other facilities can use.

There are two types of solar panels — Monocrystalline PERC panels and Polycrystalline solar panels.

  • Mono PERC Solar Panels:

Mono PERC solar panels are manufactured using single silicon crystals. They are 2.5 per cent more effective than polycrystalline panels, and they work best in unfavourable conditions like low light and high-temperature atmospheres. These solar panels take up lesser space and can give higher solar output even in small rooftops. The price per watt ranges from Rs 24 to Rs 26. It works well in low light conditions such as fog, nights, and low visibility.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels:

They are made up of several crystals fragmented together. Along with PID (Potential-Induced Degradation) resistance technology, these solar panels offer a high protection level from power outages. These solar panels are an outstanding choice for those looking for a low-cost solar system with excellent performance. These cells are less costly to manufacture and more suited to the Indian climate. The price per watt ranges from Rs 19 to Rs 24. These plates have a five-year manufacture warranty against any defects and a 25-year performance warranty. They are available in 12 Volt or 24 Volt, depending on your needs.

The addition of solar panels to your home is not a waste of money in any way; it is an add-on that produces sustainable electricity and increases your home/business’ value in the market. Consumers and clients are also more likely to associate with a Business that supports a sustainable environment.

Especially in developing countries like India, solar energy is acting like a catalyst to help it become a developed country. A significant increase in the popularity of solar energy has been observed in India. Apart from being available in abundance, it is also eco-friendly and does not emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases responsible for global warming.


Solar energy is, in general, one of the most efficient and dependable sources of energy. Taking advantage of this green alternative can help small businesses and households save electricity and resources. Along with this, you also help to reduce carbon footprints. Luminous offers a wide variety of solar solution packages depending on your budget and need. You can explore their website or consult their solar experts to help you choose the best solar rooftop system for your home.

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