Instructions to views Spotify stats for Android and IOS

There are tons of valid reasons why you might be wondering how to see Spotify stats. One of the many, of course, is because you intend to do Spotify Wrapped. Did I get it right? Great, if so, you won’t have to search again to find this information. Here, you will find everything you need.

In this guide, in fact, I’ll explain how Spotify’s music information works and how you can consult it for free using two services offered by the company Spotify AB (developer of the music streaming service), called Spotify for Brands and Anno in musica. You will thus be able to see the most listened to songs on Spotify, yours and those of others (or the most popular songs in Italy).

Furthermore, you will be able to understand what kind of listener you are (based on the musical genre, for example. In addition to those features, the developers are constantly adding new features with great deals included in the Spotify Premium Apk version.

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How Spotify Statistics Are Collected

how to see Spotify stats

During each listening, Spotify tracks your musical preferences in order to show you suggestions and schedules in line with your tastes. At the same time, the company uses this information “en masse” in order to understand the genres and musical trends of the moment, so as to be able to calculate ad hoc rankings for the public and the media.

Have you ever seen the plays in Spotify playlists? This information, for example, is also used in various ways. By now almost everyone listens to music with Spotify, nevertheless the singers themselves, who usually use the service as a “yardstick” to measure the success of their hits.

At the end of each year, usually at the beginning and end of December, Spotify offers users the statistics. These are account-related data that expose the playlists, hits, and genres most listened to during the year. It’s a nice prospect to consult and, perhaps, to share with others.

These statistics are not public unless they are about the artists and their success. In fact, you will be able to understand which singers have had the most famous on Spotify over the course of the year, but not view the musical preferences of other listeners.

In short, since it could be (at times) sensitive information, which would help show others what type you are, Spotify only allows those who own the account to view it. You will then decide whether or not to share this data with your followers. So much so that these statistics are also used by Tinder, did you know that?

Having said that, let’s “stop chattering” and let’s see immediately which musical genres have helped you to complete your projects over the course of the year.


Spotify Wrapped

To see your year in music, you need to connect to Techtodown. You can do it using your computer (Windows, macOS or Ubuntu / Linux makes no difference), via browser, but also iPhone, iPad, or an Android smartphone or tablet, always via browser (for example via Chrome).

Once you have connected to the free service, choose the Connect to Spotify option and log in by entering your Spotify profile username and password. After that, give permission to fetch data related to your Spotify history by pressing Ok. At this point, continue reading.

Your year in music

how to see Spotify stats example Spotify Wrapped

After connecting to the aforementioned page, you will see the Spotify statistics related to your account and your year in music. There will be 15 interactive slides that will help you discover all your music experiences throughout the year.

In detail, you will be able to consult all these Spotify statistics :

  • Most listened to songs divided by seasons, then Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter;
  • Most listened to the song of the year;
  • Music divided by decade of listening, with songs and artists most listened to over the years. This section is called Your Decade in Music ;
  • Favorite songs;
  • Most listened to genres;
  • Most listened to songs divided by countries of the world;
  • Top Artists.

how to see Spotify sharing statistics

Then there are various slides that allow customization (only in terms of color tones) and the sharing of these statistics on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram directly.

If you don’t see anything, it’s because you haven’t used Spotify enough over the year. In this case, the Go to Spotify button will appear. By following that link, you will be redirected to the year in the music of Italy. To access it in another way, perhaps because you do not see the button mentioned, continue reading.

Decade in music

how to see Spotify decade stats

As I just told you, in 2019, Spotify decided to also share the statistics related to a decade since the birth of the service. Therefore, you will be allowed to review all Spotify Wrapped (so all years in music)  starting from your subscription date until today.

In this way, you will be able to find out about all the most listened to songs on Spotify over time and also how your musical preferences have changed.

Year in the music of others

how to see the statistics of Spotify year in music Italy

If you want to see Spotify statistics related to the year in the music of Italy, relating to the most listened to songs of the year by users, you have to do it another way. Connect to the Spotify website  (it would be better from a PC, otherwise use the app). After connecting, log in with your credentials and click on Start web player. Alternatively, if you are using iOS or Android, open the official application of the service.

In any case, when you see the Home screen, go to the Browse section and choose the Genres and Moods option. Then, enter the 2019 playlist in music.

This is how Spotify Wrapped d’Italia 2019 will appear. Under Top Music of 2019, you will be allowed to choose between different types of playlists. They are divided as follows:

By entering this latest playlist, you will be able to view the most listened to songs of 2019 globally. These are sorted by the number of plays.

Of course, you will be allowed to listen to and bookmark all the songs contained in these playlists. But in order not to listen to them randomly, the only way is to switch to Premium or listen to the songs from your computer.

Spotify for Brands service

how to see Spotify stats on Spotify for Brands screen

If, on the other hand, you want to see Spotify statistics to understand which music genre is closest to your person and your character, nothing is better than consulting the database of Spotify me service which, among other things, is also free. Thanks to it, you can learn more about your musical habits and find out other things about you that really interest you.


All you have to do is connect to Spotify me site, which hosts the Spotify for Brands service, also officially managed by the Spotify AB company. From there, log in using your Spotify account credentials. Finally, guarantee access to the data to the service by confirming the privacy clauses that are shown on the screen.

how to see Spotify statistics listening times and time

Once this is done, you will see Spotify stats related to your favorite music genres. You will be given the following information:

  • Favorite songs, divided between Recently Listened and Spotify Lifetime (i.e. the list of the most listened to songs ever);
  • Streaming habits, with the time you listen to the most music and total streaming minutes;
  • Listening habits, related to the genre of songs, make you understand what type you are and how you feel based on the listening.

how to see the statistics of Spotify habits

Additionally, you will be given the option to share this information via Facebook or Twitter. In this way, your followers will be able to learn more about your musical interests and, indirectly, about your personality.

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