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Introduction To Commercial Property Refinancing:

Oh! Good, you have an ambitious growth plan for your Commercial Property and buying new premises for your business. There are different effective ways to invest a large amount of money in your business but if you are looking for the most cost-effective way to raise cash by refinancing Commercial property is the best solution.

What is a Commercial Property?

Any property that is utilized purely for business purposes. It has some categories which include;

  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Leisure
  • Healthcare

Also, any vacant place that has been designated by the government is business property.

What Does Mean By Refinancing Commercial Property?

Commercial property loan refinancing refers to taking a new loan and replace it with an already existed business property loan.

Refinancing permits you to take advantage of better loan terms and lower interest rates. One of the most important things, you can do with business property refinance is borrow cash against the equity of your business property.

If your business has been set up for a couple of years and has procured or even began to secure its premises, you could be settled on valuable and appreciating assets. By purchasing instead of renting your property, whether it’s an office, distribution center or production line you have been building up a store of wealth.

Business Property Refinancing allows you to get that wealth and utilized it to provide the best scale of funding your business needs while keeping cost at the minimum level.

Why should You Refinance Your Commercial Property?

There are plenty of reasons to refinance business property but lowinterestsmortgage has listed some basic and imperative reasons for refinancing the business property. Read On To Get Knowledge!

Lock-In On Low-Interest Rates:

The first and foremost goal of refinancing is to get a lower interest rate because that will allow you to take advantage of savings. When you will refinance, you will see the low rates that will be beneficial for your business.


Refinancing able to facilitate you more than 10 years loan plan at a fixed rate, due to the long term your interest rate will automatically decrease.

Improve Cash Flow:

Getting better cash flow can also be the top reason for refinancing the business property. By getting advantage of the current interest rates environment, you are eligible to reduce your annual debt service resulting in additional cash flow.

Consolidating Debt:

When you are going to refinance your property and consolidating various mortgages into one loan, you will be able to take more favourable terms advantages including pricing, amortization as well as a reduction in fees.

Equity Disbursement:

Refinancing the main purpose is paying existing loan but also it can be refinanced as a means to recoup equity. This loan can be of considerable size and free up working capitals for other projects.

Balloon Payments:

It can also assist you to avoid paying large balloon payments when you are at the end of your loan term.

Getting Out Of An Adjustable Rate Loan:

Due to many conditions, adjustable interest rates loan fluctuates but if you refinance your property or loan it has fixed rates. So, you can greatly reduce volatility in a portfolio.

The above-mentioned reasons will usually lead to smaller monthly payments and also minimize the total debt. These reasons boost up a business to refinance the business property.

How You Can Refinance Your Commercial Property?

If you have understood the basics of commercial property refinancing and it’s important then it’s time to dive into the main purpose of this blog that is how you can refinance your business property?

Shop Around:

In the first step, you must search around and final out the best rates, requirements and the best lender who can provide you with many options for refinancing.

Choosing Best Lender:

When choosing a lender, select such best lender who can facilitate better fee options and the best terms and conditions for you. Select those who gave you the best deal for your refinancing.

Information Required To Lender:

After selecting the best lender, the lender can ask you about imperative information. Typically, Broker will check the Net Operating Income of the business. It is the income of commercial property minus the cost of managing the property.

NOI is calculated every year and is one of the most influential things that a lender look at when decided to refinance your business property or loan.

Before considering refinancing your business property, most of the lenders also see that you have owned property for how much period such as for one or two years.

Lenders can also get details of other documents or information that proves you are more likely to make your payments on time and pay off the entire loan.

Documents Needed To Lender:

Lenders fully concentrate on the documents because your complete the process relies upon the preparation of your documents. Lowinterestmortgage have listed some imperative documents for you that every lender can say to prepare, these include;

Collateral Documentation:

This shows the assets that you are providing as insurance and it is vital proof of your all assets.

Business Plan:

It provides important information about the specific projects that you plan to undertake using credits.

They will also see how business plan, strategies and methods will use to attain the goal.

Promissory Notes:

It is a written promise signed by you, when and how you will pay to the lender.

Commercial Debt Schedule:

They provide information about the debt that you currently hold and how you plan to pay them off. It can also help the lender to dive into how the company settled its existing obligations and the ability to handle them.

These were the most essential documents, some are listed below;

  • Two copy of the Passport/ID card
  • Already existing loan statement of your business property
  • TAX statement which you have paid and to be paid
  • Current rent roll
  • Capital summary
  • Purpose of loan
  • Profit loss statements

Before closing documents and taking the plunge, you must ensure that the lender fully informed you about the whole process and all of the pros and cons of this whole process.

Benefit Of Commercial Property Refinancing:

It is considered a complex process but once you get approved or complete this process then you have indulged in getting immense benefits.

  • Lower monthly payments
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Pay off the loan faster
  • Cash-out your equity
  • Consolidated Your Debts


  • The changing lender might charge you
  • Interest rates can not be permanently fixed
  • It can be expensive

When you have learned about the commercial property and weighed up the benefits as well as the disadvantage and decided that refinancing a business property is the best option for you. You need to consult with lender as soon as possible which explains to you the kind of funding and minimum costs you needed.


To Get the best Commercial Property Services and refinancing it according to your well and wish, lowinterestsmortgage is the best option for you. Because, the company will facilitate you with different services in Ontario, Canada, why you are waiting now. Get below service easily.

  • Easy access Services
  • Budget and Rates In your limits
  • Guide you completely free of cost
  • Best terms and conditions

It’s time to step forward and attain your goals!


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