Inverter Prices and Other Factors to Consider Before You Make a Purchase

There must be times when you get tired of having to wait for the power to come back on every time a local transformer fails, or the power is turned off for maintenance. Investing in an inverter can significantly reduce the discomfort you experience each time there is a power outage. Regardless of whether you require an inverter for your house or office, there are some important characteristics to take into consideration, along with the inverter price.

Here is the list of factors to be considered apart from the inverter price while purchasing an inverter.

1. Power Consumption

It is always best to get an idea of your overall power use before going out to purchase an inverter for your home. Make a list of everything you need to power on a typical summer day. When your electricity goes out, an inverter is significantly different from a generator in the sense that you can only use it to power a small number of essential equipment. The inverter price varies on the amount of power consumption it can hold.

Choosing an appropriate-sized inverter depends critically on knowing the total load that will be powered by it. The VA rating can be influenced by how many watts each device that you connect to your inverter will consume. An inverter can power large electricity-consuming appliances like refrigerators but doing so has a drawback of its own: the inverter battery will survive for fewer hours if large appliances like heavy kitchen appliances are not powered by it.

2. Consider the Distinctions Between an Inverter and a Home UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

In terms of functioning, a home UPS is equivalent to an inverter because both are used to change direct current to alternating current, which is then utilised as a backup option to create electricity.

The key difference between an inverter and a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is that with a home UPS, there is no delay between the devices being turned off in the event of a power outage and being turned back on later. However, when the electricity goes out, there is a very brief time of complete blackout for equipment powered by an inverter.

The majority of laptops and PCs in households and companies are solely connected by UPSs rather than inverters, for this reason, allowing users to store their crucial data before turning their machines off. The inverter price, on the other hand, is more feasible compared to a home UPS.

3. Devices that an Inverter can Power

Air conditioners and refrigerators can both be powered by inverters. The motors of the aforementioned appliances, however, are fitted with compressors that demand extremely high currents, especially while starting up.

Therefore, it is advisable to use inverters with large VA values and sizes or inverters specifically made to handle refrigerators and air conditioners if you want to accommodate such hefty current-drawing machines. The inverter price differs from the battery watt it offers or the devices it can power.

4. Know the VA Rating at Your Inverter Price

Watt ratings should not be confused with VA ratings. The household appliances we use, such as lights, bulbs, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other items, all require power and are measured in Watts. On the other hand, power-generating devices like inverters, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), generators, etc., are measured in VA.

The equipment’s voltage and current output are combined to provide apparent power or VA. The VA and watt values should be equal in the best-case situation. However, it is not practically viable for them to be the same in actual circuits. Do not let manufacturers trick you into thinking that they are both the same.

5. Additional Considerations

You must ensure that a UPS and inverter are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty period, just like you would with any other product. Until and unless they completely stop working, inverters are appliances that require almost minimal maintenance. Because it utilises some of its energy to run a cooling fan and power its internal circuitry, inverters are not entirely energy efficient.

Now that you have a perfect guide for the factors to be considered while purchasing an inverter. One major factor that one must not forget is inverter price. You can get affordable yet reliable power backup inverters at Luminous. They have a wide range of inverters for your need. Visit their website to know more.

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