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iPhone 11: Apple Changes the Button Combination to Take Screenshots in Their Flagship Smartphones

iPhone 11: Apple Changes the Button Combination to Take Screenshots in Their Flagship Smartphones

Screenshots! This is one fantastic feature that has helped a lot of people save information that they might forget about overtime. There are phones in the market that have straightforward button combinations to take screenshots. However, you will also come across those phones that make it frustrating to take a screenshot. One such smartphone was the Apple iPhone. But the tech giant has made some considerable improvements and added the updated feature to the iPhone 11.


Older versions of the iPhone required users to press the home button and the power button simultaneously to take a screenshot. The 6th generation of the iPhone was shifted to the side of the smartphone. However, iPhone 11 comes without the home button. Therefore, making the process of taking screenshots a little bit different as compared to the older generations of iPhones.

Users can Immediately View Files on iPhone 11 After Taking Screenshots

The new key combination to take a screenshot on an iPhone 11 might be a relief for a lot of people as Apple’s support page states that after receiving the screenshot users can view the files immediately. The support page also says that the users can easily edit the images. One fantastic thing about the iPhone 11 series is that people can also change the function of the Assistive touch button to the screenshot feature.

Screenshot Feature Does Not Require Help of External Device

The best part about taking a screenshot is that a user does not require the help of an external device. People using an iPhone 11 need to press the top volume button placed on the left side panel and the power button on the right-side panel of the device simultaneously to take a screenshot. As soon as the screenshot is taken, users will see a small preview on the bottom left corner for a few seconds after which the preview will disappear from the screen. If the user takes a screenshot and taps on the preview, he/she will directly be taken to the folder in the gallery in which the picture is stored. Over there, users will have the option to edit the image according to their wishes.

Users can select the triple period icon and then go on to choose a pencil icon to access the mark-up tools. With this, people will be able to add texts, filters, color effects according to their choice.

iPhone 11: Apple’s 13th Generation Flagship Smartphones

iPhone 11 is the 13th-generation flagship smartphone by Apple. It is the successor of the iPhone XS and XS Max. The iPhone 11 has a two rear camera setup whereas the higher variant such as the iPhone 11 Pro has a triple rear camera setup. The Pro version also includes the A13 Bionic Chip. Both models in the series are dust and water-resistant. However, the iPhone 11 phones do not have a headphone jack. It is also the first iPhone sold by Apple with an 18-watt fast charger. Also, both models feature a super retina XDR Display.

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