Is Doing Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Applications the Right Career Move?

Is Doing Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Applications the Right Career Move? – If you have a keen curiosity in computer applications and programming, Distance PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications) is the best option to achieve your undergraduate studies as it is a specialization in computer applications.

You should choose distance PGDCA because the majority of students use ICT tools, C programming, computer organization, and architecture, operating system, C ++, OPS, soft skill development, management process, and OB, database management system, Java, and Project.

The minimum time to achieve a postgraduate diploma in computer applications differs according to the organization you choose. It can be one to two years, but in almost all organizations it is one year (two semesters). And the minimum qualification for this course is 10 + 2 and graduation, preferably in the math stream.

Applicants are required to clear an entrance examination from the concerned university/institution for admission in this course, followed by a round of counselling and interviews. Many colleges also offer admission to graduate courses based on merit.

What is PGDCA?

The program aims to develop system programmers and analysts to meet the manpower needs of the rapidly evolving software industry. It helps in developing computer skills in students. This will provide exposure to the IT environment. The course will also teach students how to work as a team, handle stressful situations, sharpen their decision-making ability and maintain health and safety in the workplace.

The Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA) is a certification course of a 1-year duration.  Computer application involves the use of computer skills to achieve a collection of simultaneous functions, applications, or activities for the benefit of the customer.

Computer applications or “apps” are computer software or programs, usually, small ones, especially used for mobile devices. The course provides knowledge about programming and database technology. The minimum qualification for the course is a graduate / post-graduate degree with a minimum of 10 + 2 + 4 years of formal education in mathematics.

This course offers the opportunity to apply as computer teachers in Kendriya Vidyalaya schools and Navodaya Vidyalayas which are auto news organizations but have government pay scales.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications – The Right Decision?

Each of you is probably wondering why you should choose distance PGDCA over other professional courses. Well, the most essential objective is that in most organizations, PGDCA is a one-year academic course, it saves you one or two years more than the M.Tech, MBA, MCA or any other master’s degree you think. Only to enable you to land on the battlefield to get a well-paying job.

Another important benefit of this course is the low congestion level correlated to other professional degree courses. Students prefer degree courses like MCA / MBA and others. With the ‘diploma’ tag, students and their parents ignore this course. This, in turn, results in relatively few applicants for this course. Therefore, even low job saturation.

You should also understand that many companies hire new PGDCA professionals, over-engineering graduates, B.Sc. Because of this, B. Tech candidates are expecting a slightly higher salary package. Therefore, to reduce the cost of the company, the institutes hire PGDCA fresher scholars, train them on target for some time, and enable them to work as well as engineering graduates.

So, PGDCA is actually a smart option for you if you are a graduate and want to pursue a professional course that costs you money and time.

Is PGDCA important nowadays?

PGDCA is actually a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. This course could be done after graduation.

Yes! This is very important. It gives you basic operating knowledge of computer computers as well as knowledge of various computer languages.

More importantly, there is a need to get a job in both the public and private sectors and it is considered as an additional qualification.

Every graduate should get a PGDCA degree and of course a person who only works in computer science … then he should go for different graduate or post-graduate-level courses.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application Course Compatibility

How is the Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application course useful?

PGDCA scope

There is no doubt that distance PGDCA is a course for many user organizations as it offers a lot of great job opportunities inside and outside our country. This course is suitable for you if you want to go for a teaching job in a higher degree college of both public and private institutions. You can also get work in the public and private sectors, accounting, insurance, banking, e-commerce, marketing, and much more.

After completing this course, you can choose from a variety of roles in many companies. In this age of digitization, no business can function without a computer application. And that’s what the distance PGDCA course is all about. You can become a Software Engineer, Computer Operator, Application Specialist, Mobile Developer, System Manager, Systems Analyst, Support Engineer, Database Manager, Network Engineer, and many more.

The salary paid to the professionals who complete this course can be between Rs. 2 to 10 lakhs per annum, which increases with experience and expertise. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), National HCL, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Instruments, Vodafone, Cyprus Semiconductor, VSNL, Hutchison, Accenture, Analog Devices IndiaClick, Inc. National Institutions. Cisco Systems, ASUS, Boeing BEL, Alcatel, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Unisys, Tata Alexis, Qualcomm, Saskatchewan Communications, BSNL, Airtel, etc. hire such professionals.

You can also get direct admission for the second year of the MSc. (IT) or Master of Company Application Application (MCA) course You can also go for the MCA course after completing distance PGDCA.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications: Job and Career Opportunities

PGDCA pursuing students have job opportunities in various sectors. Some of the professions adopted by the students are-

Web Designer:

A web designer must have creative and technical knowledge. He builds and redesigns websites. A web designer makes a website beautiful and easy to use. They use programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc.

Software Developer:

A software developer is also known as a computer programmer. A software developer designs, tests, installs and maintains software systems. She needs Android programming experience, analytical experience, C ++ programming experience, and business logic of software.

Network Engineer:

A network engineer works to maximize network performance. Its main roles are network troubleshooting, scheduled upgrades, monitoring performance, and network optimization.

Database Administrator:

A database administrator is required to ensure the integrity, performance, and security of a database. He needs to address the issues. A DBA uses specific software to store and organize data.

IT Consultant:

An IT consultant assists its clients in using information technology to achieve their business goals. They help people solve issues and make their IT systems more efficient.

Test Engineers:

Test engineers need to develop a process by which a particular product, that is, any software, can be tested to see if it meets the required specifications.


A programmer is simply a software engineer who designs and builds computer software. A programmer is expected to write code for a variety of software.

System Analyst:

A system analyst needs to analyze and design techniques to improve performance and solve business problems using information technology.

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