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Hair loss and baldness have long been a source of concern for both men and women since it has a direct impact on their appearance and self-esteem. For males, hair loss begins at the age of 18 and affects their everyday lives in a variety of ways, leading them to find a solution. Are you looking for a hair transplant in Mumbai? You’ve arrived at the right location. The best hair transplant in Mumbai is Rejoice hair transplant. Hair follicles are taken from the scalp and transplanted into places where hair is thinning or receding, as well as the bald area, at Rejoice Hair Transplant looking for the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai. Hair transplant is the most effective and permanent solution for hairfall and balding problems.

The Hair Transplantation, in its most basic form, involves transplanting hair roots from one part of the head where there is an abundance of hairs to another part of the head where there is a scarcity of hairs. Hair transplantation is always the best option for naturally covering baldness, and the following points support and justify this claim.

There are three best options for hair transplants?

a) Natural – Hair Wigs, Hair Weaving, and Hair Systems, on the other hand, are all temporary remedies. Hair transplantation is a natural way to treat baldness and provides natural and satisfying outcomes.
b) Long term – A hair transplant is the thing for you if you looking for looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai and a long-term solution and don’t want to be troubled by monthly upkeep and salon appointments. It gives you a long-term answer and requires no care.
c) Economical – Sub-standard quality hair products are available in the market for as little as INR 5000, while good quality hair wigs and systems cost the same as a transplant. However, good quality wigs and hair systems, which can help you improve your appearance, can cost anywhere between INR 60,000 and INR 1,00,000, but they require additional monthly costs for maintenance and only last a year (12 months), so you are spending the same amount every year to buy a new wig/system just to maintain the look. Transplant, on the other hand, is a one-time affair with no additional costs for maintenance and results that last a lifetime.

How hair grafts are inserted in hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgery:

Are you looking for the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai? Dr. Shankar Sawant is the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai. At Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai, he is a well-known hair transplant surgeon. Dr. Sawant and his team of highly skilled specialists provide the highest quality of treatment, assuring long-term success. We talk about how great hair transplant treatments are all the time, but we rarely realize how the surgery is actually done. Because of their ignorance, people often choose an inexperienced surgeon and undergo surgery that may not provide the best results due to the doctor’s lack of experience. However, knowing how the procedure is conducted and what to expect from your doctor will help you make the best decision and witness a great difference in your life!

The grafts will be created based on the severity of the baldness and the desired results. The grafts are put into hair follicles or the tiny openings where hair takes root, with care and delicacy. The surgeon will delicately place the grafts into the holes after injecting the anesthetic into the area to be transplanted; at times, numerous hairs, and at other times, one hair at a time. This signals the end of the procedure. The patient will recover in approximately 5 days after this, with some basic care, and the results will begin to appear in a few weeks. After the transplant, the transplanted hair goes through a shedding phase that lasts a few days.

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai, India:

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that moves hair follicles from one region of the body, known as the ‘donor site,’ to another portion of the body, known as the recipient site, which is bald or bald. It’s mostly used to cure baldness in men. Grafts containing hair follicles that are genetically resistant to baldness (such as behind the head) are put in bald scalps in this minimally invasive process. Hair transplantation can also be performed to repair eyelashes, eyebrows, beard hair, chest hair, pubic hair, and fill in scars from accidents or previous hair transplants.

What do we do?

Automated fue – Haircutting and transplanting with FUE, or follicular unit extraction, is a minimally invasive procedure. Individual follicular units are removed straight from the donor site of patients and afterward converted into the scalp. The FUE machine, which is an automatic hair transplant system, is designed to assist a doctor in displaying a high graft extraction rate in a short amount of time.

Facts of FUE:

1. Taking hair follicles from one place of the scalp and transplanting them on the skull where hair growth has halted or diluted, based on the principle of the older hair transplant, such as the formation of dense hair. The popularity of the procedure is due to the unexpected outcomes and very natural hairline that provides what is going on during the procedure.
2. In comparison to other surgical hair restoration treatments, FUE is a minimally invasive operation.
3. The treatment is comparatively painless.
4. Healing time is kept to a bare minimum.
5. Hair transplants using the FUE method are not influenced by the harmful effects of DHT, a hormone that is a major cause of male pattern baldness.
6. The FUE procedure takes between 4 and 8 hours on average.
7. Under local anesthetic, the treatment is performed on the patient.
8. During the FUE procedure, the typical survival rate increases by 90%.
9. FUE is a fantastic method for restoring hair to the scalp.
10. During an FUE procedure, there is relatively little bleeding.
11. Patients can support their short hair with FUE.
12. Patients can resume their normal routine and wash their skulls the next day after FUE.
13. The best thing about FUE is that there is no upper age limit; it is only limited by the quality of the individual hair graft.
14. Maintaining hair growth does not necessitate the use of any medication.

Pre hair transplant workout:

The primary goal is to have a consultation and installation with the possible patient, as well as to educate him or her about the nature of hair loss and the benefits of kid transplantation, and to analyze the patient’s status and determine long-term hair recovery results.

The patient should describe any previous hair loss measures or treatments he has attempted. After that, the patient’s hair and scalp are thoroughly examined. The recipient and donor sites are meticulously examined and documented. Then, after receiving instructions prior to the hair transplant process, a date is set for the procedure.

Instruction before hair transplant:

1. Aspirin and aspirin-related products must be avoided. If his physician prescribes it, he should take it three days before the procedure.
2. Two days before surgery, avoid alcohol, smoking, and minoxidil applications.
3. The morning of your hair transplant, wash your hair.
4. Before getting a hair transplant, avoid cutting your hair.
5. Avoid using any oil the day before and the day of your hair transplant.
6. On the day of the hair transplant, wear a button-down shirt.
7. It will be beneficial to have a relative or friend accompany you.

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