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Is hair transplant a permanent fix?

Since going bald is an inescapable event, whether or not hair rebuilding or hair transplantation is extremely durable continues. At PVR Aesthetica, one of the main centers for hair transplant in Navi Mumbai, India, our exceptionally qualified and experienced group gives state-of-the-art hair reclamation arrangements.

Hair transplantation is a careful strategy with an okay of inconveniences. It works by eliminating hair follicles from the scalp or other body leaves behind a little device. These days, many individuals decide to have their hair relocated to India.

You are one of them?

In this article, we will take a gander at whether a hair relocate is super durable. We should begin with a clarification of what a hair relocation is.

What is a Hair Transplant, and How can it work?

Hair transplantation is a surgery that extricates your hair follicles utilizing Hair transfers that are fitting for individuals who have sparseness or extreme hair diminishing on their scalp.

Methodology of Hair Transplant

A specialist utilizes a little needle to numb the region of your head with a nearby sedative after completely cleaning your scalp.

At PVR Aesthetica, our carefully prepared hair relocate specialists in India use FUE, DHI, and Quick FUE hair transplantation methods to accomplish the best results. We offer high-level hair relocation medicines at a reasonable hair transplant cost Navi Mumbai, India.

In Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

  • The specialist eliminates single follicles from the rear of the scalp utilizing a miniature punch gadget.
  • The specialist will unequivocally embed individual hair follicles into every one of these openings.
  • The FUE technique requires roughly 8 hours to finish. Notwithstanding, the specific still up in the air by the number of hair follicles embedded.
  • To get the full head of hair you need, you could require three or four meetings.

Dense Hair Implantation:

  • The specialist will utilize a little breadth punch to recover the hair unites from the contributor region. Then embed the unions utilizing SAVA or CHOI implanters and high amplification.
  • Thick hair implantation brings about additional thickness and a more normal appearance. The SAVA Implanter gives definite angulation. SAVA represents protected precise, flexible, and enhanced points.

In Quick Hair Transplant:

  • Rather than a run-of-the-mill cut and relocate, the specialist utilizes the Seva implanter’s particular instrument.
  • During the method, six to eight professionals are required.
  • They take sound hair transfers and put them in the beneficiary region of your scalp. It requires around four hours to carry out the whole strategy.

Since it is now so obvious what a hair relocation is, let us get to the primary inquiry.

Are Hair Transplant Results Permanent?

At the point when you pick equipped specialists and hair from the rear of the scalp, which is hereditarily more sturdy, a hair relocation may give super durable outcomes. Hair transplantation ought to be arranged considering the hairline plan and remembering what’s to come.

Balding is a continuous interaction. Like the rear of your scalp and normal hair, the relocated hair becomes better and greyer over the long run. Albeit the transfer is long-lasting, everything in the body goes through the maturing system.

The hair follicles behind the head are altogether more impervious to sparseness. They don’t drop out as effectively as your regular hair. This hair is great for those searching for a drawn-out hair reclamation treatment. Notwithstanding, this can be tricky because the patient might lose hair in the encompassing region following a medical procedure.

At the point when a hair relocation is performed early, the relocated hair stays set up as the encompassing hair drops out, leaving patches and an uncovered scalp. Moreover, a hair relocation is super durable because it can’t be changed or switched.

In this way, look for an accomplished hair relocate specialist in India to design a characteristic-looking and dependable hair relocation.


Counsel your primary care physician on the off chance that the consequences of your hair relocation are not good. They might encourage various answers to assist you with accomplishing your objective hair development.

Counsel our master hair to relocate specialists to more deeply study the dangers, how much improvement you can anticipate from a medical procedure, and how to track down a drawn-out answer for your concern. This can help you in deciding if a hair transplant is a suitable choice for you.

Our hair relocates specialists will talk about the normal outcomes, recuperation, and reply to your inquiries.


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