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Is swimming an exercise as complete as it is said?

The simple answer is yes. Swimming with Lifeguard Pretest is a sport full of benefits and very few risks, at least when we talk about swimming of in a perfectly controlled pool. This apparent perfection hides a single important drawback that we will explain later. But as a starting point we must emphasize again that no exercise is worth anything in itself. It is the application of an adequate intensity for each person that will make a concrete physical activity brings you benefits.

Generalizing, two large groups of male and female swimmers can be established. Those who find in the water a perfect place to eliminate stress thanks to the sensation of floating. Put on some earplugs, and forget about the daily routine basically looking at a blue floor. On the other hand. There are the people who see in the pool the same as a runner in a running track. They have specific distances to cover swimming, with a time goal or maintaining a certain heart rate. In both cases, swimming is perfect, to begin with because each one does what they want, but it is easy to guess that there are great differences between them. But we are going to analyze the reasons why everyone recommends swimming, even if they have not gotten into the water just to cool off:

It is beneficial for your joints

One of the main advantages of swimming is that it does not compromise your joint health, this fact makes it highly recommended for people with osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis or any other personal circumstance that causes joint pain. In this sense, it is an indicated activity with sufficient scientific basis to achieve not only prevent joint pain, but also to improve different pathologies that cause it. Not a single but.

It is the safest way to exercise if you are recovering from an injury

Swimming is one of the options most chosen by people who have just come out of an injury, even more so in those related to the lower body. It is here where the water works “miracles”, allowing us to achieve an intensity of exercise that would be impossible for us to achieve without hurting ourselves with the impact of the firm ground. In this sense, swimming of lifeguard pretest is also perfect, although in some shoulder injuries you should consult your physiotherapist because some movements or swimming styles may not suit you at all.

It is an exercise that burns a lot of calories

That doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Getting into a pool and splashing awkwardly is not comparable to trying to beat your 200-meter butterfly personal best. Either way, swimming offers you plenty of possibilities when it comes to burning calories. Alternating styles in each length, intervals of intensity. Adding difficulties such as weights on the ankles and wrists or using resistance blades to name a few examples. If you are wondering if there is any comparison between the calories. That can be burned swimming and those that are burned running. The answer is that there are many. I don’t like them because a table is something cold and generalized, based on mathematical averages, and each person is one and their circumstances are their own. But I leave you these numbers published by the Harvard Medical School so that you have references:

These tables, which need generalizations, imply quite a lack of accuracy. For example, the numbers change completely depending on the style. Swimming with Lifeguard Pretest the butterfly nearly triples the calories consumed swimming the breaststroke. Spinning even finer, the data would have nothing to do with whether we are swimming in a pool or if we are swimming in open water. Where everything is much, much more demanding:

Swimming exercises your whole body

Effectively. Swimming involves using a huge number of muscle groups. Compared to runners, who do excellent work on their legs, swimming, without excluding the legs. Adds work to your back, chest, arms and shoulders, in addition to the entire core. Of course, if intensity is added, these benefits are multiplied. I think it goes without saying that if you simply swim to de-stress your day for a relaxing experience. The muscle benefit is diminished. It’s not bad at all. But don’t expect to get Michael Phelps ‘ back with a leisurely half-hour swim, two days a week. In this video you can check all the muscle activations in the different styles:

How swimming can benefit your mental health and well-being

Swimming is a physical activity, but its influence in the field of mental health and well-being is enormous. It would not be an exaggeration to argue that in many cases the mental health benefits of swimming are greater than the physical ones.

All swimmers are, in fact, well aware of the therapeutic elements of water and the feeling of calm after a swim. Swimming is the best medicine for mental health and well-being!

Swimming is a physical activity adapted to your own pace

Everyone knows that having hobbies and playing sports are good practices that can help in many ways. A big advantage of swimming of lifeguard Pretest is that you set your own pace. Nobody will rush you, you can dictate your own pace!

The buoyancy of the water allows all swimmers of the lifeguard pretest to participate in the action, without needing to be at the same pace as other swimmers. Some of them may choose to spend hours in the pool, while others prefer to do a 10 or 20 minute swim session to relax their body and mind. The autonomy of movement in swimming is a great advantage, rare to find in other sports.

The therapeutic qualities of water

Water is the most substantial element of life and, as such, has therapeutic qualities that can be extremely useful in improving mental health. The effects and physical properties of water, such as density, and buoyancy, are very useful resources for training. Exercising in the water produces an increase in heart rate, blood flow to the muscles, and a reduction in the time it takes to carry oxygen, bringing better breathing, which makes swimming essential for people with respiratory problems.

At the same time, being in the water is a very relaxing practice, as the whole body is under the water, transforming the whole feeling of joy to the brain.

Your body releases endorphins while swimming

Endorphins are hormones produced in our bodies that cause feelings of euphoria. Swimming produces a lot of endorphins, leaving you with a feeling of exhilaration that can last for hours. That’s why swimming is strongly recommended as a morning activity, as it’s a great exercise that gives you energy and boosts your positive feelings for the rest of the day.

Stress levels are reduced while in the water

The negative effects of stress can be extremely serious for our mental balance, even resulting in health problems. Swimming is an excellent sport for reducing stress and anxiety. Swimming lovers could see that there is a kind of religious feeling when they are in the pool, they can release all their negative thoughts and feel rejuvenated.

Blood flow increases with swimming

An Australian study found that immersion in warm water increases blood flow. The increase in blood circulation is extremely important for the well-being of the organism, as it allows better circulation of oxygen to the vital parts of the body, providing energy and vitality. Increasing blood flow is not only significant for the heart, muscles and arteries, it also turns more nutrients into the brain, resulting in better functioning of the mind.

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