ISB Executive MBA, Placements

ISB Executive MBA, Placements


Seeking to get a transformed mindset of a senior executive through class clarity, you always need to plan for formal education. Here comes the perfect one for you, Delhi-based business school ranked among the top 20 EMBA programs in Asia. ​ As a business school, we are committed to providing you with an education that is relevant, engaging, and transformative. We aim at equipping our students with the skills needed to lead organizations in today’s fast-changing environment. Our programs are designed keeping in mind the all-round development of our alumni. We aim at equipping our students with the skills needed to lead organizations in today’s fast-changing environment.

Isb Executive MBA

The PGPMAX is the only executive MBA equivalent program from India to be ranked in The Economist’s isb Executive MBA Ranking. The program is designed for experienced professionals, senior executives, and business owners having 10 to 25 years of work experience.

The program is designed to help you take your career to the next level by equipping you with the skills and knowledge required to lead at the strategic level in today’s dynamic business environment.

During this program, you will gain access to a world-class faculty who have extensive industry experience and expertise in their respective fields. You will also get exposure to leading global companies through our Corporate Connections Programme which includes workshops and case studies with leading multinational corporations such as Tata Motors Limited (TML), Infosys Limited (INFY), and Wipro Limited (WIT), and more!

The PGPMAX is a 36-month full-time residential program that requires students to be present in India for 20 months out of the total 36 months duration of the program.

Isb admission process 2022

At ISB, I would talk to students who often had no clue how to go about the admission process. There was very little information available online, even though ISB is one of India’s hottest business school brands now. These admission guides exist on other schools’ websites and are freely available online – but nothing like that existed for ISB then. It was in this context I conceived the idea of making this guide a reality. As I began researching the anatomy of ISB’s admission process, I realized my guide could potentially benefit others too! This eventually led to the first edition of this guidebook, which was created with what initially started as an internal resource, but soon turned into something much more worthwhile.

Placements 2017

Placements at ISB are among the most sought-after in India. ISB is one of the top business schools in the country and has been consistently ranked among the best B-schools globally by various publications. The placements at ISB are conducted by an external agency that facilitates a placement process for students before and during their MBA program. Placements at ISB are highly competitive as well as merit-based with every student being given an equal opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities.

ISB has a strong corporate connect and has been able to establish partnerships with several top companies including the likes of McKinsey & Company, Standard Chartered Bank, and Ernst & Young. Each year the institute recruits about 150-160 students for its full-time MMS program through campus placements.

Placements at ISB: Top companies hiring from ISB

The following are some of the top companies that have recruited students from ISB:

  • McKinsey & Company
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Ernst & Young

Annual Compensation (US$) | Median | Average

The median annual compensation at the top is 69,000. The average is 152,000.

The highest reported annual compensation was 110,000.

Highest Reported| 110,000 | 203,000

  • Highest Reported Salary: 110,000
  • Highest Reported Placement: 203,000
  • Highest Reported Compensation*: 145,000
  • Highest Reported Average*: 105,000
  • Highest Reported Median*: 100,000

You can view more ISB placement statistics here.

Median | 69,000 | 152,000

Median Salary: $69,000

Average Salary: $152,000

Highest Reported Salary: $110,000

Top Recruiting Sectors: Consulting, Technology, Consumer Products & Retail, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare

Top 3 Sectors*|

Consulting and technology are the top two sectors for ISB MBAs. Of the 27 companies that hired an ISB MBA in 2017, 12 of them were consulting firms and five were technology companies.

Consulting firms are often looking for someone who has real-world experience in dealing with clients and making business decisions. More than half of them (12) come from finance, while three have engineering backgrounds. Seven others have master’s degrees from other schools like Harvard or Wharton, which shows how highly they value their education at ISB.

Technology companies are also popular destinations for ISB executive MBAs because many want to work in the field so that they can keep abreast with new developments in technology and be part of shaping it as well as using it themselves. For example, Microsoft hires graduates who have a background in economics & finance; Amazon hires software engineers with a keen interest in artificial intelligence; Flipkart has hired an MBA student with experience working on the AWS platform (Amazon Web Services).

Consulting| 45%

Consulting is one of the most popular career choices among MBA students. It offers high pay, flexibility, and a chance to work in different industries, with different clients. . The job market for consulting is always strong because companies are constantly looking for experts to help them solve business problems. Consulting firms also hire many MBAs directly after graduation—you don’t have to have prior experience or an internship before you apply!


  • Technology|19%
  • Finance|15%
  • Marketing, Sales, and Business Development|11%
  • Human Resources & Administration|9%

Consulting jobs are available in a variety of industries, including IT consulting, finance, marketing, and human resources. Consulting firms hire many MBAs directly after graduation—you don’t have to have prior experience or an internship before you apply!

Consumer Products & Retail|12%

If you’re looking to get into the consumer products and retail industry, IsB is a great place to start. As a business major, you will learn how to develop strategies for marketing and selling products. You will also learn how to maintain relationships with customers, suppliers, and competitors.

You might be interested in this placement if:

  • You want to work for a large international company like Nike or Levi’s.
  • Your dream job involves developing strategies related to product distribution or merchandising on an international level (like me!).

Isb placements

  • ISB Placement 2016
  • ISB Placements 2017
  • ISB Placements 2018
  • ISB Placements 2019
  • ISB Placements 2020
  • ISB Placements 2021
  • ISB Placements 2022

You want to work in an international environment and have the opportunity to travel around the world. want to develop skills related to business management, marketing, and finance. You might be interested in this isb Hyderabad placements if: You are passionate about the fashion industry and want to learn how companies like Nike or Levi’s operate globally.


So, as you can see, ISB has a lot to offer. If you are looking for an MBA in India which will set you on the right path to your future career and help you grow as a person then we highly recommend that you apply to ISB. The school is well respected worldwide and has the perfect mix of course content and personal growth opportunities which will give students the best chance of success after graduation. But if you need more information, or just want to ask us any questions about ISB (or other schools), please feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to help.

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