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Israel Tours – Something for Everyone

Israel Tours takes you to the very foundations of the country as well as its history, the ancient sites, its modern cities and landscapes, its people and traditions, all of which are deeply enthralling. Israel is one of the most diverse countries of the world, with a rich history, culture, and society and a very diverse landscape too. The Israel Tours will take you to all these and more! The main attractions of all Israel Tours include the country’s very attractive sandy beaches, historical sites, religious sites, wildlife sanctuaries and majestic hills and mountains. The best time to plan your tour is between May and September.

Israel has been a home to many famous archaeological sites including the Biblical Temple Mount and the ancient Western Wall, which were the last remnant of the Holy Temple. Israel is a great tourist destination for both holiday makers from all over the world and locals looking for peace and adventure during their Israel Tours. Israel is a wonderful holiday destination and has much to offer those who wish to explore the arts and culture along with great nature walks and scenery. Israel tours offer an excellent opportunity for tourists to visit Jerusalem, the centre of Israel. During your Israel tour you can head up to the Western Wall and have a look at the miracle that is the oldest building in the world. Jerusalem is also a great place for Bible study and Bible museums.

Israel tours vary according to the kind of experience that they provide. For example, the government certified tour packages take the visitor to Tel Aviv, the centre of Israel and the ancient site of Masada. The government tour packages also take the visitor to Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock. Israel offers many other kinds of Israel tour packages to families, groups and individuals too.

The Bible Museum in Jerusalem houses some of the oldest pieces of Bible history. The Tel Aviv Museum in tel Aviv houses the tallest and most impressive collection of ancient artifacts from all over the world. The Yarmouk River cruise is another popular option for those taking Israel tours. The cruise takes visitors to ancient sites and beautiful landscapes all over Israel.

Israel tour guides make all their travel arrangements and preparations well in advance. The planning and organizing of these trips are done by expert tour guides who know all the necessary places and landmarks in all Israel cities. Tour guides also help to arrange for the Israel air flights and other transportation means to make sure that the visitors are able to reach their destinations in time. Tour guides also ensure that the itinerary of the tour is well presented to visitors. Israel tour guides not only prepare the tour schedule for their clients but they also arrange for the Israel rail and ocean cruises as well.

Most Israel tours also include the option of an escorted tour in some of their Israel tour packages. An escorted tour is a combination of a guided tour by an Israel tour guide accompanied by the vehicle of one of the Israel tour guides. This combination tour allows visitors to see the sights without worrying about their personal safety. escorted tours are also preferred by many people for the benefit of their kids. An escorted tour allows the kids to ride along with their parents at some of the key locations in Israel and have a chance to learn more about Israel from the actual hands-on experience of their guides.

Israel tours also include trips to destinations like the Dead Sea, which is known for its great medicinal benefits, and the Sea of Galilee, which has been identified as the site where Jesus performed so many of his miracles. Israel tour guides also include trips to Jerusalem and the Western Wall, located in Jerusalem, as part of their Israel tour package. The tours also take visitors to the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and the Golan Heights, another holy site for Christians. All these sites are extremely popular among visitors from western countries.

Israel tour guides are well trained to assist visitors at every stage of their tour. Some of the many professional services that they offer include tour planning, accommodation, transportation, itinerary, cultural activities, sightseeing, and much more. Israel tour companies are extremely specialized in their services and are well equipped to cater to all your needs. Israel is a place that has so much to offer, and any one of their Israel tour packages will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

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