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Karma Yoga

 You all know that karma is worship. Karma means to act. Karma means that you must Performphysical and mental work. What we do, think, or say, it all has an effect that we get as a reward at a given time and the reward that we get is called luck.

It’s said that what we get our earlier deeds. And what we get as bad luck is the result of our earlier bad karma. The moment you are in, it is your time to work and there is joy in it only when you work diligently with your will.

When you work without worrying about the result, without knowing whether it will be in your interest or not, this is what we call Karma Yoga. For this, there is a verse in the Gita that “Do not wish for fruit while doing karma”

What does karma mean

The word ‘Karma’ means “action, work”. karma means doing Any mental or physical activity.  Thus the term also refers to the earthly law and principle of cause and effect.

Everything we do, say or think has an effect, which gives us the full amount of returns at the right time. This happens according to this theory of results. What we call ‘luck’ is the fruit of our earlier good deeds, and what we see as misfortune is the fruit of our earlier evil actions.

Therefore, our future events do not occur by chance, but they occur in real life only due to the influence of our past and present actions. Thus karma also determines our destiny (destiny). Just as the target of an arrow (arrow) released from the bow is fixed unless its path is changed or corrected by another event. In the practice of “Yoga in daily life”, we can reduce and change the fruits of our actions and give meaningful direction to our destiny (future) through meaningful perception, wisdom and selfless service.

Our current state is the result of our past actions and our current actions will determine our future. Once we understand this, then we cannot blame anyone for whatever happens to us today, but we will accept our responsibility for ourselves. You can join an online yoga teacher training to become a certified yoga teacher and learn more about yoga and meditation

Karma Yoga: The process of achieving perfection in your work

There are two types of karma

  • Sakam Karma
  • Nishkam Karma

Sakam Karma means karma done for one’s own benefit. There is a sense of selfishness in it. Karma further deepens the duality (feeling of separation) between ‘me’ and ‘yours’. Sakam Karma binds us to the cycle of birth and death.

Selfless action is called Nishkam Karma. The feeling of being selfless takes us far away from our ego. It increases unity by taking everyone together. Nishkam karma makes us independent of our ego. In our India, rain, tree, river, and saint are considered symbols of selfless spirit.

  • Rain benefits everyone equally, whether nature, human, or animal birds, is the same on everyone.
  • The tree gives shade to everyone. Even if you hit the stones, they only give you fruits. There is no discrimination with anyone.
  • The river also behaves similarly. She quenches the thirst of thirsts, whether it is a small creature or a giant creature.
  • At the same time, a saint offers his blessings and best wishes to all without any discrimination.
  • Forgiveness, understanding, and help are impeccable actions that liberate us from the cycles of karma.
  • Let me tell you that future events that happen are not accidental. It is due to the influence of our past and present work. Therefore our fate depends only on our karma.
  • In the practice of “Yoga in daily life”, we can reduce and change the fruits of our actions and give meaningful direction to our destiny (future) through meaningful perception, wisdom and selfless service.
  • If we do not bear the fruits of our actions in this birth, then we have to reincarnate after taking birth.
  • Karma that cannot be done by virtue or sin is called Kriya. Such as sneezing, blinking eyelashes, etc.

Definition of Karma Yoga

  • It is the path of spiritual practice that gives us information about:
  • Why do we do actions and acts and how do we do it?
  • Why do our actions or actions bind us?
  • How to do karma without getting caught in the fruit?
  • Which karma frees you from the cycle of birth and death? 
  • What is the importance of continuing to work even after being free from life?
  • Therefore, we have to do karma in such a way that when it results, it should be liberation, spiritual progress, or God-realization.
  • Karma should be done without any greed.

Women are a great example, karma yogis. She represents one of the best examples of Nishkam Karma. It is a full-time job for a housewife with her husband and children. But if she cooks, she wants to feed her husband and child without eating herself. They have no desire for fruits for themselves.

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