Keep Your Foundation Strong For Your Dog Business Start-Up

If you are a dog lover, many thoughts of doing something for you must have crossed your mind. As a passion, you may have already worked for dogs in various shelters or adoption homes.

The Pet grooming industry is on the rise nowadays as every dog owner knows the hassles in keeping their dog clean and groomed. Many dog owners face a challenge in keeping their pets clean.

So, they prefer going for paid grooming services for their dogs. The grooming salon offers various services such as haircuts, nail trimming, spa sessions, ear cleaning etc.

If you are planning to open your own grooming salon, you can think of various innovative ideas. You have the option of either a physical store or a mobile grooming service.

You can be innovative with your services, such as the introduction of DIY services for pet owners.

If you face any financial constraints while setting up your grooming business, you can borrow long term loans from direct lenders.

If you are hesitant about opening your salon, you can follow some simple guidelines to follow your dreams and walk on the path to success.

Tips to start your dog business

If you are planning to start your dog business, make sure you start it with the following tips.

1. Be clear with your grooming concept

Have a clear idea of what is grooming according to you. There is no rush. You can take some time and note down your ideas and concepts and then plan to materialize them.

Consider all the existing businesses and look for innovative ideas. Set your thoughts on what new you want in the existing ones and implement it in your business.

Ask some questions such as:

  1. What is your scale of business? Do you want to have an upscale business or a mid-scale business catering to every section of society?
  2. Do you aim to provide mobile services or want to have a storefront?
  3. Are you interested in getting a franchise, or do you want to have your start-up?
  4. Do you want to have a retail side to your grooming business, such as selling dog food and supplies?

Every successful business follows a mantra of keeping its customers on priority. To stay ahead of your competitors, know your customers well in terms of their choices and preferences.

Along with your customer’s preferences, be observant and observe different pets you encounter. Getting to know the real-time needs of dogs will help you to make your services more personalized and specific.

When you look around and observe people around, it helps you to customize your services that are customer friendly.

2. Naming your Business

Bring in a lot of creativity in your business name since that will be your identity. Many dog grooming businesses have some really unique and fun names.

There is always some scope for being creative, and you have to fill that space with your creative ideas.

Remember a few things before you open your own store. Think of an easy name that is understandable and attractive.

Along with being easy, it should be unique at the same time. Also, it should be web ready to get your website done.

If you have decided on one name, then cross-check it on all platforms to avoid any duplicity of the name. Include all the social media platforms. Once you have ensured the exclusivity of your business name, you are good to go with it.

3. Certification and training for Dog Groomers

Unlike human salons, dog grooming salons do not require a license to operate. But, you can always go for certifications and training to become professional and more knowledgeable in your field.

Getting enrolled in various courses will definitely help you to enhance your skills. There are specific haircuts for specific breeds. With these courses, you can hone your skills and deliver the best services to your customers.

4. Business Management Software

With creativity in your name, you can also be creative in your business operations. You can add business management software. You can manage your phone calls and appointments.

With this, you can create a rewards program. This software manages your daily appointments, phone calls, payment process and even online reviews.

5. Spread the word

To promote your business, make use of social media. It promotes direct communication with your customers and promotes your business.

There is another option for paid promotions on social media, such as Facebook ads or Instagram promotions that give you instant results.

You can share various photos and videos of your furry clients to get a better review of your business.

Apart from social media platforms, you can also use other mediums, such as advertising on billboards or tying up with veterinary clinics and promote your business.

Also, visit local shops and pet fairs to understand the behaviour of pets and their owners and what they want from a pet grooming salon.

Stay active on social media platforms for regular customer feedback and queries. If you stay connected with your customers on social media platforms, it adds to your business credibility.

Apart from all these methods, prepare an email list of all the potential customers or get a paid list, and you can send newsletters on a regular basis to inform your clients about your grooming business. The email has been proved to be a powerful marketing tool.

6. The right pricing

If you try to compete on your pricing, it will complicate things for you. Do not keep your prices too high and focus on the quality instead. Your prices should reflect the quality of your services.

Do not try to cover up all your expenses in the initial months. Go slow. First, try to finish off all your debt, if any you have. This will help you to start afresh.

You can go for debt consolidation loans for bad credit with no guarantor from a direct lender from the market. Borrowing a loan may help you to think rationally while deciding your pricing strategy.

7. Retain your Customers

The customer is the king and should be treated as one. You should always with a motive of retaining your customers.

Ask for your customer’s feedback and try to put into use the changes that are productive. You can use CRM to manage your customer’s feedback and make things easier for you.

To increase your customer base, clear communication works wonders for you.

Always be clear with your customers and never promise what you cannot deliver. Even if things do not work out for you, be honest and brave enough to accept.

8. Location

Your location has to be beneficial in every way, from the customer footfall on the street to other essentials distance from your shop. These factors can contribute to your success immensely.

You can consider opening your shop near a veterinary clinic to make it easy for your customers to approach you.


Starting a business is easy, but building its reputation and credibility takes time. You may be able to do everything at one time.

But it is advisable to take help to set up your business. Also, with all the technology there to help you, it can be an exciting process for you. So have fun and make it an exciting journey for you.

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