Keep Your Home Snow-free With These Clever Tips

Winter months are here and the snow is not far behind. Despite the prediction of a warm winter this year, one cannot be too careful with ice and snowfall. A mere 2 inches or 5 cm thick snow is all you need to cause difficulties in driving. With an average of 5 inches of snowfall in the past in Tennessee, residents need to be ready to keep it away from home and the driveway. This keeps the property protected, earning a bonus point during home inspection Tennessee buyers may demand. So, without further delay, here are five ways to keep your house snow-free:

1. Heat the snow

Let us start this list with a technologically advanced option: robotics and radiant heat. Those who are ready to shell out money have several heating techs for the house that can melt the ice and snow or prevent its formation. Some of them are heated gutter products and radiant heat addition during driveway installation.

2. Tarp it up

When the snowfall is thin and light, you can spread tarp all-around your driveway, car, or even the roof of small buildings before it starts to snow. This will allow you to simply lift the sheet and deposit all the snow in a neat pile out of the way on your lawn. This is a no-no for heavier snowfalls.

3. Rake the roof

Raking the roof is another great option, especially if you don’t wish to wait until daybreak or high enough temperatures that can melt the snow. The equipment for this purpose is the roof rake, which allows you to slide sheets of snow off the roof with ease and no risk.

4. Customize it

Bring out the creative, problem-solving genius in you by coming up with innovative and customized contraption for cleaning the roof. Make sure, however, to factor in your local snowfall rates and your house’s layout along with your physical constraint when making them. This will allow for easier cleaning.

5. Make a game out of it

When you have time to spare and a need for bonding, it is time to play a game. Cleaning snow off your driveway becomes even more fun when you make a game out of it. Divide the snow or make a snowman, the ideas are endless. However, precautions must be taken to avoid injuries, especially with kids.


Snowfall can be beautiful to watch but a pain to clean up after. Therefore, a certain level of planning is necessary to effectively tackle the difficulties moderate to heavy snowfalls bring about. From using a tarp to having specialized equipment for the job and turning it into a game, the solution for this is as vast as man’s creativity. 

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