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Health and Fitness


We provide painless laser hair removal services in Dubai at our facility. An strong, pulsating light beam called a laser is used in this medical technique to eliminate undesirable hair from the body. Instead of using depilatory creams and chemical treatments, our advanced cooling technology will ensure you experience a quick and effective hair removal with laser.

What is Laser Hair Removal

Body hair may not be a problem for most of us, but for some it can feel like a constant struggle. Women tend to remove unwanted body hair with constantly painful methods such as shaving, waxing or tweezing. However, traditional methods such as these leave unwanted hair on your body and make it more painful the next time. Above all they leave scratches on your skin making you more prone to cuts and bruises too.

How Does It Work?

Laser hair removal is one of the most used ways to remove hair from the body. It’s also one of the safest methods for permanent hair removal. A laser beam penetrates the skin and reaches a single hair follicle at the time when Laser hair removal takes place. The intense heat of the laser damages the follicle, which inhibits future hair growth. Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure for people with light skin and dark hair.

Laser hair removal is effective, but it doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal. To achieve a prolonged hair-free period, usually it requires numerous sessions. Additional maintenance procedures might be required.

Laser Hair Removal: Why do people choose it?

  • Easily removes unwanted hair from any part of the body
  • Self-confidence is boosted
  • Hair ingrown targets
  • There are no downtimes
  • Delivers immediate and long-lasting results
  • A minimal level of discomfort
    At our clinic, we offer the most advanced machines and the latest types of laser hair removal catering to both men and women. Our friendly staff will make you feel at ease during your treatment so that you leave with a wide smile on your face.

Laser Alexandrite

  • Laser hair removal at its fastest
  • High repetition rate and large spot size (up to 18mm)
  • Huge body portions can be treated quickly; a back’s worth can be treated in about 30 minutes.
  • Appropriate for patients with fair to olive skin tones

Laser Nd: YAG

  • Can be applied to any skin type, including tanned skin.
  • Huge spot sizes and quick repetition rates make it possible to treat large regions quickly.
  • Less effective than some other hair removal lasers at treating fine and light hairs

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal is the most popular method used to reduce unwanted hair. It is an effective way to remove excess hair from your skin. Laser pulses work by emitting light into the skin that targets the follicle and hair root, damaging it. This causes the follicle to stop growing and surrounding hairs to die off.

There are several pieces of equipment used during hair removal. This ensures that the entire skin is sanitized and protected. The hair removal process starts with the careful use of a light epilation machine to target individual hairs in the root area.

What Are the Laser Hair Removal Aftercare Steps?

To avoid any side effects from occurring after hair removal , the first thing patients need to do is avoid exposure to the sun. This is because many hair removal procedures can leave you susceptible to sunburn. While most people don’t need to worry about sunburns after getting a tattoo or laser hair removal, these side effects can still occur. If you happen to experience burning after getting these treatments, it needs to be treated by using a cool compress to bring down the swelling.
Some other aftercare measures include:

  • Avoid going outside in the sun.
  • Avoid utilizing any tanning devices, such as sunlamps or tanning beds.
  • According to your dermatologist’s advice, adhere to the aftercare instructions.

How Long Does the Treatment Last?

It’s a most common question when someone first goes to our clinic in Dubai. The answer is It depends on the type of hair you have and the area that is being treated.

How Soon Can I Find the Results?

Laser hair removal in Dubai at our clinic is popular for its quick results. You can have smooth skin in just one or two treatments, but some people might need more frequent touch-ups to get the job done.

After their first treatment, the majority of patients can anticipate a 10% to 25% loss in hair. The change is noticeable instantly and lasts for many months or even years. Some areas such as the beard and eyebrows may take longer to respond, but this depends on individual skin.

What are the Side Effects of the Treatment Can be?

The few negative effects of hair removal using lasers go away within a few days. Initial discomfort, swelled, and redness are possible in the recipient. Cold sores, redness, scars, and blisters are only very seldom experienced by individuals. With time, the skin’s tone also gradually lightens or darkens before returning to normal. This happens when the patient disregards the specialist’s recommended after-care guidelines.

How Soon Can You Get the Treatment Again?

Depending on how quickly your hair is growing. If the growth is faster, there is a high chance of needing more treatments to get the desired results.

Do You Take Any Safety Measures Before Treating Patients at Your Clinic?

Giving our patients safe services is our main goal. We take extra care to make sure that the location where the procedure is to take place has all the essential sanitation and hygiene precautions in place. Every one of our treatments is carried out in a clean setting. Our qualified professionals use sterilized equipment and very strict infection control policies, which means that there is no chance of contracting infectious diseases or viruses during any of your treatments. We work hard to make sure that our patients are protected, so you can rest assured knowing that no matter what happens at your procedure, the health professionals at our clinic in Dubai will continue doing their best to ensure they come out healthy and leave satisfied customers!

Is it Worth Getting Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment is quite popular these days because of the many advantages it can help those suffering from excessive facial or body hair to get rid of their unwanted hair permanently. It’s safe, effective and requires only a few sessions over a period of time.
Also, here are a some other benefits:
Permanent hair growth reduction results with laser therapy.
The patient only experiences minor pinpricks, similar as when an elastic band is snapped against the skin.
Laser hair removal takes less time than other hair removal techniques.
One treatment session frequently results in a reduction in hair growth.

How Much Does Permanent Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal in Dubai costs vary depending on your type of hair, its growth and how many sessions you will have to undergo. You can contact us to get an estimate on the cost of laser hair removal treatment in Dubai.

In search of the best laser hair removal procedure?

While you can contact a dermatologist or other skin professional to deal with unwanted or unwanted hair, the most efficient and effective treatment for this issue is Laser Hair Removal in Dubai. People who are sick of using hair removal creams and waxes that have extremely fleeting effects and numerous negative effects are now searching for treatments that have longer lasting effects, less adverse effects, and are also painless.
In the pre-treatment sessions, you can also acquire the information you need. Fill out the consultation form right away to set up a consultation and get rid of your undesirable body hair as soon as possible.

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