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Learn the Truth About Different Types of Tyres in the Next 60 Seconds

Have you ever heard that various types of tyres can be fitted to your vehicle? Yes, this is true, you can use several types of tyres for your car. Just like various types of cars, there are various types of car tyres available for your vehicle. You can get your hands on some of the best tyres that are available for your car at various garages in the UK.

Betterment in technology is bringing about a change in the tyre industry as well. With advancements in machinery and the process of making the tyres, manufacturers are producing modern tyres that exhibit unique and enhanced features. These tyres are way better than older and regular tyres. The emergence in the tyre industry has led to the various types of tyres that can suit your vehicle appropriately. Having a perfect set of tyres is essential for improving the performance and lifespan.

Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne

Goodyear Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne is now becoming the most essential and used factor of the time. Without a vehicle, it gets difficult for people to travel from one point to another. So, to reduce their dependency on public convenience, people are buying private automobiles to travel.

Many manufacturing companies are offering excellent tyres with enhanced features. When you are planning on buying new tyres, it can get daunting to choose the right one. Opting for the right tyre is essential as it can enhance the life and performance of your vehicle.

There are a variety of tyres that can be chosen. When you step out in the market, there are various tyres that you can choose from.

When you look closely, tyres might look the same but the two modern tyres are not similar. They have unique tread patterns and characteristics that are unmatched by regular tyres. Your regular tyres cannot be functioning the way modern tyres can. There are so many functionalities that only modern tyres possess.

Tyres Are Classified Into Many Types
  • There are tyres for different weather conditions.
  • Tyres for various road conditions.
  • There are tyres for enhancing the performance of the vehicle.
  • These are the most commonly used tyre category.
Tyres of Weather Conditions

When it comes to weather, it changes throughout the year. The need to change tyres becomes a necessity with time. With the temperature change, the roads are also seen getting affected. Thus, with a temperature change, the road surfaces also change which increases the need of using the right tyre. Tyres for seasonal change are summer tyres, winter tyres, and all-season tyres.

Summer Tyres

These are tyres that are particularly used in the warmer season. These are recommended to be used only above 7 degrees of temperature. The rubber surface of summer tyres is made from synthetic and natural rubber mixed with chemicals. This type of rubber material provides softness in the tyre and ensures flexible motion.

Winter Tyres

These are tyres that are used in extremely cold seasons. They are suggested to be used only under 7 degrees of temperature. The rubber surface of these tyres is made from pure rubber mixed with polymer and chemicals. This type of rubber provides softness and flexibility to handle extreme cold.

All-season Tyres

These are tyres that can be used throughout the year without switching tyres twice a year. Although these tyres are quite popular there are certain limitations to them as well. All-season tyres are ideal tyres for the summer season, rainy season, and mild winter as well. It is suggested that using these tyres has provided better handling on hot, dry, and wet road surfaces without causing any problem.

Tyres for Increasing the Performance of the Vehicle

Performance tyres – Talking about performance tyres, there are many tyres like performance, high performance, and ultra-high-performance tyres. All these tyres are becoming popular day by day. The use of these tyres is increasing because they can enhance the working capabilities of the vehicle at high speed. These tyres are so smooth, even at high speed, they stay balanced and stable. Performance tyres were originally designed for race cars and luxury cars, but with the development in technology, the use of performance tyres has been evolved to use in regular and streetcars as well.

Performance tyres are famous for providing great performance while driving fast. The braking, accelerating, stopping and even cornering capabilities of these tyres are better. They enhance the working stability with their broad tread that leaves a bigger footprint on road. Premium manufacturers have derived extensive research and technology from their time in the motorsport segment to create these tyres.

Tyres for Various Road Conditions

Various tyres can be used in different road conditions. Manufacturers are producing tyres for every typical type of road possible. If you are someone who loves to travel then these are tyres for you.

All-terrain Tyres

Tyres can be used on every possible terrain. They are manufactured in a way that you can drive with tyres on tarmac, uneven, hilly, and sandy road conditions. These are the ideal tyres for people who love to travel via car. The use of the right tyre is very important for attaining excellent performance. These tyres improve the handling and stability of the vehicle in various road conditions.

Off-road Tyres

These are types of tyers that can be used when you are travelling to hill stations and driving on uneven road surfaces. They have tread that leaves a bigger footprint and provides excellent handling capabilities.

Sand Tyres

Cheap Tyres Newcastle Upon Tyne can be used in deserts. They are huge tyres with large tread patterns that can intake sand and then throw out the excess.

Part Worn Tyres

They are also known as second-hand tyres or used tyres. These are tyres that have been used once and resold at a cheap price. There are strict rules and regulations for buying and selling part worn tyres as these tyres are not considered safe for driving. The tread pattern of part worn tyres is less than 4mm due to which the lifespan reduces and the performance criteria also reduce. The only advantage of second-hand tyres is that they are cheap and you can easily throw buy a new pair. There are many consequences of using used tyres as the safety standards decreases and impact the overall working stability of the vehicle. When you plan on buying part worn tyres, always check the history of the tyres.

Energy-saving Tyres

Energy-saving tyres are tyres that have been designed to have low rolling resistance in order to reduce fuel consumption, resulting in improved fuel economy for motorists and lower CO2 emissions. The majority of major tyre manufacturers produce energy-saving tyres that are designed to reduce fuel consumption. Learn more about energy-efficient tyres. These tyres are rapidly becoming popular due to the characteristics that they possess. The more people are learning about these tyres, the more they are getting better responses and opting for them. They can improve fuel efficiency and save your money while driving too long miles.

Irrespective of what tyre is fitted to your vehicle, by proper maintaining them you tend to increase the life and performance criteria of all the tyres. Getting them serviced on time will help you have a comfortable drive.

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