List of Kolkata’s Top 15 Digital Marketing Institute

Here is a list of the top online marketing training facilities in Kolkata from which you may select. The institutions listed below assist in learning the art of successfully operating a business through the Internet and digital media.

1.Academy Of Digital Marketing:

 One of the top digital marketing institute in Kolkata, Academy Of Digital Marketing offers comprehensive training in internet marketing to its students. They instruct students in digital marketing, social media, SEO, PPC, and SMM on active websites. You will be given a website for the business of your choice, and you must put the items there into action. Professors with more than 6 years of experience in the field of digital marketing have been trained by  Academy Of Digital Marketing.

 Academy Of Digital Marketing also has a different and advantageous USP. You will be trained by industry professionals employed by Academy Of Digital marketing, the most prosperous and rapidly expanding digital marketing firm in Chandigarh.

2.SEO Creators: 

Located in Kolkata, SEO Creators is a professional institute for digital marketing. They want to give students comprehensive, practical knowledge of digital marketing so they can pursue careers in the industry. We have skilled specialists and a team of digital marketers from Bangalore and other Indian regions. Having knowledge and experience in IT industry digital marketing. They help our students get jobs at our company as well as numerous other IT businesses.

3.Infotech Inx:

With the purpose of offering high-quality education in information technology and hardware/software consulting, inx infotech was founded in 1999. Since its start, inx infotech has placed a strong emphasis on offering individualised training, practical experience, and technology-related guidance to ensure that all of its students are prepared and in step with market demands.

They hold that having a strong online presence entails not only building a user-friendly website but also consistently updating it with 360-degree material (text blogs, e-books, videos, audios, images, slides, and PDFs) in accordance with the most recent version of the Google algorithm. And they instruct their students using all of these techniques.

4.NXI Technologies

We provide expert SEO training to their pupils. His institutes also assist students from many regions in advancing their careers in online marketing. You can go to this institute and sign up for the courses they offer. They provide their pupils a variety of training resources, including search engines, social media, email marketing, online display advertising, content marketing, bulk SMS, voice SMS, toll-free missed calls, WhatsApp marketing, Google Business, and much more.

5.Learning Institute at Ecdemy:

Students who want to be in charge of all aspects of digital marketing and produce gorgeous marketing campaigns, captivating user interfaces, and unforgettable brand experiences can enrol in their immersive digital marketing programme. In the city of Mohali, this institution has enormous popularity. From social media and content planning to implementation and analytics, you can master the fundamentals of digital marketing.

6.Simple Web Coaching

The solution to all IT-based diploma and degree programs is Easy web Solutions. We offer the highest education, and our knowledgeable, patient faculty helps you to be your best. The opportunity to consider the many career possibilities in accordance with their interests and potential is extended to aspirants from all across the nation. Throughout their industrial training, students also receive the chance to work on real-world projects.

In order to give the greatest results based on research, their team at Easy web Solutions works much harder. Whether it’s Web development, PHP development/learning courses, or industrial training, they work hard with our knowledgeable staff to deliver the best results possible.


Your aims for digital marketing and training can be met with the aid of Sebiz. They serve as the IT partner organization. SFS is currently rapidly developing into a center for education in the Tricity area. It has been around for more than ten years and has paved the way for many successful careers. Over 2000 IT graduates have received training thanks to SFS, and more than 1500 have found employment.

8.Technology from Agrestis:

Agrestis Technologies has established itself as the top SEO training facility in Kolkata. We provide courses in SMO (Social Media Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click), and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

The best of everything is what the SEO Training Institute with Industry specialists will guarantee. We’ll provide the most recent SEO techniques, whether they involve paid or unpaid technologies that make SEO analysis quick and simple yet which nobody else can give you. As industry experts, trainers will share their knowledge of various projects with you to help you comprehend various circumstances.

9.Animated Arena Kolkata:

Since 1996, Arena, a global pioneer in animation and visual effects training, has educated over 4 lakh students in over 20 nations. The business focuses in online design, digital marketing, animation instruction, and graphics for mobile apps and websites. The top provider of multimedia training in the Chandigarh, Kolkata, and Mohali tri-cities is Arena Kolkata.

10.GK Corporations

In Kolkata, this institute also offers digital marketing courses. Additionally, this institute is renowned for offering top-notch instruction in all varieties of web marketing courses. This institute supports students from various regions as they pursue successful careers in online marketing. You can go to this institute and sign up for the courses they offer.

11.W3 Web School

W3 Web School is one of Kolkata’s most well-known institutions for digital marketing training. W3 Web School, which has more than ten years of experience, has trained more than 50,000 pupils. Their courses were created by industry experts with more than 17 years of experience in the digital sector. They provide online and offline training options, depending on the needs of the learner. They provide full placement assistance. Let’s examine what they provide and the advantages associated with attending their university.


TalentEdge offers a Specialised Executive Programme in Digital Marketing from MICA, Ahmedabad for newcomers and working professionals. They assert that more than 8,00,000 enrolled students have taken advantage of the live lectures, case studies, and curriculum structure developed by MICA teachers and business executives through their 4.5-month, INR 80,000 programme. Additionally, for INR 90,000, TalentEdge offers a 6-month Executive Development Program in digital marketing from XLRI. Marketing managers can enrol in the executive development programme to learn the specifics of implementing campaigns using digital marketing tools and approaches. Although Talentedge doesn’t only provide programmes in marketing, they do have more than 250 courses in a range of areas.

13.Great Learning

A subsidiary of the Great Lakes Institute of Management called Great Learning offers a graduate programme in strategic digital marketing. The programme lasts six months and includes a four-week capstone project. Great Lakes academics will offer mentoring. The course employs a mixed learning strategy that combines recorded content with live mentorship. The price is 1.25 lakhs + GST, and there are two payment options: EMIs and monthly payments.


EduPristine is one of the best training companies in India for obtaining international certifications in finance, accounting, and analytics. In 11 Indian cities, they also provide digital marketing courses. In this course, you will receive 60 hours of classroom education in digital marketing over the period of 12 Sundays. They also provide a 48-hour online course that runs over 6 weekends. Participants who successfully complete the course are awarded a Certificate of Excellence through a cooperation with the “Microsoft IT Academy Program.”


Upgrade provides training in a range of subjects. One of the programmes in which MICA and Upgrad have cooperated is the PG certification in Digital Marketing and Communication, which includes social media marketing, content marketing, branding, and marketing analytics. The curriculum is fairly long at 6.5 months. With pricing starting at INR 1,05 lakhs and going up to 1.52 lakhs, it is one of the most costly online.



The online marketing schools listed above, in my opinion, offer Kolkata’s top digital marketing course near me. You can visit them and get all of your queries answered if you have any inquiries. You can pick from any of them to position yourself as the finest in digital marketing and compete in the current digital environment. Visit our official website to learn more.

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