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Lost in the Clouds: Cloud Business Solutions to Clear the Fog

At this point in history, cloud computing is dominating (and fueling) the business services market.

Do you need a signature or conference call? It’s true; there really is an “app for that,” but are you just scratching the surface of the cloud?

Take one look at Apple and Google’s app stores, and it’s clear there’s so much more to discover.

Apps also leverage automation to condense tasks, freeing you up to focus on what you do best, reaching new heights in your business or career.

Here’s a complete rundown of essential cloud business apps for companies and entrepreneurs.

Create and Manage Documents

Remember when your life depended on that one flash drive? Let’s go back further; remember when you only had floppy disks at your disposal?

Gone are the days of frantically looking through every jacket pocket for a flash drive. While floppy disks and flash drives hold nostalgic, sentimental value, they’re nothing like the cloud apps of today. All you need is a simple app to create and save documents to the cloud.

You don’t have to save your files manually, either. Most cloud-based document creation apps save your work automatically, also known as “auto-save.” You may be familiar with this feature from your previous document software.

There are several cloud-based versions of traditional document editing software like Microsoft Office. These apps let you create, edit, and share documents online without worrying about losing your work. Many professionals use these apps as project management tools since multiple users can view, edit, and share documents.

These apps easily sync with WiFi-connected printers, letting you print reports, charts, and more materials from your phone. You can also access your documents from any internet-connected device.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Document editing apps are excellent tools for project management, but they don’t go far enough. While you can leave notes on documents for team members, you can’t chat directly with them through the document creation app.

Fortunately, all-in-one project management apps let you chat with coworkers, segment project teams, share announcements, attach files, pin important documents, and hold video conferences.

Like all cloud-based apps, you can use project management apps on any connected device. These apps are excellent for managing remote teams across the board. You could even create an onboarding group to welcome new employees, providing them with much-needed information to succeed.

Store Files without Hardware Mishaps

Document creation apps are ideal for saving written work, but what about photos, videos, interactive media, and other files?

Fortunately, you can download cloud storage apps that let you save any file to the cloud instantly. Not only can you store files quickly, but you can share them with other users. You can also create shared groups like project management apps.

Many of these apps come with limited free storage, requiring you to pay for more space. Think about your cloud storage needs first to find the best deal.

Cloud storage apps are quick, easy, and convenient, but they’re not ideal for particular materials. Don’t save passwords to these apps or share sensitive information. Unfortunately, if there’s a data breach, you could risk exposing sensitive data to hackers.

Cloud Apps that Improve Security

While data breaches are rare, it’s always good to protect yourself. Of course, the first thing you need to do is change your password, but what about other security risks?

If you juggle a lot of passwords, consider downloading a password management app. These apps make you pass an extra security check before imputing passwords into any program. They also organize your passwords so that you don’t rack your brain remembering the correct password.

Viruses are also a problem, especially for Android devices. However, contrary to popular belief, iPhone users are also vulnerable to viruses, but the risk is less severe.

Fortunately, cloud apps can scan your mobile devices for malware, viruses, spyware, and other cyber threats. These applications are called antivirus apps, and you can find them in any reputable app store.

Like cloud storage apps, many antivirus apps offer limited capacity for free. You’ll need to pay to enjoy additional security features.

Antivirus apps are just the beginning. Security apps can locate your phone, take instant selfies of phone thieves, backup data, block spam messages, encrypt SMS messages, and more.

All-In-One Cloud Business Apps

There are so many working parts behind a business. The sheer number of processes, tools, regulations, and protocols will make your head spin.

Like project management apps, you can use “all-in-one” business apps. These apps house your accounting, inventory management, web store data, customer relationship management (CRM) software, payment processing, and more essentials.

While all-in-one cloud business apps are convenient, there are many data and security concerns to consider. Using a NetSuite support solution is strongly recommended to mitigate potential risks.

Of course, NetSuite is just one all-in-one app to consider, but you’ll need an IT expert that’s familiar with your chosen business operations app.

Cloud-Based Payment Management

All-in-one business apps are ideal for large companies, enterprises, and franchise businesses. They’re also excellent for mid-sized businesses that want to scale and expand quickly.

Small businesses and solo entrepreneurs have fewer expenses, processes, logistics, and overhead on their plates. For example, if you’re running a small Etsy store, you only need a few business apps, including a cloud-based payment method.

There are a few popular payment apps on the market. However, you’ll need a traditional bank account and credit card to use these apps. Your debit card will also work.

Once your bank information is accepted, use your payment app to accept payments for purchases and services. Like other business apps, you can access your payment app on any connected device. Turn your tablet into a real POS system that you can use at trade shows and pop-up stores!

Payment apps make it easier on your customers, as well. Make sure to include your preferred app as a payment method on product pages. The more payment methods you offer, the more chances you have to make a sale.

Payment apps also organize your deposits, withdrawals, and payments into statements like traditional banks. These records are quite handy during tax season!

Marketing Management

Marketing is a vital piece of every business model. If you’re a large business or enterprise, you can manage marketing campaigns and budgets in your all-in-one business app, but you can also use specific cloud marketing apps.

Cloud marketing apps may have additional features like templates and stock image databases, as well. Like business operations apps, you can also find “all-in-one” marketing apps designed to manage multiple methods, but you may want to start with apps that focus on one strategy, like email marketing or SEO.

Email Marketing in the Cloud

Email marketing apps are highly recommended for all business sizes, including small ventures that are just starting out. Email lists are an undeniable marketing asset for new businesses; that’s why entrepreneurs are encouraged to implement email marketing strategies from the beginning.

Email marketing cloud apps provide all the tools you need to create, implement, manage, grow, and analyze email lists. You can also use built-in content creation features to craft and deliver enticing emails while automatic monitoring tracks email performance.

Analytics lets you know whether your email campaign is a hit with subscribers or a dud. Subscribe to unsubscribe ratios, click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversion rates are crucial performance indicators.

SEO Marketing Apps

SEO, which is short for “search engine optimization,” is one of the most important digital marketing techniques. SEO marketing helps your website (and associated webpages) rank on the first page for their primary keywords. The more relevant keywords you can dominate, the better!

Of course, you need cloud business services to manage all your keywords, campaigns, and metrics.

Fortunately, you can download one of the many SEO management tools on the app market. There are a few top choices out there, but they all analyze keywords for ranking difficulty, PPC competition, indexed content, and global search volume.

Ideally, you want low competition keywords with decent search volume, and these apps can generate long lists of keywords in a matter of seconds. Since SEO campaigns take time and patience, cloud SEO apps come with reliable performance monitoring.

SEO apps can also alert you to potential issues, like Google penalties that are killing your site in SERPs.

Do you want deeper analytics into your website? There are separate web analytics apps that monitor real-time web traffic, visitor demographics, uptime, downtime, page load speed, and more technical SEO factors.

Discover the Benefits of Cloud Computing in Business

Your favorite cloud business apps are just a download away. Remember these points as you choose the best cloud business services for your needs.

Business and culture are constantly evolving. Do you have the latest lifehacks, business tips, and facts? Follow the blog to stay in the loop!

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