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Magento AMP Themes: What Does It Mean Exactly?

Now the world is more digital than ever. Internet users have become more demanding and selective. For a web page to load for more than 3 seconds – today is inappropriate for any business. If your website is poorly optimize for mobile, people are likely to leave this web page and browse other sites. To avoid this, you should always stay abreast of modern innovations and technologies. Magento CMS is one such technology where you can use Magento AMP Themes.

AMP means mobile Accelerate pages in English (accelerate mobile pages). It is an essential module for all those who want to make access to their web resource simple for all users. Ask yourself: what are you going to do if a website you access from your smartphone loads too slowly? Obviously, you will leave him. This is what 50% of Internet users do. Focus on monetization, eCommerce site owners forget to optimize them for the highest load speed. Don’t waste your income! Start optimizing your site today!

The number of eCommerce sites that load too slowly is terrifying. If you have chosen Magento as the platform for your eCommerce site, you need to improve its performance on mobile devices. If you want to attract more traffic to your site and increase your income, don’t miss the opportunity to make your site perform better using AMP technology. Magento Development Company in Lahore is the Leading Agency Which That has Awesome sites, You can Also Avail yourself of This Opportunity.

AMP Magento – what is it?

For those who do not know what AMP is, let’s quickly come back to the subject. AMP is an acronym for several things depending on the field of activity. In our case AMP corresponds to the expression Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Technology makes your site content appear simultaneously on mobile phone screens, improving the performance of the mobile web. AMP is completely open source. Every AMP document has the built-in AMP JavaScript library, which ensures the best site performance, by adding the roles in the site markup. The entire load chain is under AMP control. Prioritizing certain elements of the page over others, the technology displays third-party content just after the main content present on the screen.

AMP eCommerce, take it or leave it?

At the moment, the AMP service for e-commerce is not yet developed, we do not recommend that you switch to using this new feature. But you can still keep it in mind for your next website optimizations.

Implementation of AMP in Magento

In addition, implementing AMP improves a website’s ranking, reducing its bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate. AMP will remain popular for years to come, and its popularity will continue to grow steadily in SEO benefit. The integration of other themes and platforms on the site is also possible thanks to the HTML CMS, which will connect concrete data and marketing tools, data warehouses or other analytical data. By integrating other platforms into the website, mobile marketers and content publishers deliver exceptional quality user experiences to customers, while keeping an eye on analytical data.

Thanks to AMP software at Google, business and website owners have the chance to create faster and better-optimize web pages for mobile, delivering an enhance mobile experience to Internet users. Taking into account the dominance of search and mobile traffic over search and tablet traffic, the role of site optimization to mobile phones cannot be underestimate. Here are two main benefits that AMP can offer you:

AMP Benefits for Magento

  • richer mobile experience. It goes without saying that with AMP you can deliver a faster and better-optimize user experience to your customers. It is you who benefit most because visitors are then more likely to visit your site and buy a product or order the service.
  • improve ranking in search results. Google algorithms take into account the loading time and the adaptation of the site to the mobile; this is why sites with integrate AMP will be position higher than non-optimize sites. Using AMP will improve the site’s SEO as well as its ranking in organic search results.

Why do I need AMP Magento?

If you want to ensure the faster loading of your Magento site on mobile, the Zemez team is ready to offer you the AMP module which is compatible with Magento 2.2 themes. With this module, you will be able to improve the performance of your Magento store. The AMP module offers the unique UIs and UXs of the most important pages on your site such as the categories and products page.
The texts, images, and widgets at the base of the CMS AMP will load simultaneously on the corresponding web pages. More importantly, Internet users will be able to access the necessary content directly from the Google results web page.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should go for AMP technology:

-your site will be easy to access for mobile and tablet users;
-the loading time of an AMP page in 2 seconds maximum;
-faster loading pages rank higher in search engine results.
-AMP works on mobile devices of any type, regardless of the model chosen.
-With the AMP module enable, the traffic rate can be high up to 10%, and the sales rate – up to 52%.

Magento AMP themes

The collection of Magento 2 themes present on the TemplateMonster marketplace includes 6 AMP-base templates . Check out the top selling themes, feature below.

Magetic – Multipurpose Magento 2 Theme

Magical – this is a feature rich Magento 2 theme, which has been design to convert visitors into loyal customers. It includes the collection of 5 premium quality layouts, which are suitable for specific niche e-commerce sites. The powerful marketing toolbox contains all the essential features to give you an edge over your competition.

Fashion Slash – Magento AMP Theme for Fashion Store

This theme is design for online fashion and beauty stores. The collection of 10+ modules is integrate into the download pack, saving you over $ 1,060 on the purchase of premium extensions. The theme supports different product types, providing the different display options of these products. The easy-to-use and intuitive navigation systems provide a user-friendly browsing experience.


Mobillaso – Responsive Magento Theme for Mobile Store

This theme is create for online stores of mobile phones and electronic gadgets. Apart from the collection of premium modules, you get the series of important forms, smart product filters, Ajax core function, easy to use interface and a lot more.

Illin. co – Magento Theme for Tools and Equipment Sites

Take advantage of this theme to open online power tools and equipment stores. The completely responsive design of this template ensures easy navigation for Internet users and high site loading speed. The theme includes the MegaMenu, Ajax search, smart product filters, and other features that help improve the shopping experience for your customers.

Jewelrix – Magento 2 theme for online jewelry sale

This theme is create for jewelry and accessories stores, online fashion, and beauty stores. Inventory products are attractively present in the original catalog and on product pages; these pages are very easy to navigate. The sliders and product galleries display high-quality images.

F2 – Magento 2 Theme for Fashion Store

F2 – elegant and stylish Magento 2 theme tailor to the needs of online fashion and beauty stores. The original category and product pages ensure the perfect presentation of your products. The theme is very easy to navigate and use. All pages are adapt to smaller screens to ensure the ideal performance of your website.


Today you learn something new and met some models from our collection. Have you already mastered AMP Magento? Or maybe you use one of the models on offer? Tell me in the comments section. A +

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