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Make your vacations memorable in Europe

Fly to Europe because it has all the necessary thighs for your vacations. A continent located in the northern hemisphere & eastern hemisphere has a wide variety of exciting destinations where you can head for your summer vacations and explore the trip. 

Best locations where you’ll be extremely pleased to enjoy your vacations in Europe:

1. Rhodes in Europe:

Island in Greece as well as among the coolest destinations to visit for your holidays & chill out. The largest island has a variety of exotic beaches, culture, food & great nightlife that has an interesting vibe for the visitors.

The tourists can also enjoy the best food with an ultimate taste followed by that you can also explore the place via renting a scooter, bike or taxi to choose the roadways & have fun.

If you want to get some space to stay, no worries, the island definitely got something for you. What if you can get a 5-star hostel for any kind of traveler? 

Moreover, the hostel provides you with the ultimate accommodation facilities.  

For single tourists, we have designed rooms, and comfy mattresses with a single bed. If there is a couple for you, there are double rooms and apartments for the families. Choose the luxurious room because no one wants to compromise with his comfort. If you want to spend the summer of 2022 with full enthusiasm, fun & adventure, then just make your Spirit airlines reservations today to fly to Europe.

   Fun spots in Rhodes:

  1. Classic restaurants 
  2. Bar 
  3. Romantic cafe with homemade cakes
  4. A place to enjoy the sunset & bath
  5. A green path is hidden somewhere in Rhodes
  1. Santorini :

The second-best stop will be Santorini, which is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean sea. Moreover, it comprises a beach to relax, the rich culture of Greece, food, incredible sunsets & insta influence factors. 

When you enter Santorini you will be amazed by the heavenly atmosphere & renting a car would be preferred though a Discover card as here we got narrow streets. So hiring an economy car will be the best choice.

The rental prices start from 11 euros per day.

Wish to give a stay? You have a 5-star hostel as Caveland Santorini, a luxury hostel for your stay. In addition to this, it offers yoga on the roof terrace along with an amazing swimming pool to relax.

Want to Explore Santorini? Here you go:

To explore your Santorini tour, you can enjoy the sunset from Oia, which is the northern tip of the island. It’s basically an attractive village with shops, cafes, and hotels along with spectacular views.

Another thing can be a bus tour for traditional sightseeing, basically, a 10 hrs journey that easily covers places like the red beach which is known for its unique sand color & red lava cliffs, Traditional village with hilltop windmills & old centuries churches.

You can also visit Perris beach as a spot for lunch & before the lunch arrives can go for a quick dip & get yourself refreshed. Moreover, Santonary winery is for wine lovers to get a taste of red & white wines.

  1. Interlaken:

The place is best known for its sporting culture, which attracts/influences many tourists to pay a visit. If you get an opportunity to visit Interlaken, then you must try some great activities such as:

  1. Jumping out of the plane
  2. Climbing down a canyon 
  3. Kayaking
  4. Hang-gliding
  5. Trekking on stunning mountains

One of the best places you can enjoy your summer vacations this year with great enthusiasm & can reach the town in your car, bus & train. Furthermore, it is a great destination if you are an adventure buff.

To explore your destination, renting a car will be the best, or you can board a train to witness the beauty. Moreover, if you are accompanied by a single person then a car is the cheapest option. 

Explore your night’s stay with high-quality spaces in Europe:

Wish to spend a night at Interlaken, where you get a high-standard place as Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof, the best place to get a sound sleep & within your budget, followed by a spacious kitchen & social area with a delicious breakfast to kick start your day.

Let’s go for a fun ride:

So below is a list filled with adventure activities for you:

  1. Canyoning safely
  2. Kayaking in the brinzer lake 
  3. Japanese garden
  4. Schiltron with James Bond
  5. Scenic helicopter flight over Jungfrau
  6. Go for a drink
  7. Skydiving
  8. Hang-gliding like a bee
  9. Mini golf & public swimming pool
  10. Funky chocolate club
  11. Play at Casino
  12. Thunder lake
  13. Paragliding 

In addition to the above adventurous sporting activities, there are an immense number of options available to enjoy the vacation & fulfill every single moment of your life. Decide which activities suit your preferences, and choose accordingly.

  1. Ghent:

The next place on the trip wishlist should be Ghent, Belgium, known for its large public squares & marketplaces, and Bruges & Brussels.

Its mesmerizing architecture & canals makes it worth spending your vacations at night. The place is even more beautiful so that you can relive a memorable night. 

Enjoy dinner with a unique taste & stroll around the canals. You can take a slight walk. However, the lights of the main sights are turned off at midnight.

Looking for a great stay in Ghent, the place has something for everyone:

The city offers you a great place to stay in, & that is the cute old Belgium house with amazing rooms facility in front of the castle.

Explore Ghent, Enjoy vacations in Europe:

You are well aware of the rich chocolate & beer culture of Belgium. But apart from these, there is an endless list of things you can do.

Travelling through the train, you just need to get down at the Gent dampoort. Walk towards the station called Steendam, at the end of the street you’ll find St.Jacob church & on the other side you will find Vrijdagmarkt. From there you can start your trip.

Next is Kraanlei, a street along with a canal consisting of small shops with local products. You can also have some mouth-watering delicious cupcakes from Julie’s house.

Korneli or Graslei is among the beautiful spots in Gents where you can sit next to the water & enjoy the view of floating boats and enjoy the meal or an aperitivo. It’s also the best picnic spot for the locals.

  1. London:

Known as the capital of England & U.K, but still an unofficial capital of Europe. It has a rich culture, must-visit for everyone, & enthusiastic nightlife.

If you need to summarise music, events, theatres, sports, street arts, museums, the answer will be London.

Experience your best stay in London:

Though London is a big city to explore & experiment with several things, it also has great places with superb facilities to stay. For a first time visit in central London precisely (Zone 1or 2) will be the best area for the transport links & move around quickly.

If you are looking for a family stay, so there are some options for you :

  1. West End 
  2. Mayfair
  3. Kensington

Best handpicked accommodation for families with different facilities:

  1. The Ampersand:

It offers a larger selection of family rooms with immense comfort & convenience along with cottages with extra beds, small kitchenettes, free soft drinks, toiletries & bathrobes for children along with activity packs. In addition to this, you can enjoy various other benefits as well.

  1. St. James hotel & club:

The hotel provides its members with a luxurious stay & offers a free kid stay for two nights minimum. Moreover, it’s very close to Buckingham Palace, just a 5-minute walk.

You can also cover a few more such as Big Ben, London Eye & Victoria station.

In addition to the above amazing accommodations, there are many more options for the visitors to enjoy.

I Hope, You got to know everything about the best places to visit in Europe. However, if you are looking for the best airline to fly at affordable fares, then Spirit is the right choice for you. Connect to Delta airlines Booking your tickets with much ease. Moreover, the airline offers great deals on its flight tickets.

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