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Massage, Spa and Geylang Road Singapore Ultimate Guide

The selection of a premium quality spa is one of the most challenging decisions of your life as no one wants to compromise on health and personal care. Indeed, it is the perfect time to work on your health, fitness, and wellness. To look fair and vigorous requires considerable time and investment. That’s why; it is somewhat necessary to get the most out of your spa massage. Sadly, not everyone knows how to choose the phenomenal spa massage center without spending substantial time and effort.

Interestingly, selecting an apt massage center isn’t the only thing to consider because if you don’t know anything about the right treatment, then your visit to the spa can go in vain. Generally, the eventual purpose of any massage, including face massage, foot massage, or full body massage, is to endow you with soothe and relaxation. But, not all the massage types are perfect for relaxation purposes as some of them are beneficial in improving body ailment and skin issues.

Do you know an appealing fact about massage that a 60-minute massage is about the same as 7-8 hours of sleep to your body if it’s done professionally? Moreover, according to the latest research study by the National Research Centre for Complementary & Integrative Health, “There are more than 75 widespread massage modalities used today”. So, you can choose any of the massage types as per your requirements. However, prior research and ample knowledge about the desired massage type can make the entire experience pleasing for you.

Therefore, before choosing a steam massage, Thai massage, or any other type of massage, the primary thing is to contemplate its health benefits. So, let’s start by exploring some extraordinary health benefits of massage.

Health Benefits of Massage

Indeed, it can make you feel relaxed, but massage’s benefits are way more than it.

  • It Offsets All Your Sittings

Nowadays, “Postural stress” is one of the significant issues among people to deal with. Mainly, this postural stress creates a negative impact on the neck and shoulder. Sadly, for the desk worker, the advanced form of postural stress causes acute pain and weakness due to prolonged sitting periods.

However, massage therapy’s unexpected benefits are quite surprising as a perfect massage by the trained masseuse can counteract the imbalance caused by sitting for a longer time.  It means you can count your desk job after a regular massage.

  • It Soothes Muscle Pain

Have you got sore muscles due to any reason? Don’t worry; effective massage therapy can help you in spending a pain-free life. It helps in improving overall blood circulation in your body. According to a research study by Annals of Internal Medicine, “massage therapy is hugely advantageous in getting rid of acute body pain as it magically treats chronic back pain.

  • It Eases Depression & Anxiety

Do you know a human touch in a friendly, professional, and protected context can be unbelievably therapeutical and comforting? A research study by the International Journal of Neuroscience has also confirmed the importance of massage and declared it an optimal way to deal with stress, anxiety, and any other type of depression.

If the hectic routine stresses you and you want to enjoy a comfortable life, consider a soothing massage by the professionals.

  • It Enhances Sleeping Schedule

Another significant benefit of massage is that it improves the sleeping schedule (especially for people with insomnia). Generally, people who undergo chemotherapy and radiation session opt for body massage to sleep calmly.

  • It Improves Immunity

As we mentioned earlier, massage therapy is an effective way to boost-up blood circulation in the body. That resultantly not only makes you active but boosts-up blood circulation. So, it is always preferable to take some time out of the hectic work schedule and go to the massage center once or twice a month.

  • It Cures Headache

Massage is an effective way to divest you of severe and disturbing headaches. You will feel a significant improvement in the severity of headaches after a soothing head massage. Next time, try not to take a painkiller for headaches and try head massage for incredible results.

Undoubtedly, the benefits mentioned above of massage have appreciably enhanced its importance. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to opt for the top-notch massage spa to make your experience worth remembering. Now, if you are from Singapore and looking for a full body massage at Grandlink Square Road Singapore, then you must know that Geylang Road Singapore is the most proper place to find top-class spots for you. Don’t worry; if you don’t know how to get into the Guillemard Rd without any trouble. We are here to provide you with the ultimate guide about the perfect ways to find spas in Sims AVE Road, Geylang Road, and Guillemard Rd.

Ultimate Guide about Geylang Road  & Guillemard Road Singapore

Generally, Geylang is considered Singapore red-light district due to several brothels that set up camp here, but this road is more than a shady rep for visitors. Interestingly, this road is well-known for Singapore’s oldest Malay settlements, known as Geylang Serai.

No doubt, the road has outrageous nature, but the iconic Peranajan shop houses, vibrant culture, and delicious food make this road a worth-visiting place for the visitors. Do you know what makes this road a must visiting place in Singapore? Well, it’s a home to the king of Fruits, also known as Durian, that attracts visitors to see this road and enjoy lip-smacking food. It doesn’t end here as frog legs porridge, and crab bee hoon make it essential for people to visit different food spots while exploring Singapore. Fascinatingly, Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring was also featured in Netflix’s street Food series that provides another reason to enjoy spicy and sweet food available in this road’s food spots. Precisely, Geylang is the perfect spot to explore food and culture entirely.

Don’t worry; if you don’t know how to get into Geylang Road or Guillemard Rd for exploring food, Geylang spa, or tourist spots, then thoroughly read the entire guideline properly. Undoubtedly, the discussion will help you in finding the ideal massage in Geylang.

How to Get into Geylang Road  & Guillemard Rd Singapore

Are you visiting Singapore for the first time? Don’t you know how to get into the Geylang road? Nothing to fret about; we are here to guide you.

Mainly, there are seven ways to get from Singapore to Geylang Road, including;

  • Subway, line 8 bus
  • Line 70 Bus
  • Line 67 Bus
  • Subway
  • Line 63 Bus
  • Taxi
  • Walk
  • There are several ways to get from Singapore to Geylang Road, but SUBWAY is the most affordable way to get into Geylang Road without spending enough time and money.
  • There is a direct way to get into Geylang road; there is a direct bus that departs from Esplanade Bridge and arrives at Assn Bldg. You don’t need to wait for hours as services depart every 20 minutes. Moreover, they operate every day without any pause.
  • There is a direct train that departs from City Hall and arrives at Aljunied. Services depart. The train comes after every five minutes without delay. Moreover, it takes less than 10 minutes to reach the intended spot on Geylang Road.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have a car as you still travel to Geylang road at an affordable price. Use Subway and line 80 Bus to reach Geylang from Singapore in less than 15 minutes.
  • Singapore to Geylang Road bus services is operated by SBS Transit, which departs from Esplanade Bridge station. Focusing them, you can catch Singapore to Geylang road buses.

The following are the transport lines with multiple routes that pass near Guillemard Road.

  • Buses: Bus197
  • Bus 30
  • Bus 7
  • Underground: Circle Line
  • East-West Line

You can choose any routes that take you to Guillemard Road as per your convenience and budget.

Spa at Geylang Road  & Guillemard Rd Singapore

So, finally, you have made it to Geylang Singapore. So, what’s next? Are you in the mood of indulging yourself? Do you want to relax your muscles after a hectic tour of different beautiful places? What should be done for this purpose? Well, we suggest you go to the finest massage center in Geylang Road and enjoy a comforting massage.

  • Spa

It is usually considered adjoining to a public bath in Singapore; this spring spa complex is evocative of a Chinese hot spring resort. A wonderful thing about this spa is that it has both a hot pool and a cold pool to improve overall blood circulation in the body. The separate steam room & sauna room are best for soothing and relaxation purposes. The introduction of deep tissue massage by using Shiatsu-style techniques is the crucial part of this spa that makes it extraordinary as compared to other spas. You can spend quality time on cozy couches with a personal TV screen and can enjoy delicious food as per your preference.


This fantastic spa is located at 511 Guillemard Road 39 Singapore – Geylang. If you are looking for a Thai Massgae Spa near me or the most pleasant body massage places near me, then go for Rejuvenate Spa without a second thought. This massage spot on Geylang road provides all the significant facilities by using the latest tools, techniques, and equipment.

Final Words

The ultimate purpose of discussion mentioned above was to provide you with the ultimate guide about Massage, Spa, and Geylang Road Singapore. So, before choosing the suitable massage spa spot for you in Singapore, properly consider all the significant aspects; otherwise, you can waste your valuable time and money.

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