Microsoft Office 365 Data Backup and Restore

Microsoft Office 365 does not need an introduction, as it is one of the most preferred SaaS that helps a lot of businessman/users to manage their work easier. The most crucial part for any organization is to save their data and protecting it from going into the wrong hands. Similarly, taking the regular Office 365 Data Backup is the essential task to follow.

There will be an immense benefit in taking Office 365 email backup for any business entity.

If we talk about the Office 365 cloud service agreement, it clearly states that Microsoft does not take responsibility to offers you a guarantee when it comes to data recovery. They directly encourage customers to use a third-party backup solution to ensure data safety. But before looking for the Office 365 data backup solution, let’s talk about the multiple reasons for taking Office 365 backup in detail.

Reasons to take Office 365 data backup

Microsoft Office indeed permits to work from anywhere; and at any time. But having this does not change the user responsibility for taking Office 365 data backup at regular intervals. Many threats can put the data at risk. Look at the given-below reasons which push users to look for a perfect solution for taking Office 365 mailboxes backup.

How to take Office 365 mailboxes backup

The office 365 data backup process can be performed through a manual method using the eDiscovery method or using a third-party Office 365 email backup solution.

First, take a look at the steps required to take the backup of mailboxes from the Office 365 account through the eDiscovery method.

Content search eDiscovery method

Limitation of Manual method to import Office 365 data to PST

An Automated Solution

As we have gone through the limitations of using the native method for Office 365 data backup, the users can use Shoviv Office 365 backup tool. This tool is designed to backup Office 365 mailboxes into PST file format flawlessly. Kindly go through the below-mentioned features of the tool:


In this blog, we have discussed manual ways to backup Office 365 mailbox (emails, contacts, calendars); and learn about the advantages of the third-party tool over native methods.

As multiple-step required for Office 365 data backup using the content search eDiscovery method, it is better to look forward to a professional third-party tool. Now it depends on the users for turning upon which method to perform Office 365 backup process.

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