Microsoft Surface Book 3: Is it Worth for Money?

​Microsoft’s new beast is now available to all in the market, but does it make any difference if you own Surface Book 2? As per our overall examination, it is pretty impressive when it comes to talking about the display and keyboard quality. Even we consider it one of the best laptops for its eye-catching design, splendid screen, and comfy keyboard so far.

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Though, it lacks in many ways when compared to other similar products of its segment. First of all, it is an overpriced laptop with a puny processor. It might make you feel disappointed since you are not getting enough performance for what you are paying. Furthermore, it has shockingly weak speakers that do not produce enough sound even for a single user. Not only that, but this expensive laptop also features a little trackpad that will surely make you upset. At first sight, you might think to buy it due to its outstanding design and terrific exteriors. However, when you see the complete specs, you may not feel very confident about buying it.

Surface Book 3 Price & Availability

Microsoft officially launched this laptop on May 6, 2020, for 1599 USD. In this amount, you are getting a 13.5-inch device that runs on Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB of memory as well as 256 GB of SSD. It seriously doesn’t make any sense for the price you are paying as the CPU alone is way too weak. Why have they put the i5 CPU in a business-class laptop with that much of a cost? If you compare it with the latest 13 inches Macbook Pro, you will surely choose Macbook Pro over Surface Book 3. The 13-inch MacbookPro features 10th Gen Intel CPUs for 1799 USD but offers double RAM and SSD.
Surface Book 3 only has a clear advantage of the detachable display, and that is what matters for many Surface enthusiasts. Still, if one wishes to have a laptop with a powerful processor, more RAM, and a massive SSD storage, can go blindly for a 13-inch Macbook Pro.
Although Microsoft has launched various variants of Surface Book 3, for example, the 2299 USD Surface Book 3 has Core i7 processor that can clock up to 3.9 GHz and has 32 GB of RAM with 512 GB SSD. So if you have no problem with spending extra money, you can choose this one model for 2299 USD.

Make Your Choice

If you wish for a potent laptop with a massive processor, this device is not for you. For most creative jobs and software, it would be fine, but those who need raw CPU strength should look for something else. If you do most of the work with the trackpad, then also you will face many issues as it has a miniature one. You should almost certainly go for it if you focus more on the design and stunning looks since it is arguably the best-looking laptop so far.
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