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Migrate Thunderbird Email To Office 365 Using Simple Methods

Are you looking for a way to move your Thunderbird email to Office 365? Then keep an eye on this blog. You will undoubtedly find a comprehensive guide about importing email from Thunderbird to Office 365 here.

Email transfer is a difficult task for professional employees or self-employed persons these days. Any organization that wants it will usually have to transfer thousands of large mailbox items from one platform to another. Consider the case of migrating Thunderbird email to Office 365.

Organizations must choose from a variety of techniques to migrate from Thunderbird to Office 365 because Office 365 enables safer communication and greater real-time document collaboration than Thunderbird. It’s a fantastic platform that includes Exchange online server features as well as emails that can be accessed via a browser and the best-rated MBOX to Office 365 migration application.

Thunderbird to Office 365 Migration Reasons

I’ll discuss one of the reasons for switching from Thunderbird to Microsoft cloud services with Office 365 in this section:

  • Data sharing, storage, contacts management, task management communication, and collaboration are all advanced functions.
  • Because of Microsoft cloud services, users are looking to migrate Thunderbird emails to Office 365.
  • Office 365 cloud servers provide security and data storage benefits.
  • Subscription packages are based on data amount and requirements for each person and organization.
  • To see mailbox items from a browser on any mobile device or tablet, migrate MBOX to PST
    Turn on Office 365 to obtain access to an unlimited number of Office applications, including Word, Excel, Access, Skype, and Exchange server.
  • These are some of the reasons why users should export their Thunderbird emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks to Outlook 365. If you’re wondering how to transfer Thunderbird email to Office 365, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve now looked at the various methods for importing email from Thunderbird to Office 365.

Methods for Importing Thunderbird Emails to Office 365

In the next part, we’ll show you how to migrate MBOX to Office 365 using both manual and automatic methods. This blog is for you if you or your company wants to import emails into Office 365.

Maintains the integrity of the system

The majority of users have reported data modification during the MBOX to Office 365 migration. This tool, on the other hand, has been designed in such a way that all of the original properties of your MBOX file are kept intact during the conversion process. Along with the database’s folder hierarchy, the tool is capable of preserving all attachments, folder details, profile information, calendar information, and Unicode content, among other things.

Customer service that is friendly

The MBOX to Office 365 Migrator is backed by a helpful and highly skilled customer support team that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are unsure of anything at any point during the conversion, you can reach out and ask for clarification or assistance. You won’t have to be concerned about anything going wrong because the customer support team will resolve your issue immediately for you. All of the users are extremely grateful for this.

MBOX Files to Office 365 Migration

Thunderbird Email can be downloaded to a local system.

  • To begin, you must first establish a new folder on your desktop in which to save emails.
  • Then, on your computer, run Thunderbird.
  • Now open Thunderbird and go to the folder where you wish to export the emails.
  • To select all of the emails in the opening folder, press the Ctrl+A key.
  • Then, with a right-click on the message, choose Save As.
  • Last but not least, store the email in the newly created folder.

EML to Office 365 Export

  • Run the Outlook Mail Application first.
  • Then select the Outlook folder where Thunderbird emails will be saved.
  • Additionally, you can go to the Folder tab and choose the New Folder option.
  • Define the name of the new folder in the created new folder box.
  • Then, to move, press the OK button.
  • The folder in the email application’s left panel is shown here.
  • Then, in the middle panel, press on the folder to open its contents.
  • Finally, copy all of the mailbox items from the desktop folder to this new Outlook folder.

Attachments to Move

  • To begin, start Thunderbird on your PC.
  • After that, choose the Thunderbird mailbox emails you want to import to your Office 365 account.
  • Right-click the folder and select Forward as Attachment from the menu.
  • It will launch a new email window with the attachments in EML format.
  • Enter an email address to which you want to move Thunderbird emails in another wizard.
  • After that, press the Send button.
  • Allow some time to pass. The Thunderbird emails are viewable in the Office 365 Mail App.
  • Finally, log into your Office 365 account to confirm the email transfer.

Drawbacks: Manually Migrate Thunderbird Email to Office 365

  • Limited Email Migration: Using the manual method, only a small number of emails may be imported from Thunderbird to Office 365. You can choose to only import specific emails with this option.
  • Long steps: Users must manually move each email to their desktop and then into Office 365, which takes a long time.
  • Migration of Thunderbird mailbox emails into Office 365 with huge attachment files is a time-consuming process.
  • Data Integrity Issue: During the transfer procedure, there is a potential that the email formatting or SMTP header will change.
  • These are some of the limitations that users may see while switching from Thunderbird to Office 365 email. To get around this, I recommend using the export tool, which allows you to simply import email from Thunderbird to Office 365 without losing any data.

To Transfer Thunderbird Emails, use a Professional Solution.

A well-known and effective tool for accurately migrating Thunderbird mailbox emails into Office 365. Software is capable of removing duplicate emails, preserving folder organization, and migrating emails without attachments. Gmail, Office 365, AOL, Yahoo, Opera Mail, Zoho Mail, HostGator, PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, OST, CSV, and other email clients and file formats can be imported or backup with this software.

  1. Install the MBOX to PST converter tool and run it.
  2. Select the folders you want to backup from the tree and click Next.
  3. Choose Office 365 from the Saves/Backup/Migrate As drop-down menu.
  4. Choose from a variety of options based on your needs.
  5. To begin the migration of Thunderbird emails to Office 365, tap the Convert button.
  6. Finally, tap on the Download Report to save the Conversion Report.


We’ll learn about Thunderbird and Office 365 in this blog. Take a look at the reason why users are being urged to move their Thunderbird email to Office 365. In addition, learn how to import Thunderbird emails using a step-by-step manual and professional procedures.


  1. What is the best way to import MBOX files into Office 365?
    You can quickly and easily import MBOX files into Office 365 using the software. Simply follow the steps outlined below:
    Installing and launching the MBOX to Office 365 Migration tool is straightforward.
  2. To add a new item to the ribbon bar, click on the Add button.
  3. The “Add MBOX File” window will appear; select the appropriate option to add a folder or a set of files.
  4. Check the subfolders for any errors. “Export in Office 365” is selected as the export type, and the credential is entered in the “Target Selection.”
  5. For the filter criteria, there are three options: “Subject,” “From,” and “To.”
  6. Now, select the Export option from the drop-down menu.
  7. This will allow you to determine the current status of the process.
  8. Following these steps will allow you to easily migrate your MBOX mailbox to Office 365.

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