Mission: Impossible Movies Ranked – From The 1996 Original to Fallout

Mission: Impossible is the most famous film series in the spy genre. The most iconic and popular actor Tom Cruise is playing the role of an agent, Ethan Hunt. Tom Cruise is also the producer of this movie, along with its lead actor. He is an agent of the Impossible Missions Force (IMF). It was the most famous movie series among the fans based on spy stories.

The first part of the film series was released in 1996, Mission: Impossible followed by Mission: Impossible 2 in 2000; Mission: Impossible III in 2006; Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol in 2011; Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation in 2015, and Mission: Impossible – Fallout in 2018.

Here we will discuss the rankings of all the movies mentioned above.

Mission: Impossible II

Mission: Impossible II was the most famous film among all other films in this series. It was directed by John Woo and released in the year 2000. It was the highest-grossing movie of the year. Fans liked the recognizable masks of Tom Cruise, the location of the movie, etc. This film gained considerable fame and popularity soon after its release.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was also a super-hit film of the Mission: Impossible series. It was directed by Brad Bird and released in 2011. The best and eye-catching part of the film was when Tom Cruise climbed the great Burj Khalifa. It was a time-consuming scene but was very entertaining and defined the dedication of Tom Cruise – doing such dangerous tasks just for the entertainment of the fans. If we talk about the loose points of the film, it started with the destruction of CG Kremlin and ended with a fight scene with CG again.

Mission: Impossible III

Mission: Impossible III was the third part of this famous film series. It was directed by J.J.Abrams and released in 2006. This movie was full of action and thriller. In this movie, fans got to know the personal nature and mindset of Ethan Hunt. This film was an excellent addition to the Mission: Impossible series.

Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible was the first movie of the series. It was a very different addition to the genre of spy, and people liked the concept and the actions by Tom Cruise. This film was produced by Tom Cruise himself and released in the year 1996. It was the first film from where fans started calling Tom Cruise – Ethan Hunt. Since it was the first movie with a new concept and new faces, thus it is still one of the best movies out of the remaining five others.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is the fifth film in this series. It was directed by Christopher McQuarrie and released in 2015. The best scene of the film was the starting scene where Tom Cruise was clinging to the side of a taking-off plane. The Mission: Impossible movies are full of stunts, action, thriller, suspense, and emotions. This is the reason why this series is the most popular series among all others. Even the quality of the actions executed by Tom Cruise in a spy genre movie can quickly overtake James Bond.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the last part of the Mission: Impossible series on today’s date. It was also directed by Christopher McQuarrie and released in 2018. According to the reviews and fan’s theory, Fallout has been ranked last in the race of best Mission: Impossible films. It has happened because it seems that the makers of the movie have stretched the story further, which is of no use. But still, the film had many eye-catching scenes, like the helicopter chasing scene, the 106 HALO jumps, etc. It has also evolved the character of Tom Cruise. This film includes a maximum emotional part as compared to all other parts of the Mission: Impossible series.

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Source: Mission: Impossible Movies Ranked – From The 1996 Original to Fallout

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