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Mississippi home buying process explained

Are you considering buying a property in MS? What should you know about this process and how to buy a house? Mississippi home buying process may be confusing if you are buying a home for the first time or if you are not from MS and you are not familiar with the MS real estate market.

Why Mississippi?

Purchasing a property (anywhere) is a big financial decision and a big investment. This is why you need to know everything when buying a house. If you are considering moving to MS and starting a new life, then, buying a house may be the perfect solution for you. And your family too. Pros of living in Mississippi are:

  • Low costs of living
  • Education opportunities
  • Moderate traffic
  • Charming outdoors
  • Southern hospitality
  • A sense of community

These are the most important points every future homeowner must consider before starting with the Mississippi home buying process. You are planning long-term in this case and every aspect must be carefully considered. Especially if you’re deciding for the whole family.

Housing in Mississippi

There are so many reasons to put down roots in Mississippi and if you are planning to stay here for a longer period of time, you should invest in a home. Since here housing is affordable – the median home value is $125,800 while the rent is $1,000 which is a lot cheaper than the US average. But keep in mind that the housing prices will grow by about 3.5% over the next year.

A house symbolizing Mississippi home buying process.
The real estate market in MS depends on the city where you want to buy a house, of course.

Every city is different and has different home prices. But, overall, you should not spend millions to find a dream house in MS. Most homes in MS cost between $111,850 and $224,000. 66% of residents own a home in MS and a single-family home is one of the most common types of homes here. If you need a bigger place and you are not able to expand your home, then one of the solutions is to move to a new home. There, you can start a new life.

Best places in Mississippi to buy a home

Mississippi is not a small state and it has a lot of places to offer that are perfect for home buyers. The first step when buying a property is to choose a location. Where you will live depends on your lifestyle, priorities, job, kids’ school, etc. Here are some places in MS to consider as your home. All of these places are affordable and safe.

  • Madison
  • Cleary
  • Brandon
  • Pearl River
  • Lucedale
  • New Hope
  • Pontotoc
  • Gulf Hills

Before making a final decision explore the places you shortlisted, in person. Spend a few days at each location to get a feel of the local lifestyle. That is the best to check if everything you discovered online about the place is true and to your liking. If possible, take your kids with you. Getting familiar with the new area will help them adjust after the move.

Mississippi home buying process

What to consider when buying an apartment or a house and what does the Mississippi home buying process include? Here are some steps to follow when buying a property. Don’t hesitate to ask experienced, licensed experts for help and piece of advice at any part of the process.

Check your finances

How much money do you plan to spend on your future home? Yes, homes in MS are not expensive, but still, you need to create a detailed budget. Check your credit score, calculate down payment, closing costs, etc. Also, think about moving costs as those are very important but easily overseen.

An image of a house and stacks of coins.
Save enough money for buying your home in MS and explore the real estate trends in advance.

Choose the right place for you

Make sure to choose a good place in Mississippi where to buy a house. It should be near your job and the kids’ school. Decide if you want to live in the city downtown, suburbs, or in a more rural area. It depends on you and your family’s needs and preferences.

Find a real estate agent in Mississippi

By hiring a local real estate agent, you will have a better picture of what Mississippi has to offer you. Also, they may offer recommendations for other services like lawyers, lenders, movers, etc. A good real estate agent in MS with experience will find you a perfect home quickly and help you with the Mississippi home buying process in general.


Always get pre-approved for a mortgage (you need to have a mortgage pre-approval letter). If you don’t have this letter, some homeowners won’t show you a house because they don’t find you serious or financially ready to put in an offer. The absence of pre-approval can put other home buyers before you and cause you to lose a home you like.

Start house hunting and make offers

House hunting is a fun part of this process. After seeing a couple of homes, make the final decision. Make a list of priorities and write down all the pros and cons of a home. Make sure to take into account the needs of all your family members. Especially if you have pets. By doing this you will ensure that everybody is happy and has a little part of the home to call their own.

Inspect your potential home

Don’t ever buy a home without inspecting it first. Check the roof, electric installation, water, walls. Hire a professional who will help you with inspecting a home before buying it. Sometimes, irresponsible sellers mask serious structural issues by repainting or making small cosmetic fixes. However, after a while, leaks and cracks in the walls and foundations show up, and you can’t do anything but conduct expensive repairs by yourself. If inspection shows any irregularity you can deal with the seller or give up on the home purchase entirely.


Be prepared to sign a ton of paperwork when closing a deal. Also, your agent should explain to you every document before signing. Take into account the closing costs, too. Sometimes you can deal with the seller and split the closing costs. It is worth negotiating anyway.

Moving household items to a new home in MS

After buying a house, it is time to transport all your belongings to a new home. So, how to do it safely and fast? According to Spyder Moving, one of the best solutions is to hire a professional moving company in MS. They will transport all your household items safely and efficiently.

A man holding home keys on an open palm ends the Mississippi home buying process.
Always rely on licensed professionals during the home buying and moving process.

In essence, you need to know how much money you can spend, what size of home do you need, choose a location, and start exploring. Know all the measurements before moving your furniture or buying a new one. Measure doors, ceiling height, room size, hallways, etc. Unpack as fast as possible and relax after this long and exhausting process.

A few final notes on the Mississippi home buying process

Mississippi home buying process may be complicated at first, but with a reliable and experienced real estate agent and with a little bit of researching, you will know how to manage it like a pro. The only thing remaining is to decorate your house, invite friends and family to come over, and throw a party. This is one of the best ways to relax and celebrate moving to a new home in MS.

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