Morocco Best things to do

Best Things to do in Morocco

Best Things to do in Morocco



In ancient times, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and the Romans ruled there, and in the Middle Ages and Modern times, the Arab states of the Maghreb had to endure several waves of European expansion. Modern Morocco is a synthesis of cultures, a melting pot where Islamic traditions are intertwined with the beliefs of the Tuareg nomads and the legacy of the French colonists.

Many architectural sites in Morocco, even entire neighborhoods of ancient cities in the country are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are a variety of tourist destinations: from beach holidays on the coasts of Agadir, Tangier and Casablanca to hiking in the Atlas Mountains. The forts, mosques, palaces and museums of Fez, Marrakech and Rabat also draw many travelers. You can do the 3 days tour.


The medina is the oldest part of the city and is surrounded by a thousand year old wall. This is the quintessence of Morocco’s culture and traditions, its history and essence. Here are the famous Djema el-Fna square, the Ali Ben Yusuf mosque, the palace of the Grand Vizier Palais Bahia and luxurious sultan’s tombs. In the maze of narrow streets of the medina hides artisanal workshops and shops, and at night there are musicians, delighting your ears with the melodic sounds of rebaba.


In the twelfth century, under the rulers of the Maghreb, the Almoravids, Fez became the cultural and religious center of North Africa. The Bab Dekaken and Bab Boudjeloud gates, erected centuries ago, still guard the entrance to the ancient part of the city. The muezzin of the Karawin Mosque calls the faithful to prayer. As ten centuries ago, the dyers’ market bustles here, and men with gray beards drink Moroccan mint tea and engage in unhurried conversation.


One of the most beautiful cities in Morocco – Chefchaouen – is able to captivate any tourist at first sight. Its architecture has preserved its original appearance since its founding, so it seems as if the time itself is frozen in the stone facades, mosaic arches of windows and paved squares. Virtually all of the city’s walls are painted in piercing shades of blue and blue, creating a whimsical play of light in the narrow, picturesque streets.

In Phoenician and Roman times the city of Essaouira was an important point of maritime trade. Caravans arriving from the Sahara and ships arriving from distant countries stopped here. Its name means “how beautiful” in Arabic. Today, tourists come to Essaouira to taste the delicious dishes in the fish restaurants, visit museums and exhibitions, go surfing and attend the Gnaoua Festival of expressive music.


Built in the 11th century to protect the caravan route from Marrakech to Timbuktu. By the mid-twentieth century, this trade route had lost its importance. The population gradually left Ait-Ben-Haddou, and the fortress became a favorite location for shooting Hollywood epics. Scenes from “Lawrence of Arabia”, “The Pearl of the Nile”, “The Mummy”, “Alexander”, “Gladiator” and other famous films were filmed here.


The grandiose Sahara is like another planet. Billions of tons of sand on millions of square kilometers of land. It is like a giant living organism, moving, breathing and constantly conquering new lands. A jeep tour deep into this harsh desert will be an unforgettable adventure for anyone. During the exciting journey through the Sahara. Tourists will experience incredible races through the sand dunes and encounter the nomadic Berbers.  You can either hire a car to get to the desert or you can check one of the travel agencies in Morocco that offer Fes Desert Trips as it is the most city were to start a tour.


The spicy aromas of Arabian cuisine envelop and mesmerize, like a dance of an oriental beauty. Couscous, harissa, tagine, chickpea soup. Harira are just a few examples of the incredibly delicious and hearty dishes traditionally served in Morocco. The sweets worth mentioning are bushkutush ginger biscuits and shbakia honey pie.


In this amazing city, Arab civilization mixed with Western civilization. For a long time, Tangier stood apart from the rest of Morocco. European and American artists, writers, and other creative people came here, creating a free-spirited, bohemian atmosphere. There are many sandy beaches in and around the city where you can sunbathe in the beautiful scenery.


The powerful Atlas range, stretching from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean coast, crosses the territory of Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. To the south, the mountain range rests against the relentless and incessant sands of the Sahara Desert. The narrow Todra Gorge is one of the most impressive parts of the Atlas Mountains. Its steep cliffs at their narrowest point are no more than 10 meters apart. During the day, the walls of the canyon change color depending on the position of the sun.


The ability of Arab traders to sell anything at the best price has been legendary for centuries. In the colorful bazaars of Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier, Casablanca and Agadir, you can compete with them in this skill. Moroccan markets are a veritable treasure trove of rare spices, traditional ceramics. Elaborately woven carpets, antiques, oriental delicacies, jewelry, and a thousand other useful items instead of gold coins and emeralds. For a big itinerary in Morocco that will allow you to discover the most attractions, many people do the 10 days Morocco tour from Casablanca because it is long and you can discover not only the desert but also the cultural economy.

Morocco Travel Guide

There you have the top 10 attractions to visit in Morocco. Now that you know where to go, what are you waiting for? If you have any other questions or think that we missed something, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you! Here is a handy resource that tells you the.

Food must-try in Morocco  :

If you’re heading to Morocco for vacation. Know that you’re in for a gastronomical treat. The food of Morocco ranks high on lists of the world’s best cuisines and is well worth exploring. You won’t be disappointed with the incredible variety, exotic seasoning, and innovative ingredient combinations that await you.

The following slides feature five famous Moroccan foods to seek out in restaurants and in Moroccan homes


1 euro is about 10 Dirham’s; Using a debit card at an ATM is often the easiest and cheapest method. In any case we suggest to our Clients to inform their bank before you travel if you intend to use a card, to stop them declining any transaction as an anti-fraud measure.

How to take a Sahara desert Adventure in Morocco? 

You can go on a 3 Days desert tour from Fes to Marrakech with Overnight in desert camp & Camel trek, Atlas Mountains, Visit the highlights of southern Morocco.

Morocco is the gate of Africa,

Morocco Overview :

Morocco is a land rich in natural beauty. And unforgettable places that are both fascinating to visit and intriguing to explore. For those who want to immerse themselves in Moroccan culture and history, there are hundreds of mosques. Palaces, and historical sites to visit.

Some of the favorites on our list include the ancient city of Asilah. The Grottoes of Hercules, and the El Bahia Palace. Equally memorable is the Moroccan landscape and its framed by several impressive destinations such as the Sahara Desert and stunning mountain ranges such as the High Atlas. The Chefchaouen Mountains, and the Oregano Mountains, which offer outdoor activities such as snow skiing, hiking, climbing, and adventure travel.

For travelers wanting the relaxation of seaside towns and beaches, the Moroccan coast is home to spectacular fishing villages such as Dakhla and swimming beaches such as Plage Quemada and Lalla Fatma.

 Marrakech :


Marrakech is truly the city of entertainment in Morocco. In the center of Marrakech is a square, Djemaa el Fna, which is the operating point for entertainers such as acrobats, drummers, dancers, pipe musicians, comedians, and storytellers. There’s plenty of choice for meals, including the Djemaa el Fna food stalls, many inexpensive cafe-restaurants, and a number of up-market palace-restaurants that offer Morocco’s traditional cuisine at its very best. Marrakech is the gate of Day trips from Marrakech.

 Sahara Desert  Morocco:

The Sahara is the world’s largest desert. Only a small part of the Sahara is fertile and it is here that corn, dates, and other fruits grow. These parts are fed by underground rivers and oases. The Sahara can be an inspirational experience at night, with the air being crisp, clean, and clear and the stars being so close you can almost touch them. Popular activities in the Sahara include sunrise and sunset camel rides over the dunes, sleeping out under the desert skies, ATV/4X4 trips, visiting traditional Berber villages, dune-boarding.


Called Fes Or Fez, One of the largest cities in Morocco, its medina is the world’s largest car-free urban space, & Also known as One of the fascinating imperial cities in Morocco.

Fez is an extraordinary city that travelers should visit at least once a time in their Lifetime to explore its attractive sights and sounds.

Fez known as The Spiritual Capital of Morocco hides the major Cultural & intellectual center inside.


Ait Benhaddou is 19 miles northwest of Ouarzazate on the west bank of the Wadi Mellah and the Ouarzazate river. It is a ‘fortified city’, or ksar, and its location is on the former salt, gold and ivory carrying caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech. The city became a UNESCO Heritage site in 1987 and is viewed as a ‘striking example of the architecture of southern Morocco.

Ourzazate city :

Ouarzazate has stood at the edge of the Sahara desert for hundreds of years. A city of palm trees, sandy streets, and blocky, fort-like buildings, this is Morocco seen in a hundred movies. The name Ouarzazate comes from the Amazigh for ‘quiet place. And compared to many of its fellow Moroccan towns and cities, there is a certain calm to be found here. Inside its walls, you’ll find new hotels and complexes. Plus film studios that have made the most of their photogenic location. Outside the city is the reason most people come to Ouarzazate: the stunning Sahara. Take a trek out to the nearby villages and kasbahs, see the breathtaking Todra Gorge, and marvel at one of the world’s great natural wonders.


Dades gorges & Todra gorges/Roses valley:


The Dades Gorge in the valley of the roses and the Todra Gorge provide some of the most spectacular scenery of the south of Morocco. These are fertile valleys where roses bloom in profusion in the Skoura and El Kelaa des Mgouna oases and where a large part of Morocco’s rose and rose water production occurs. The Dades Gorge runs from Ouarzazate and stretched 100 miles to the east to Tineghir oasis and the Todgha Gorge. It is a scenically beautiful section of the Dades River valley separating the Atlas Mountains from the Anti Atlas.

The Gorge is best known for mesmerizing scenery and the Kasbahs set precariously amongst it overlooking the river below. Gravity-defying rock stacks in all shades of red look as though they’ll crumble in front of your eyes and are deeply cut by gullies created by the persistent action of the river and weather. Todgha Gorge is a canyon in the eastern part of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, near the town of Tineghir. Both the Todgha and neighbouring Dades Rivers have carved out cliff-sided canyons on their final 40 kilometres through the mountains. The last 600 metres of the Todgha gorge are the most spectacular.



Rabat is home to the Moroccan government as well as a hub of traditional cuisine and architecture and much more. Well worth a visit! The Ville Nouvelle has beautiful modern French-built hotels. For a capital city, Rabat is very quiet and offers a number of excellent restaurants, clubs and pubs.

Rabat is the second biggest city after Casablanca. It is famous for its many historical monuments, luxurious carpets and rich embroidered goods. A good thing about Rabat is that you can easily explore the city on your own without the help of a guide. This gives you time to chat with locals in the cafés who do not depend on the money of the tourists.

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