Most Useful File Manager for Your Android TV

Google contributed to the creation of Android TV – a TV that works on the Android operating system that can be connected with a set-top box, soundbar, and digital media players. An Android TV supports voice input for commands and features a universal search across multiple services. Some devices also support the Google Voice Assistant. It commonly supports Google Play Store, including media apps and games, but unfortunately, the TV supports only a bunch of apps. But you can download the apps in APK files and arrange everything in files and folders. Again, most of the Android TVs don’t have a File Manager or Explorer from where you can find everything in seconds.


But one can easily install and use a third-party file manager on their Android TV. Following are some of the most reliable File Managers for your TV:

X-Plore File Manager

It is a dual-pane explorer app that shows two folders at a time. All the standard operations such as copying files, etc. are done from one pane to another. You can check the folder hierarchy in a tree view for clear orientation and switch the location. It enables you to explore the internals of your TV, and if you’re a power user who has their device rooted, then you can tweak the system data. Standard users can hide the internal memory from view. You can see, run, copy, share, uninstall, and explore installed applications. It enables you to access files on your Android device from other Android devices over Wi-Fi. It offers a bunch of other unique and secured features for configuration.

AnExplorer File Manager

This file manager allows you to cut, copy, delete, rename, compress, and extract the files from your TV. It will categorize all your files into different folders so that you can access everything in no time. You can also bookmark your favorite folders for quick access. This app is available on various devices other than an Android TV. You will also find the files from your pen drive, flash drive, USB OTG, etc. with support from the FAT file system. It supports the Storage Access Framework and allows you to copy & paste between all the storages.  Transfer files from your phone using the FTP servers. You can check and tweak files from the Cloud storage as well. Its other features, like file rooting, Chromecast file management, etc. makes it one of the best apps.

Total Commander

Check two panels at a time, share files to another Android TV, check directory history, and more on Total Commander. Using this app, you can copy and move whole sub-directories, drag & drop the files, rename, and create new directories, and more. It is one of the highly rated and trusted apps. The built-in features of the app allow you to see the list of installed apps on your device. You can quickly look for the functions from the search bar, and select them in any manner for your convenience. It includes a lot of plugins for various cloud services as well. Even visually impaired people can optimize the settings as per their requirements.

File Explorer

It is the most simple and easy-to-use app that doesn’t offer fancy features, such as cloud storage support, network connectivity, etc., like the other apps on this list. You can use this app only to see your files. This file manager is great for people who want to sideload APK files, and don’t require multiple features. On the app, you will find a separate tab dedicated explicitly to the APK files on your Android TV. The File Explorer app can also read any connected storage devices. So, you will get to see all the contents and details of the files available in your expanded storage or an external hard drive. Using a file explorer will give you a sense of control over all the apps and files available on your Android TV. You will also save a lot of time finding a specific app. If you don’t find yourself impressed by any file manager app or want to try something extra, then connect your TV with your PC to manage the files.

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