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Moving, living and working in London: The complete guide

Moving to live in London is the dream of many young people who leave in Asia by the thousands every year to reach the English capital. And if you are reading this post, it is surely because you did it too!

But what is driving so many people to the British city?:

Surely one of the main reasons is the idea that it is easy to find work in London, but not only. The English capital has a very special charm that perhaps derives from being the crossroads of many lives from all over the world. Let us not forget that London is the financial heart of all of Europe and at the same time it has always been the home of civil rights.

Moving to London isn’t impossible if you know how to do it!:

With the increase in migratory flows lately things are changing a bit in a restrictive sense, but if you are really determined to do so also facing a very competitive society and adapting to a lifestyle very different from ours (never heard of English food ?), then below you will surely find all the information you will need.

Moving to London in Search Of a Better Life:

Moving abroad is almost always the search for answers to personal dissatisfaction with one’s current life. Therefore, I recommend that you, first of all, reflect on what aspect of your life you would like to change by going to live in London.

Emigrating to London (or any other country) actually makes sense if you have a clear idea of ​​what goals you want to achieve! Otherwise, the difficulties you may encounter could be really difficult to overcome.

If your goal is to go to work in London, you should know that the English capital is hungry above all for highly specialized figures. For other roles, although there is a lot of demand, the competition is really too high: to find low-level jobs much better than turn to smaller cities like Manchester or Leeds, which also have a much lower cost of living.

Of course, it is always possible to find work in London in some bar, restaurant or pub, but always and only if you can speak English and are willing to work hard day and night.

In addition to offering significant opportunities and being an extremely meritocratic city, in London you will also find a daily life full of stimuli, easy and efficient public transport travel and a lively cultural offer with great availability of entertainment venues …

If all this sounds good to you, well then London is for you!:

How to move to London: 5 things to do before leaving you have already thought about your goals and are really convinced that you want to go to live in London, then here are the 5 things you absolutely must do before leaving:

Prepare for departure in advance: anticipate the moves, look for a house, find a job, gather all the information necessary for your transfer to be successful in advance. when you arrive you will already have an edge.
Learn the language! Moving to London without knowing a word of English is definitely not a good idea. Unless your knowledge of the language is already pretty good, take an intensive English course so you can move around on your own once you’re there.

Save, save, save: as already anticipated, the cost of living is quite high and, especially if you don’t find a good job right away, the money will fly away in no time at all.

Translate your CV into English: but beware, the Europass CV is frowned upon in England, as it is too complicated and bureaucratic. If your CV is in Europass format, then it’s best to make a new one.
Try to make contact with someone locally. Once you get there, you will be completely alone! Unless you’ve thought about it before 😉
What if instead of moving to London hoping to find work, you immediately started working to create a profitable business?

Finding a home: where to live in London:

If you are going to work in London, of course, you will also need to find a home to live in.

There are a lot of agencies specialized above all in welcoming foreigners and you will have to decide whether to find a single apartment or maybe share it with other guys, perhaps compatriots or guys from other parts of the world. In any case, finding a home here is fortunately not a big problem, since there is always a large availability of apartments for sale in London.

But how do choose a house to stay in London?

If you want to save money, one option is definitely to share rooms and accommodations with other boys and girls. This could also help you adapt better, meet people and maybe even find new opportunities … You can get an idea even before you leave by visiting one of the sites that offer houses for rent in London: there are many, but the most used are Gum Tree and Spareroom.

In order to have the opportunity to find a home in London in complete tranquility. An alternative solution to living in London for short periods without becoming poor could be to find a place in a hostel, certainly cheaper than a hotel (on average 15 pounds per night).

Moving to London: Useful tips:

Having clarified the objectives and made all the preparations, let’s now see how to move to London.

The first useful piece of advice as already mentioned is to prepare yourself well before leaving. This advice is generally valid for any move abroad, but there are places where it is really necessary to have a plan because the cost of living is so high that you would risk spending all your savings even before realizing something concrete. and London is one of them.

Preparing well essentially means getting information, looking for accommodation, looking for a job, and certainly arriving at your destination with a good command of the English language. In short, it is necessary to abandon that typical Italian mentality. …

Nothing more wrong!

The British are precise and London is a very competitive city. It is true that London offers many opportunities, but if you are not up to it, there will be someone else more prepared to seize them for you! Finding work in London is not difficult, but the Anglo-Saxon mentality is very different from ours and it is good to prepare in advance to adapt if you do not want to face disappointment.

Moving to London: necessary documents:

Among the useful information to know in advance, surely one is the one concerning the documents for working in London. Fortunately, with the entry into force of the European treaties. The bureaucracy has been much simplified, and the National Insurance Number is now clearly the most important document for moving and working in London.

The NIN would be the equivalent of our tax code and it is absolutely essential to work in England in compliance with the permits. To get it you can easily make an appointment already from Italy by calling or writing an email to the Job Center Plus. So you may think about it when you’re well ahead of schedule with your departure preparations.

For the release you will be asked to show a valid identification document, you will have to undergo an interview in which they will probe the reason for your transfer to the UK and finally you will have to fill in a simple form with the requested data.

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