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Mulan to Be Released in Theaters and on Disney+ in September

Mulan to Be Released in Theaters and on Disney+ in September

Inspired by the Chinese folklore “The Ballad of the Mulan” and Disney’s 1998 animated film, Mulan is an action drama film which was all set to be released this year in March. But because of the pandemic, the release has been stalled twice since then in July and August. But recently Disney came out to make it official that the much-anticipated movie will be released this September in theatres and Disney Plus simultaneously.


Disney Plus will allow its subscribers to rent the movie for $29.99. This has to be paid in addition to the $6.99 subscription fee for Disney Plus. There are also speculations that Disney might allow non-subscribers to rent the movie as well but it’s not official yet. The $29.99 price is only for the US subscribers and it might vary depending on location. The movie will be available from 4th September, if everything goes according to the plan and there are no further delays.

The movie was delayed indefinitely last month while other Disney movies like The New Mutants and Black Widow are planned to be released on their respective release dates in the month of August and November. The global health crisis has also fueled the crisis in all other sectors, entertainment being one of them. Movie delays have become the norm. So, in these desperate times, there has been a need to innovate and think outside the box in order to ascertain that the delays don’t lead to greater financial loss.

Disney’s plan to release Mulan on Disney Plus seems like a desperate attempt. The company, aware of the past delays, is taking a chance with online release along with the theatrical release. The Walt Disney Chief Executive Officer recently made it clear that the movie is only a one-off experiment and the company is not going to immediately start releasing other movies too in this fashion.

The movie is all set to be released on Disney Plus and in theatres on September 4th. Even though the release is a desperate attempt, if the movie is able to run successfully both online and in theatres, it might become a paradigm-shifting event for the movie industry. We might see theatrical releases in future along with simultaneous online release becoming the norm. Disney is hoping that its one-off experiment works out. September is going to be a big month for Disney and potentially the movie industry as well.

Source : Mulan to Be Released in Theaters

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