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My Hero Academia: Gigantomachia and the Disconcerting Possibility of a Massacre

My Hero Academia: Gigantomachia and the Disconcerting Possibility of a Massacre

The Heroes in my Hero Academia are fighting a tough war as they are up against a powerful and well-prepared Paranormal Liberation Front. They have very few options as they are running out of people to tackle the task at hand. Time is running out, as they face the villains in an all-or-nothing face-off with millions of lives at risk. Villains have succeeded in overwhelming the heroes, but they are about to release a far greater threat to the life of millions of people in Japan. Gigantomachia is strong enough to even stand up against top pro-heroes’ combined forces, and now he is headed to destroy entire cities. If he succeeds, this will become the worst massacre to have ever happened in the world of My Hero Academia.


Mt. Gunga’s raid team’s efforts have been fruitless, as Gigantomachia is yet to be put down. Kamui Woods, Gang Orca, Mt. Lady, Midnight, Fat Gum, Edgeshot, Class 1-B, and much of Class 1-A have been unsuccessful at stopping the monster. Now, the failure is going to have grave consequences as Gigantomachia is about to ensue chaos in the cities of Wakayama Prefecture along with the region of Greater Kyoto.

The citizens of Jaku city are horrified when they hear the harrowing news they receive on their phones. Lida, Ochaco, and Tsuyu, who are there to rescue civilians and evacuate the town without their friends, are concerned when they realize that the comm signals are down. But when they also witness the news that has horrified civilians, they are left speechless as they can’t seem to put their helplessness into words.

The reporter on the news is Daikaku Miyagi, who is reading out a list of cities that are supposed to be evacuated because of a supermassive villain walking towards Jaku city. There are a total of nineteen towns listed by the reporter before the broadcast is inexplicably cut off. Lida, Ochaco, Tsuyu hopelessly stare at the mammoth task that stands in front of them. There is no way to help evacuate the whole town on their own; their powerlessness in the proportion of their task is evident. They would need to do a miracle to save the city’s people from the unstoppable monsters who have been able to defeat even top pro-heroes.

But their predicament is made even more even more depressing when Ochaco points out that Most heroes are away and won’t be available when called for help or backup. To face the threat of the Paranormal Liberation Front, the heroes have left their usual petrol routes, which means that there is no defense for the civilians in place right now as the Brobdingnagian villain approaches the city. The trio of Lida, Ochaco, and Tsuyu is in no position to either fight the monster who even top pro-heroes can’t stop or evacuate the hundreds of thousands of civilians in the city. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger as Gigantomachia is seconds away from wreaking havoc in an otherwise peaceful city. If Gigantomachia succeeds in reaching Jaku, it is beyond doubt that the casualties will be in hundreds of thousands. The situation looks bleak as no hero is in a position to do anything about it. The threat seems even more horrifying if the villain is able to reach the other 19 cities that are at risk as well. Then the casualties won’t be in hundreds of thousands, but millions as entire cities will turn to graves.

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