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My score is 457. Is it good enough to receive an invitation from Canada?

The most recent Express Entry Draw, which was the 211th, took place on December 10, 2021. This draw was only for candidates in the Provincial Nominee Program. Contact Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

Those with a cut-off score of 698 received 1032 ITA in the draw. This is December’s first Express Entry draw. Every month, Canada invites thousands of immigrants to apply for Permanent Residency.

Whether 457 is a good CRS score or bad, really depends on the program you are applying for. The list of the latest draws:


  1. Draw no: 211 held on December 10, had CRS score of 698. PNP.
  2. Draw no: 210 held on November 24, had CRS score of 737. PNP.
  3. Draw no: 209 held on November 10, had CRS score of 685. PNP.
  4. Draw no: 204 held on September 14, had CRS score of 462. CEC.
  5. Draw no: 202 held on August 19, had CRS score of 403. CEC.
  6. Draw no: 200 held on August 5, had CRS score of 404. CEC.

You can clearly see the pattern here. Candidates applying for CEC programs are able to get ITA with a CRS score of 457 or below.

But if you are applying for other programs like; Provincial Nominee Program, you need to have higher CRS scores. You must aim to get CRS score above 800 to be on the safer side. This is when you are applying for PNP.

Now, if you don’t have desired CRS score for ITA, worry not. There are many ways in which you can increase your CRS scores.

Let’s see some interesting points to increase Canada’s CRS score. But we before we hit that road let us learn a little about CRS.

What is CRS?

Canada use a points-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System to rank candidates in the pool (CRS). It chooses the top performers from the pool and invites them to apply for permanent residency.

Each round of invitations has its own set of instructions, which are as follows:

  1. Posted online at the time of the invitation round
  2. Used by the Express Entry system to invite candidates from the pool

The instructions for the same may be:

  1. Date and time of the invitation round
  2. The number of candidates that will get an ITA
  3. Know the immigration programs included

How is CRS score calculated?

Let’s have a look at the following case. You’ve completed your free assessment to see if you’re eligible for permanent immigration to Canada through one of the Express Entry-aligned programmes. So, you’ve created an Express Entry profile and received your CRS score… and now you’re waiting for the ideal moment to see if your scores will drop and if you’ll be invited to apply. You can take the help of Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

In general, this is what the majority of candidates who want to come to Canada do. They are just given an average CRS score and do not recognize that this is the wrong technique until the score is high enough to qualify for an invitation.

If you’ve taken a similar approach to your Express Entry profile, it’s no wonder that you’re not receiving any invitations, no matter how many Express Entry rounds are held each month. You should also be aware that unless you have made every effort to improve your score, you may not receive all of the points you are entitled to.

How does the CRS score work?

You might be missing out on a great opportunity to improve your rankings among the candidates under the Comprehensive Ranking System if you don’t improve and put in the effort.

While certain modifications or enhancements may not have a significant impact on your CRS score, even a small increase can make a big difference in your progress through the programme.

There are also some other options, such as Provincial Nomination, which can add 600 CRS points to your Express Entry profile and ensure that you obtain an invitation in a subsequent pool draw.

What can make me qualified to increase my CRS score?

Usually, there may be chances that you may not have claimed all of the potential points you can get. Now we’ll look at certain aspects of the CRS score assessment to make sure you’ve claimed all of the attainable points and considered all of the factors that pertain to your scenario.

  1. Add 15 points by having a sibling in Canada

The first thing to evaluate, and one of the most crucial elements in determining your CRS score, is whether you have a spouse, brother, or sister living in Canada as a citizen or permanent resident.

You can be related to each other through blood, adoption, marriage, or a common-law partnership. If you have any of the above-mentioned relatives in Canada, this alone will raise your CRS score by 15 points.

  1. Additional 50 points for Canadian Education

Candidates who are registered for the Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades stream can use this approach. Please note that if you are applying for immigration via the CEC or FSTC streams, you will not be required to submit an Educational Credential Assessment. Other applicants in the Federal Skilled Worker Class, on the other hand, are required to meet this qualification.

NOTE: This means that if you don’t claim the 200 CRS points that come with educational credentials, you’re throwing money away. Please keep in mind that the education factor is worth 150 points on its own, but can be enhanced to 200 points by adding another 50 points in combination with Canadian work experience and language proficiency.

How can I increase my CRS score for Canada?

You can now read our best recommendation or piece of advice for swiftly improving your CRS score. You can accomplish this in as little as a few weeks if you give it your all and put in your best effort to succeed.

  1. Consider retaking your language proficiency test

You can strive for this option if you want to maximize or receive all of the available points based on your language ability through the approved test, which is important advice to get your Express Entry profile position higher in the competitive range.

It’s worth noting that, depending on his language ability, a candidate can only acquire 260 CRS points on his own. Furthermore, if you are applying as a pair, you may be eligible for an additional 10 points based on your spouse’s language skills.

Gains in your CRS score can make a significant difference in your eligibility for an invitation to apply. Check language capability.

You are examined based on four factors:

a. Speaking

b. Writing

C. Reading

d. Listening

It’s worth noting that there’s a point or target in a language exam level, such as Canadian Language Benchmark Level 9, where the magic happens.

If you manage to get the following scores, then it will reflect CLB 9:

  1. Listening: 8.0
  2. Speaking: 7.0
  3. Reading: 7.0
  4. Writing: 7.0

Try adding more work experience

If you are currently employed outside of Canada and have fewer than two years of formal work experience, you should consider continuing your employment.

You may discover that having more job experience does not automatically give you more points when it comes to the human capital criteria.

If you are a candidate who is presently working in Canada on a work visa, however, continuing to work is even more vital because Canadian Work Experience will score you more points toward your Express Entry profile.

  1. Apply through available Provincial Nominee Programs

Get as many extra CRS score as you can. This will help you get the PR

Let’s take a closer look at the Provincial Nominee Programs, or PNPs.

The IRCC continues to increase provincial PNP funds. As a result, Canadian provinces can search the Express Entry pool for applicants who can match the province’s Labour market demands.

As a result, candidates selected by the province file an application for the Canadian Permanent Residence

Almost all provinces have begun to execute their Express Entry aligned Gülnar escort streams in unique and exciting ways in recent years.

While Ontario focuses on specific occupation groups, such as those in the tech industry, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have both created PNP streams for candidates in a variety of occupations that do not require a job offer.

  1. Apply for a job in Canada

To get a job offer from Canada clear the eligibility threshold. Apply for a job afterward.

Of course, when compared to prior advice, such as a provincial nomination, which can add 600 points to your CRS score, getting a job offer isn’t as beneficial as it once was. You will earn 50 CRS points if you accept a qualifying employment offer from a Canadian firm.

  1. Your spouse can contribute your CRS score to increase

If you plan to migrate to Canada with your husband or common-law partner, you should be aware that you can receive Kızkalesi escort certain advantageous points based on specific aspects of your spouse. Language proficiency, for example, is worth 20 points, whilst education level and Canadian job experience are worth up to 10 points.

It means that based on information or variables supplied about your spouse in your Express Entry profile, you can earn up to 40 points.

Please keep in mind Mezitli escort that submitting an application as a single candidate does not imply that you will not receive these 40 points.

Hope this is what you are looking for. If you have more doubts on this, you can always get in touch with Canada PR agency.


Why do you think people prefer Canada to be their second home? The main reason is that Canada offers huge range of benefits to its citizens. Whether you are a citizen of Canada or a PR, you will get treated equally. You can get your PR hassle free with the help of Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

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