NABH Certification – Process of Hospital Accreditation in India

Hospital Accreditation

An integral board of Quality Council of India is National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare, set up for demonstrating and operating accreditation programme for healthcare organizations. The board is structured to serve too much desired requirements of the consumers and to set standards for progress of health industry. The board while being supported by all stakeholders including industry, government, consumers has full functional autonomy in its operation.

Not only the clinical side features but the governance side features are to process driven based on clear and transparent policies and protocols. In short, NABH goals is to streamlining the entire operations of a hospital.

Steps One Should Follow for NABH Certification

  • Initially, hospital should go through micro-level survey of the existing system.
  • Manage awareness program for the staff and management team.
  • Make a steering committee and task force for documentation.
  • Identify and define process approach.
  • Define accreditation policy and establish objectives.
  • Quality management system documents should be prepared, patient care, hygiene control and infection control, as well as handbooks.
  • Provide training of all personnel and implementation in the use of procedures and formats.
  • Self-assessment of the system.
  • Instruct internal auditors.
  • Evaluate the system through first internal audit.
  • Take corrective actions for non-conformities.
  • Carry out management review meeting
  • Apply for NABH accreditation.
  • Avail pre-certification audit of NABH.
  • Suggestions given by NABH auditors take it as action.
  • Final audit by NABH auditors.
  • Corrective actions for the findings are submitted while NABH final audit of the assessors.
  • Get accredited by NABH.

Key Benefits for NABH Accreditation

  • NABH standards have facility for patient safety and reduction in errors.
  • Increased quality of care and importance to patient rights results in a greater patient satisfaction rate.
  • It ensures staff efficiency, accountability and adherence to Standard Operating Procedures
  • Accreditation bodies provide continuous support and training to accredited organization
  • Accreditation to a healthcare organization prompts continuous improvement.
  • It enables the quality care for organization in demonstrating commitment.
  • It also gives opportunity to healthcare units to benchmark with the best.
  • Accreditation gives access to reliable and certified information on facilities, infrastructure and level of care.

Key NABH Documents Requirements for Hospital Accreditation in India

  • Hospital Manual for all departments
  • Health and safety procedures
  • Process approach for hospitals
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Forms for Record Keeping
  • NABH audit checklists

Ensure you should follow through with proper implementation as per NABH guidelines. Your Hospitals or health care organization will surely see the benefits. Use the Readymade NABH Documents that helps you with achieved quick NABH Certification.

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