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Navigation Tools That Are a Better Alternative of Google Maps

Google has been ruling the software market, with a leading app in almost every arena. Be it search engine, phone software, or maps, and you will find a massive chunk of the population relying on Google. The most significant upper hand Google enjoys is that they are already prevalent, and people turn to all Google apps with blind faith. But there exist better apps to plan your trips and expeditions with. Here are some alternatives to Google Maps.
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  • MapQuest

Both Google Maps and MapQuest were launched around the same time and have always co-existed. The tool is available in both website and mobile app format. It can also be turned to your benefit because MapQuest lets you sync navigation plans on the website link and phone app. The layout and functioning of but Google Maps and MapQuest are almost alike with features like location tracking, GPS usage, route options etc. The app functions with high accuracy for purposes like traffic detection, degree of traffic, fuels cost estimations and also lets you get a satellite view. The app has better features as compared to Google Maps as it offers one button to access information and location of all the closest emergency points like the hospital, school, post office, parking and so much more.

  • Waze

The way the website is designed, it does not give a look of a web-based tool at all. The tool aims as acting as a supplement to the map experience, with options of routes, pin location option, pick and drop options and also goes to the extent of letting you edit your own map of any location. Waze can also be a lifesaver for people since one user can send other users information on traffic issues, warnings on natural hazards, bookmark fun locations, publish photographs, and so much more. But where it has its benefits over Google Maps, it also has its drawbacks. It is a little less detailed, the navigations seem to be slightly caricature-like, and the navigation tools seem inadequate at times.

  • Bing Maps

One of the biggest competitors that Google Maps has in the market is Bing Maps. But the good part about Microsoft’s Bing Map is that they did not attempt to copy the ideas employed by Google. The interface used is new and reformed, with the controls lined up at the top for ease of access and time-saving mechanism. The details on the maps are intricate with layers applicable. The modern approach of the interface makes it attractive and lets you save locations on a personal library. But one biggest setback Bing faces is that it does not come in a mobile app version. The trip planning option of Google Maps is absent, making it less attractive.

  • Here We Go

This navigation tool garners way less popular as compared to Google maps but has its own set of fun features. The mobile app of Here We Go is better known as compared to the website but the two are equally good in case you have a family trip coming up and want to be fully prepared to avoid all time snags. The app is fundamental to use, lets you navigate with ease and reach the destination with precise route details and much fewer distractions.

Source : Better Alternative of Google Maps

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