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New QuickBooks Online Payroll Line Up

QuickBooks Online now provides Cores, Premium, and Elite payroll options with the improved features. With Tsheets, you can access employee and HR services, automatic payroll and also time tracking in this version. And, this version has many different  advanced features. So, in this blog, we will discuss all general points that you have questions in your mind about the new QuickBooks Online Payroll Line Up. further, if you have any query then contact QuickBooks Help.

New QuickBooks Online Payroll Plans

Whether you wish to know which QuickBooks Online Payroll Plan suits your business or wish to get feature-related details, here is all the information. It is Core, Premium as well as Elite was released to certain users in October last year. As of 2020, it is available for all users.

  • QBO Payroll users can offer health benefits to their employees by registering for a group health insurance plan. This is an add-on service that only requires the user to Sign up via QuickBooks Online and access the Benefits tab. Elite comes with a Tax Penalty-Free Guarantee. In case you get a state, federal or local payroll tax penalty, team QuickBooks will help you resolve it and will also reimburse the penalty amount and interest up to 25 thousand dollars a year.
  • Time tracking is an integrated feature with the latest payroll lineup. In order to access Premium time tracking, you will require upgrading to QBO Payroll Premium and to access Elite time tracking, you will have to upgrade to QBO Payroll Elite.
  • If you have salaried employees and make use of direct deposit feature, you can easily enrol in Auto Payroll in Core, Premium, and Elite. You will get a notification before getting enrolled. You can also unroll from the service by using the Payroll Settings (gear icon) option available on the right-side.
  • In case, you do not want a client to be enrolled in automated tax payments and form filing, you can choose the manual option from outside the QuickBooks Online software.
  • If the account is not in good standing – does not have sufficient balance, the tax penalty guarantee will not be valid. So, make sure that the account does not fall in the NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) category.
  • You can easily downgrade to Core or Premium by simply calling our experts at QB Pro Solution.
  • You will not require migrating or re-entering any client or firm history. You will only require accessing the new features. There is no need to move to a new plan for taking advantage of the latest features.

Features Offered by the Latest QuickBooks Online Payroll Line Up 

  • Auto Payroll: It is available only when the company and employees set up is complete and all the employees are salaried & set up for direct deposit, bank verification. The company should not be located in multi-state and not hold for more than 6 months and enable online services.
  • Time Tracking: This service is for only Elite and Premium subscribers. You have to pay extra fees to avail this software
  • HR support: You have to buy a Premium and Elite subscription if you want HR Advisor Support. Those users or accountants do not avail this feature on the behalf of clients.
  • Elite on boarding: This feature is only available for the Elite users of QuickBooks Online Payroll.
  • Tax Penalty-Free Guarantee: In case you get a tax notice, send it to team QB within fifteen days so that the penalty gets covered. Other additional terms and conditions apply. Call a QuickBooks customer service professional to get more information about this feature.
  • Automated forms and tax: In case of state and federal taxes, the filing and payment of taxes are only available. It is required for the users in e-services. And you need to print the forms and upload them in proper local sites. The local tax filing and payments are not provided in the core subscription. You can only access this feature in QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium and Elite options.
  • Health benefits for your team: Firstly, you have to agree with the terms and conditions to access this feature. It is also the possibility of additional fees. Insurance coverage eligibility is not fully guaranteed and depends on the rules of the insurance carrier.


We have discussed all the possible problems rising in users’ minds. Ask any question if you have any queries or you have any problem related to QuickBooks Software or QuickBooks Online Login then, simply contact QuickBooks Phone Number to get assistance from QuickBooks. The experts of QuickBooks will provide you the effective solution that will help you to work on QuickBooks software.

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