NGO and charity logos which bring excitement back into fundraising

The world is constantly in need of help and numerous NGOs are carrying out crucial work for the benefit of their communities. How do you get your message out? Effectively design; appealing charity logos represent the very first stage towards helping your organization stand out and establish a relationship with supporters and donors.

The primary goal of your charity’s logo is to represent the purpose of your organization. It should match the brand’s visual identity and convey the values you promote and inspire people to act. The best logos for non-profit organizations are also visually appealing as well as timeless and adaptable to be use across different media like social media and fundraising mail.

Maybe your logo for your foundation requires some fresher design or you’re setting up an entirely new non-profit. In this article; we’ve compile examples of different types of nonprofit services . Use them to inspire your next style.

Let’s first take a look at some local nationally and internationally-focus NGO logos to find out the things that work and why.

IRL NGO logos and why they are effective

The YMCA has change its brand in 2010; resulting in an easier-to-remember logo. With more than 2700 locations across the US every location has the ability to create their own style in their color guideline to create a distinct identity while still remain on the same the same brand. The bright ; happy colors communicate the purpose of the non-profit organization: the development Technology  of youth; healthy living and social accountability.

World Wildlife Fund

WWF is one of the most well-known non-profit logos with pictures; in which they utilize an image as the focal point. Because it is the monochrome color scheme It’s extremely flexible and is able to be use across a variety of media. Positive (black) space offers sufficient definition to ensure that the viewer’s eyes will complete the picture and identify the panda instantly. The adorable panda is a focal point for the foundation’s goal to protect wildlife and nature.

The Happy Hippie Foundation

When it comes to foundation logos are concern; the Happy Hippie Foundation has got to be the funniest! The modify smiley face is a representation of that “Miley Cyrus brand” and draws the attention of the young target viewers. This logo clearly communicates her non-profit’s mission of rallying young people to combat the discrimination that is affecting homeless young people; LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable groups.

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Aggregate Space Gallery

Aggregate Space Gallery (ASG) is an artist-run; non-profit gallery and performance venue in West Oakland dedicate to the exploring and presenting of immersive art. They utilize a lettermark style that transform their initials into an stylized logo. The most enjoyable aspect is that the design can easily be adapt for various messages or updates using the negative and positive space; for instance; the time they moved to the new site. They have also come up with an innovative design for their stickers; base on the “Install the Unimaginable” tagline and cut up images from their previous installations.

Feeding America

The logo of the charity Feeding America is extremely simple; efficient and visually appealing. The stack of “I”s creating an ear of wheat quickly communicate the importance of food and the mission of tackling hunger across the nation. A logo that’s straight to the right.

St. Anthony Foundation

The St. Anthony Foundation logo is timeless and is a representation of their mission and their historical background. They have an emblem-like logo that is frame by a badge that conveys the historical aspect of their identity. The logo is tie to their roots as a religious organization that is base on an ethos reminiscent of St. Francis; and their purpose is to provide food; healing shelter; clothe; and improve the lives of people struggling throughout San Francisco.

A simple logo it can also be easily modify. For instance; during protests like the Black Lives Matter protests; they were able alter their logo’s color to black and post messages of solidarity with the black community during their fight for justice.

charity water

charity: Water’s logo for non-profit organizations is a stylish; contemporary style that clearly communicates their goal of providing safe and clean drinking water to the people of the developing world. It incorporates the visual element with the water Jug as the main image as well as it also includes the “charity: water” wordmark that refers to the unique stylized typeface that is the company’s name. The iconic logo can be use without the wordmark in a variety of ways; making it flexible.

City Youth Now

City Youth Now has a vibrant design that is connect to their mission of supporting children who are in their San Francisco Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems and provides services that foster stability; personal development; and the long-term viability. The arrow of the logo clearly shows movement and; if you ask me; it almost looks like a home. Are you able to see it too?

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America NGO logo is a simple ; yet distinctive design. Their logo can be called an “abstract mark”; which is a distinctive symbol that communicates a significant idea in an appealing shape. This Boys & Girls Club design refers to hands holding to signify support or mentorship in addition to their goal of helping youngsters to realize maximum potential and become compassionate; responsible citizens. With more than 4,300 clubs across America they all have the identical logo and provide the exact city and county that they serve.

Seva Foundation

Seva’s foundation logo embodies their mission by illustrating it that features two eyes and a swirls that resemble an a-bindi. Seva (pronounce Say-Va) is an Sanskrit phrase that means “selfless service to others.” They are a worldwide non-profit eye care company working with local communities to protect the sight of people and to restore it.

The logo you choose to use should represent the values of your charity and the goals you’re working towards. The reason why your logo should be adapt to the needs of your company’s needs. Here are some suggestions to help you determine what’s best for you.

Go green

Environment-friendly organizations usually have logos that have representations of trees; water or animals. They also use natural colors such as brown; blue; or green. This instantly makes a connection to nature; which is an excellent method for environmental nonprofits to communicate what they care about.

Think paw-sitively

Animal welfare charities put their animals in the spotlight; and there is no one who doesn’t adore cute dogs and majestic elephants? The use of animal silhouettes is an ideal method to simplify your logo while adding creative elements while at the same time.

Let colors speak

It’s good to consider the significance of colors when creating your logo. The colors yellow and blue are popular colors use for housing and social justice NGO logos. Blue symbolizes peace and wisdom while yellow symbolizes optimism. Red is a fantastic choice for expressing feelings of love and passion.

Ace the test

Health and education nonprofits typically concentrate on images of hands or people; and positive themes in their designs.

No matter which symbols you decide to use; be aware of your target audience. For instance when you work with children; you need a welcoming and sociable style; but when it comes to education or health there is a need for more sophisticate and secure design.

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Foundation logos for cultural and arts foundations typically are vibrant and incorporate images of music or art in order to communicate their purpose. Logos for charities that incorporate abstract shapes and designs could be ideal for these types of non-profit.And checkout more in Colourist logo  and their pages called write for us UI/UX  design

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