Nokri-Job Board WordPress theme 

Nokri-Job Board WordPress theme

Nokri – Job Board WordPress Theme is an advanced job board WordPress theme. It contains all the required features for creating a successful job portal website. Nokri is a complete and easy-to-use job listings website. Using Nokri WordPress Theme you can create a complete & fully Responsive job portal, career platform to run human resource management, recruitment, freelancing, or job posting website. A complete job board WordPress theme loaded with separate panels for employers and candidates. Panels are with convenient search filters both can manage and everything easily. Nokri WordPress theme has both android and IOS applications available. Get apps and take a step ahead of your competitors.

WordPress Job portal is a powerful theme for job portal. This Job Board WordPress theme  does not only create a job portal but it manages Job portal website very effectively. It is used for making online job board websites.

The WordPress Job portal allows its users to create an online platform for employment. Furthermore, this Job portal allows its user to either post any traditional job.

Furthermore, there are many filter options available for users to select their desire job.

Plus many plugins can be installed on these websites like the WordPress support chat plugin and WordPress live chat plugin.

WordPress support chat plugin gives a seedy and on-the-spot live chat option while WordPress live chat plugins allow users to have live chat option to solve their queries related to their jobs.

While on the other hand, any visitors can submit their application for any position posted earlier.

In short, these WordPress Job portals created with the WordPress theme connect employers with their workers from all around the world.

In return, all this can help the owner of the job portal earn hefty revenue. Plus, this benefit is in the form of commissions you get from both sides.

Previously all the jobs were posted in the newspaper. In the newspaper, there was no way a job hunter could message or have a chat with the employer.

But now, getting any information for a position on stiff Paper has become absolute. Besides, the Internet is accessible to almost everyone now a day.

So creating an online job portal is just like creating a separate Classified Job section in the newspaper where employers and job seekers can easily have a chat with each other with help of the WordPress support chat plugin and WordPress live chat plugin.

Furthermore, WordPress themes for the job portal support all the features mentioned above.

This WordPress theme for a job portal theme free comes in many types with different shapes and sizes.

These free WordPress themes for job portals come under the category of “online Job boards.” Indeed, this is where employers publish their job vacancies.

While on the other hand, workers or job seekers use Job board made by free word press job board free theme to find their dream job.

Indeed this is very helpful because many workers can easily find their related Job. Likewise, they can find a job that revolves around their area of study and expertise.


Features of WordPress Job portal

Plugin installed

Plugins are the mini software installed in theJob Board WordPress theme  These plugins are helpful to create a directory for jobs.

Here in this directory, both job applicants and employers are connected. Furthermore, additional features of these plugins are

1-profile builder

2-Resume builder

These two options help to create a professional resume for any registered users. Besides, it allows job applicant to find their desire job

While on the other hand, Employers can see their desire candidate simply by looking at their resume made my resume builder.

Plugin for live chat options can also be installed on all free WordPress themes for a job portal theme. These plugins include

WordPress live chat support plugin

WordPress live chat support plugin

Job listing

Creating a job listing on the WordPress Job portal is very easy.

Furthermore, users can easily create a different group of employers that are looking for a standard job.

In this way, users can create different categories of jobs. Plus, grouping like this make live searching very much more manageable. Indeed, this will help the admin of Job Portal to set filters for different jobs.

Additionally, the admin can charge for each Job listing.

Likewise, users can make their Home page layout customizable. In other words, you can set the design of your home page according to your liking

Contain records and support

Documentation and support that are built-in all WordPress Job portals during installation are just like a manual.

We get along with every machine we buy. Likewise, all the WordPress themes for the job portal provide documentation to their users.

Furthermore, in this documentation, all steps to install the theme for the job portal are given. Indeed, this will help purchasers to install the theme quickly and seamlessly. Additionally, there is also customer support available.

So if users get stuck at any point while using the WordPress theme, all they need to do is connect customer support.

Pre-Design Model website

A modern and clean design is significant for any job portal. Besides, it makes an excellent impression on the customer.

Apart from this, Good design is essential for a “good user experience’’. In addition to this, it depicts your brand message within seconds.

Keeping all these things in mind, all \ Job Board WordPress theme comes with the best design. These designs are available in the form of pre-design templates.

Furthermore, all of these templates are customize-able. Besides, you can change the design of your front page or any layout according to your liking.

Indeed, this is very economical as there is no need to hire professional theme developers.

Woocommerce option

Every Job Board WordPress theme has a woocommerce option installed in them. Besides, this function can help to easily monetize your Job board theme .

Google map integration

All of the WordPress Job portals may come with built-in maps.

These maps help to get the location of Job applicants and employers as well. Besides, in some cases, employers only hire applicants from specific areas.

So, this option is beneficial and essential for most Job portal users.

Benefits of using WordPress theme for a job portal theme free 

These themes are valuable tools for creating Job boards.

Advertising tools

Websites are created with on WordPress Job portal. In addition to this these websites are visited by millions of people on daily basis.

As the world has changed to global village thanks to the internet. Employers from all around the world can get their suitable workers only from these websites.

Further, these websites are equipped with many user-friendly options. All of this makes these websites perfect for different kinds of ads.

2-Features of resume database

All candidates need their resumes while applying for any kind of job. As we all know, that a perfect resume is vital in Job hunting. Many job seekers spend many dollars on making their resume professional.

Interestingly these websites have solved this problem.

As many job board websites created by WordPress Job portal have “built-in resume developer option in them”.

Following this feature, many of the job board themes have a resume scoring option. Certainly, this is according to anyone’s skills mentioned on their resume.

In Short Job seekers just need to sign up and upload their resumes. The online job board Wordpress theme  will let them know if any job related to their credential is published.

The employer can make his brand on Job boards theme

This helps many employers to create their pages. So basically on this page, they make their own company with its proper features.

Furthermore, creating this kind of page attracts many skilled workers that are best fit for work. Online job board like Glassdoor and LinkedIn also works in the same way.



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