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Online Classes, Online Learning, Where It All Began?

We all wish education would be the same since it is from the emergence of the COVID-19. Online classes’ flexibility and control over education are what every student wished for. Traditional education with boring hours of lectures is no more. Today, it is technology, students are being taught with the help of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). Such an astonishing change in education, from physical to virtual world, took no time. However, online class help students learn effectively and offer educators to develop strategies and ways to make the learning process more engaging and interactive.

Where It All Began?

I still remember learning about computers, their parts, and their history of it. It was remarkable to notice the evolution of computers from being gigantic to be able to fix in a table. But as we lived through the age, now we have computers in the palm of our hands, who imagined, I did not. The very same way education changed, in no time the whole system go remote and will stay the same because we found the way to make education the most effective and interactive.

However, we were fond of introducing technology and science in education – the sole purpose of getting educated is to make students aware and prepare for the future. For instance, I remember my teachers teaching me DOS and we were made proficient with that. The internet was not available back then so there was no web or application development, otherwise, the teachers would teach us.

Here it Began

In 1989, education started to reshape when the University of Phoenix started offering bachelor’s and master’s programs online to make the learning accessible to deserving ones. Consequently, the initiative impressed other educational institutes to begin online distance learning. Thus, the early 1990s was the beginning of the online education era.

Emergence Of Online Learning

Since the pandemic showed up and the fact that it is still here, online education became the only alternative to the closure of educational institutes and an end of the traditional education system. The educators and experts are trying to make online learning as effective and engaging as physical classrooms. In effect, brought Education Technology (Ed-Tech) and introduced tech tools that help online classes to be interactive and less boring. These technological tools and software can design and assess students’ exams, tests, homework, quizzes, and other interactive activities. Such a relief for the teachers and students!

Market Size of Online Learning

Many organizations are investing dominantly in the non-profit Ed-tech to offer youth and students to learn new courses and develop new skills in order to survive in the modern world of technology. Besides, the internet was yet not available to some areas but with COVID-19 shutting down the world, people realized its worth, and the availability of the internet spread wide. Everyone needed the internet, either to attend online classes or for some other reason. However, if we talk about the market size of online learning, one may get surprised by the spike up. In 2019 before the pandemic, the online learning market was about $145 billion worth. After the pandemic, it is expected to reach $375 billion by the year 2026, a rise of 14.6% CGAR (Center of Excellence for General Aviation Research).

Online Learning Is Evolving

Today, schools, colleges and universities are not the only platform for online learning, however, it has gone too far.  As stated earlier, Ed-tech organizations are offer MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in order to develop students’ personalities and multiple skills. During the pandemic, we all have seen millions of unemployment globally, thus, revealing to us the fact that one skill is insufficient. Therefore, many organizations are offering online courses besides the major subjects that a school or university offers.

Features of Online Learning

Other than the switch of physical classrooms to online classrooms, online learning itself changed drastically. First, teachers would upload an hour of her sitting in front of the webcam giving off the lecture. Now, these online classes are incorporated with fun activities and quizzes, implemented with technological tools like Virtual Reality (VR) to offer the students an immersive experience. Besides its effectiveness, online learning has become the ideal way of educating and learning because of its features like:

  • Less Expensive: Online courses are offered at a low price compared to school or university fees.
  • Cost-Effective: They are cost-effective in terms of commutation, buying new books and copies.
  • Multiple Skills: Students are offered to learn a diverse range of skills and develop digital literacy

among them.

  • Exposure:           Students can find various communities and groups of students with the same interests.
  • Self-Paced:        Online learning lets you control the pace of your education and enables you to take online classes wherever and whenever.
  • Higher Quality: The organizations offering online courses have the top talented educators in the world. Therefore, none can provide better quality education than them.

Future of Online Learning

Online learning or e-learning is brought in effect with the help of technology and its revolution. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to achieve anything out of it. So, thanks to technology!

However, it clearly states that the future of online erotik hikaye learning seamlessly depends on technology to connect the world virtually. Technological tools and online resources are the keys to bringing the world together in a virtual world of education. There is no doubt that the revolution in technology will evolve education and online learning correspondingly.

  • Collaborative and Peer Learning

Establishing different ways of interaction among the students and educators will make the learning active and effective. Gone are the days of the traditional system of a teacher giving off a lecture while standing for an hour. However, educators and students comprehend the situation and are promoting collaborative learning. Studies show that often students learn concepts with their peers making them understand. Doing so enhances collaboration and interaction.

  • Take Online Classes Anytime, Anywhere

Online learning is famous for its flexibility and self-pacing. Thanks to technology for enabling education at our fingertips, one tap away in our mobile phones. Besides, educational institutes mostly big names and other major organizations are offering online courses for the sake of developing a strong future for the students. These online courses offer students control over their learning, take my online class anytime and anywhere they wish.

Moreover, online learning is eliminating the burden of heavy bags that had books and textbooks, whereas, all you need now is a laptop/mobile/tablet to learn and gain skills.

  • Personalized Learning

Indeed, online learning is whole of a blessing to learners and educators. Additionally, blended learning has prompted teachers to offer students personalized learning. Thus, helped each student learn at his own speed that suits his abilities.

  • Answering Cheating

As tech tools are making an silivri escort announcement, they are also addressing the widespread cheating solutions available at online class help platforms. Proctor Testing and plagiarism tools available that will test the tests. However, these tools are currently expensive and technology is aiding to make it possible for every educational institute to adapt it.


All in all, it is always technology promoting education and education promoting technology, one way or another. However, technology not only motivates education among students but also makes it the utmost priority. Since technology is the future, its study can provide students with a şirinevler escort strong and profitable future ahead. The innovative change in the education system – online learning – provided a medium to broadcast education and learning worldwide.

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