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Computers and Technology

Optimizing Video Call API for Customer Service: Some Tips and Tricks

Introduction to video call solutions for customer service

The most frustrating experience for a customer is when there is no real agent available to address their queries. Such experiences influence their choice of brand.  Understanding this demand for personalized interaction businesses are now opting for a novel way to engage their customers-video chatting. 

In recent times, the returns on the investment of an entire live video call and chat function for customer service features (namely, chat API) have ensured high levels of conversational interaction and a satisfying User experience(Ux). Here are some of the ways in which voice and video call API are improving the connection between brands and target audience, brand experience, and lowering customer churn.

1. Minimizes agent touch points and resolves issues faster

Problem: According to researchers, nearly 33% of customers are agitated when they have to wait/ repeat their issues to multiple agents for a resolution.

Solution: Video chat for customer service is a direct one-to-one platform to address customer issues.

Representatives are able to identify the cause of the issue and present solutions instantly lowering the time lapses arising from the customer speaking to multiple agents. 

When an issue is very complex and technical in nature, a  live video chat platform is highly recommended. It is easier to resolve the issues efficiently on live video calls instead of telephone or text messaging or email. Several industry examples using live video chat solutions are jewelry websites and brands. It has allowed retailers to offer personalized services as a physical store purchase experience. Live video chat has enabled such retailers to combine the physical and virtual experience in delivering satisfying customer service consistently.

2.  Bring down the costs of customer service

Most often, customer frustration in not finding an effective solution in a specific amount of time results in 34% of churn. A quick and effective alternative to ensure consistent engagement is the live video and voice chat solution which ensures nearly 50% of the overall cause of customer service is cut down. This is possible because the life voice or video call ensures immediate assistance to customers and I request support and significant resolution. Therefore it overcomes all of the major issues- of long wait time, multiple agent communications, and low latency in issue resolution. 

Therefore, voice and video calls have a better ROI

  • The number of touch points that minimize customer support is optimized as the first contact agents are effectively able to offer solutions to customers.  This ensures higher availability of agents to address the next customer. Iterations are also minimized. 
  • Saving cost on customer services 

 Video chat API is able to offer rapid, simplified effective resolution to handle customer queries with minimal follow-ups. Therefore the overall cost of hiring the number of agents and the infrastructure for customer service is also minimized.

3. Optimize customer satisfaction and high rates of retaining customers 

The additional dimension of visual engagement that video call API has ensures that customer service is exemplary and of the highest quality, in any type of industry. Further, the overall satisfying experience that the client derives from co-browsing guides, ensures a physical approach to a digital experience. This is what differentiates video chat from email or phone call-based communications.

The overall satisfaction levels due to live video chat have steadily increased to 73% while it is 61% for emails and 44% via telephone.

Hence, video chat ensures customer support channels are available for a business in the following ways:

  • Helps in identifying issues at a faster rate, and at the first instance itself therefore finding effective responses is quicker.
  • Brings down the time taken in reaching out to multiple agents and touch points for contextual solutions.
  • Conversations can be customized and customers can trust the agents. 

The most effective use of video chat functionality happens when customers need solutions in real time for urgent issues. This method gives customers the ability to troubleshoot the issue or consider transactional queries and any type of complexities with assistance from professionals. The immediate response and the effective solution increase overall customer satisfaction.

In the marketing industry, the key metrics used to measure customer satisfaction scores or CSAT are NPS and CES. 

4. Gains higher brand equity 

The brand experience is critical to every customer. To deliver a positive customer experience, ensure customer loyalty and remain competitive businesses have found an answer in video chat and it helps in building trust, credibility and a secure platform for personalized engagement. 

When a customer is happy and satisfied there is a positive brand value impact. This is possible because the increase can lead to:

  • Customers when happy and satisfied are likely to buy the brand again and endorse the brand customers begin to trust the brand and are not afraid of long-term investment in the brand 
  • The satisfaction that a customer derives leads to advocacy and sharing the success story for word-of-mouth advertising. 

Eventually, all of these reasons will build the customer’s experience which bring the business higher brand equity. 

5. Auditing of video recording 

One of the main advantages of the video call recording is the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the customer service and receive further input for training the customer service agents. 

video call recordings during customer services are helpful in internal quality auditing and provide valuable input in the following ways:

  • Quality monitoring 

The conversations with the customers provide a reference and resolution point for agents and opportunities to improve quality. 

  • Agent performance

Managers can study the performance of agents and provide further training or enhance simulations to improve the customer experience. In-house agent training

One of the primary uses of call recordings for businesses to gain insights- the approach of the support team and the ways in which the customer conversations can handle. It also gives managers a way to ensure that teams continually improve their communication skills as well as their performance.

  • Personalized support 

This approach will ensure that the customer receives full support to resolve the issues and no aspects missed out by the agents.

6. Remote technical support

Especially for complex and technically advanced issues it’s very important that remote technical support is extended to customers. This can be introduced by way of allowing the agents to include a core browsing via Vidya video chat Technology. The entire support process will be enhanced and it will be more effective and easier for professional technical support experts to diagnose the cause of the issue and effectively resolve it at first contact itself.

The reason for its effectiveness is that the visual interaction that shares the complexity of the problem is evaluated at a faster rate and the agent is remotely able to guide in resolving the issue in an effective manner. The most important aspect of this feature is that the remote assistant software has to be good as well for video chat solutions to be effective. The gap between the agent and the customer can minimize using the virtual in-person, video chat to resolve issues instead of the voice-aided technical support that is currently in use.  

7. Enhance the customer service metrics

The use of video chat has appeared to be a magical solution for several types of customer-facing issues such as Complex technical issues and other aspects. The use of video call API has ensured that there are higher standards of user engagement and also improved business metrics because the KPI or Key Performance Indicators are largely influenced by the outcome of using voice and video chat APIs. KPIs used to measure the performance and functionality of a given business. 

For customer service metrics the use of video chat support can be measured as follows:

First contact resolution (FCR)

This metric is used to cap the time taken to respond to the customer.  A minimum lead time is fixed for resolving the issue over a video call. Additionally, there should be no escalation of the chat requiring a follow-up. 

Average Resolution Time (ART)  

The use of video chat in customer service has been a boon for businesses to improve the average resolution time which is also called the time between the first contact made and the issue being fixed. Whenever the resolution time grows or becomes very high, efforts have to be made towards improving and containing the time period. 

8. Customer onboarding using Product Demos

Using a video chat protocol agents will be able to hand-hold customers during onboarding, creating a conducive environment for the branding process. Considering that this is one of the most critical phases of customer service. It enhances the overall effectiveness in building relationships with customers and in their acquisition and retention. One of the best onboarding experiences is when there is a quick and straightforward answer to keep questions.

When customer onboarding relates to Products, the advantages of video call API are as follows: 

  • Gives an opportunity to demonstrate the value of the product to new customers and gives the visual content for customers to understand and adapt to customer needs
  • The video chat solutions when used for product demos have delivered an onboarding process that is intuitive
  • The benefits are in improved communications and the outflow of important information. 

A very important stage for businesses is the onboarding of new customers. It is important because it maps the customer journey and ensures that they are engaged till the end. In the current virtual Communications Era, video chat ensures that the users have the necessary education about the product, its features, and functionalities. The continued direct interaction brings about consistency that improves customer experience. 

An example is the use of product videos by Quickbooks.

9. Enhanced live customer engagement

There are several advantages that voice and video calls offer in improving the relations between customers and how businesses can pander to customer requirements. These can range from co-browsing or live engagement tools like voice and video chat. These tools accelerate the engagement process leading to the consistent growth in customer retention.

The major benefits of real-time engagement of customers are as follows:

  • A better understanding of the interaction that customers expect from agents 
  • The emotional equation between the customer and the agent is enhanced and a  bond is developed 
  • Improve the method of first call resolution
  • An overall improvement in the first call issue resolution is significant 
  • The likely cause for frustration and stressful situations are considerably reduced. 
  • The metrics for customer service will show significant improvement.

10. Personalized customer interaction

Primarily the success of any business is the value they add to the customer via their products and their services. Researchers have found that one of the major channels for satisfying the engagement of customers that drive relationships and revenues is visual interaction. 

Hence, the benefits of chat video chat are in engaging the customers to drive better relationships, retain more customers, and build a brand via visual communications. 

On the contrary, the use of voice communication or phone conversations, and email correspondence do not bring about the same dynamic aspect that assures customers of the product and services which the video chat or a video call conversation is able to bring about.

Elements such as body language and the visual environment all attribute conversational engagement and human interaction. A personal relationship is built by the visual interaction between the agent and the client.


Video chat SDK have emerged as the winning feature for companies today to expand their reach and retain customers since these pre-built video calling and chatting features by leading vendors have cut the costs and time needed for feature development from scratch and long-term support at affordable prices. To explore video call API integration try our free trial!


Krishi is a Digital Marketer by choice & profession. She munches on topics relating to Technology, E-Commerce, Enterprise Mobility etc

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